Last game you finished

  • It took me nearly 6 months on the dot, but I've finally finished Persona 5!! About 6 months faster than it took me to beat P4:G.

    It was such a damn long game that I was getting a bit tuckered out near the end, especially how the final three dungeons are all back to back, but once those final few cutscenes started going, I was getting emotional about the whole journey and how I didn't want to separate from my friends.

    I don't think I have another game this long in me for quite some time. Games like this don't fit into my schedule.

  • Finished replays of Monkey Island SE and Golden Axe

  • Banjo-Kazooie (XBO):
    I've played a bit of it on the N64 years ago but now I've finished it for the first time.
    I was really in the mood to play another collectaton platformer and Banjo more than satisfied me. I thought it was fantastic.

    Metroid: Zero Mission (GBA):
    A pretty great game on its own but as a remake to the original Metroid it is a disappointment. The best thing about the original Metroid was how open ended it is. In Zero Mission they've placed a lot more barriars in your way to make the game more linear and less difficult to get lost.

    Wolfenstein: The New Order (PS4):
    One of the best shoots I played that came out in recent years. I thought the pacing was a bit off though, I didn't think stealth fit the game very well. I quite liked the story. I especially loved the setting and art design.

    Crash Bandicoot: Warped remake (PS4):
    It has been interesting playing through the N. Sane trilogy. Though I always considered Crash 2 to be the best in the trilogy 3 was never far behind. But now I feel the gap between 2 and 3 is bigger. Crash 2 was better than I remember and 3 was worse.
    In Crash 3 all the levels that are not platforming levels are terrible and there are so many of them. The platforming levels are still great though but they are significantly easier than in Crash 1 and 2.
    My opinion on the remake: the visuals look amazing, the remixed soundtrack isn't all the good, the controls are a bit weird but not as bad as in Crash 1 and there aren't as many "quality of life" changes made than in Crash 1 and 2 because it was not needed.

  • Mass Effect 2 - just a couple of hours ago. My favourite part must've been playing as Joker, it was a hoot! The game was a blast. Left everything done before the last mission. Went for it obviously overpowered, but still had fun. ME 3 , here I come!

  • Final Fantasy IX

    lvl 80, most powerful weapons, but not the ultimate weapons, so much grinding, so Necron wreck the hell out of me... and at the last moment, with Steiner with1 HP and the last turn with trance i tap Climhazzard... i yelled so hard, it felt so good...

    Most intense moment i have ever being in the last few years...

  • This post is deleted!

  • Yakuza 0

    Loved it, even if I did feel it was a tad dragged out. The final boss and ending were fantastic. I've now moved on to finish Kiwami and am currently on chapter 6.

  • Phantasy Star IV

    Masterpiece, I put it on par with Chrono Trigger, FFVI, and Lunar. Ties the whole series together.

  • F-Zero: Maximum Velocity

    Pretty decent F-Zero game. The gameplay is pretty musch the same as F-Zero on the SNES but I like that it has no returning characters and tracks.
    It looks really good for a GBA game. The music is decent though not as good as other games in the franchise. The track design is great. It is hard as fuck.
    I think the controls could be better and I don't like quickly your vehicle can go to a full stop after a collision. If it wasn't for that I'd say it's almost as good as the SNES original.

  • John Woo's Stranglehold - I haven't touched this game since 2009. It's geat to play it again. One of the best 3rd person shooters of last gen. Better than Max Payne 3., and I liked MP3.

    Superhot - It's a fun puzzle shooter, but the y should have charged $15, instead of $25.00

  • Finished Yakuza Kiwami.

  • Rise of the tomb raider (PS4), i wish i played it in 2016 because now it feels kinda outdated, but still it is a good game overall.

  • @a7x458 said in Last game you finished:

    Rise of the tomb raider (PS4), i wish i played it in 2016 because now it feels kinda outdated, but still it is a good game overall.

    Outdated how exactly?

  • @sheria it felt to me like i was playing the first game but with better graphics, plus i was playing in survival mode (hard mode) and the game felt way to easy(poison arrows are way to OP).

  • Was sick today, ran through Tales from the Borderlands.

  • The Talos Principle

    Good fun puzzles, the interactions and questions from the computer was fascinating, working out why you were there and what had happened to the wider world from the emails and such was great. But it most definitely isn't for everyone.

  • Divinity Original Sin 2. It took me 110 hours and it was glorious! The overall plot wasn't all that interesting, but the characters kept it all going. The way you can customize your party, the crafting, the quests and the combat system all just make for a fantastic game. I've started a second playthrough which I'm already 15 hours into. Oh boy will I be leeching on this game for a long time...

  • Shadow of the Colossus

    I shared some of my impressions in another thread, so I'll try to keep my rant short.

    When I judge the quality of a game these days I try to look back and analyze how it mad me feel throughout, rather than its "objective" qualities or flaws. In this case, what I felt was frustration and boredom throughout. I almost never had fun, the story didn't touch me (it's only a beginning and an end with nothing in between, so it's hard to feel anything for any of these characters), I never felt clever or skilled.

    Pretty much how I felt about The Last Guardian (although in retrospect I liked that one more).

    I seriously don't understand what people see in these games, and will definitely stay away from any Team Ico games in the future.

  • DOOM (2016)

    Long time coming for me to finally finish off this one. I noticed my hard drive was starting to get full so I decided to tackle the largest game available... DOOM at nearly 80 gigs. I basically pulled an Ian with this game - loved it when it released, got to the first stage of Hell, and quit.

    So as a unique fan of the franchise (I prefer 1 over 2 and have never played 3), I think this is an excellent sequel to keep that legacy alive and well. It's still fast and frantic (and packed with secrets) but there's enough modern touches to the design to keep things feeling fresh. I will admit, if you play multiple levels back to back, it does feel like it's lacking a little in variety... It's basically large arena fight, followed by a little exploration, followed by another arena fight, etc. That's not to say every fight feels similar... the map design is pretty good but even in the first DOOM, I didn't quite see the formula as prominently.

    I mostly play FPSs for their story, atmosphere, and setting, and I play DOOM for none of that. It felt good to shoot a demon in the face back in the day with a shotgun and it still feels great.

  • Golf Story

    This one I liked! Very solid and satisfying core gameplay, the simple act of golfing never gets boring across its 15+ hour campaign (I was surprised it was that long!).

    There's also a nice variety of challenges and small quests, all based on that one game mechanic, the devs really manage to stretch the concept as far as it could go.

    The story is a classic zero-to-hero tale, with just enough character arc to keep it interesting. The humour is very tongue-in-cheek, not everything lands but it keeps the proceedings light-hearted enough to match the silliness of its premise.

    A great example of what RPGs can be without having to throw elves and orcs at us!