Last game you finished

  • I picked up Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition a while back, so I finally played all the DLCs in a row. Mixed bag!

    • Banned Footage Vol. 1

    In there we got Nightmare, some sort of rogue-like action scenario taking place in the basement. At first I thought I would hate it but I actually got into it and finished it after a few tries. The mechanics are simple: you start off with nothing but can craft items (weapons, ammo, healing, and upgrade everything). In order to craft you need to gather scrap that's generated by machines scattered around the area, so you have to run back and forth between them, collect scrap, go craft more stuff, and so on, all the while fighting enemies that keep spawning. You can also craft traps in preset spots, and there's a "boss fight" at the end of each wave.

    Bedroom is the highlight though, it's pretty much an "escape room" in videogame form (funny how that's gone full circle). You're trapped by Marguerite and must find a way out by exploring the room, picking up items, combining them, solving puzzles, etc. Some are pretty tricky and it will definitely keep you busy for at least an hour on your first try. Adding to the stress is the fact Marguerite will come back to check up on you once in a while, and when she does you have to make sure to put everything back in place so she doesn't realize you've been poking around. Leave a drawer open or forget to put a painting back on the wall and she'll find out and kill you. Those moments are super scary as you never know if you got it all right.

    • Banned Footage Vol. 2

    Daughters is a prequel to the game in which you play as Zoe and follow the events of the arrival of Eveline in the family. It's not very long but effective since you're totally helpless. There's two endings and getting the good one requires a lot more work!

    21, I loved it!! It's pretty much a "Saw" scenario in which you wake up sitting at a table, your hand trapped in a contraption with mini-guillotines for each of your fingers. Across the table is another prisoner in the same situation. And you're forced to play a simplified version of Blackjack against each other. Every time you lose, one or more of your fingers get chopped off in a very graphic and disturbing way. Simple but addictive, I ended up playing the "Survival" modes too and beating them.

    • Not a Hero

    Set right after the events of the main game, more action-focused, it was fun but didn't wow me. There are cool moments but the design of some parts is very obscure and frustrating, it's not always clear where to go or how certain things are supposed to work (the turrets for example).

    • End of Zoe

    Also set after the game, story-wise it adds a few nice touches, and the gameplay is stupid fun! You're punching zombies, there are simple combos to perform, stealth kills, it was enjoyable while it lasted!

    Overall none of the DLC is really essential or amazing, the stand-outs for me are Bedroom and 21.

  • As usual, I finished a game and then just kept on finishing others before writing anything, so here we go.

    Persona 5 - I'll probably write more on the general topic. TLDR: fantastic game, had a blast pretty much all the way through and easily one of the best JRPGs I've played. Only thing that really bothered me was when the flashbacks/flashforwards/present/whatever all combined. Some of the story beats there, I absolutely despised but the same thing applies when it's used in other forms of media too. It's just silly and annoying. Any other issues were very minor.

    Titanfall 2 - When purchasing my PC, this was one of the games I wanted to get to mess around with more FPS games and once it was like $5-6 on amazon, I was all in. After going thrugh 100 hours of Persona, this was pretty perfect and an absolute blast. I loved playing as the pilot, jumping around, dashing into characters, just that quick pace is so fun. I found the titan's to kinda slow the game down a bit. This improved a bit more towards the end but maybe that's because I just got more used to them.I'd also say the boss fights were a a bit.. unmemorable but the bosses themselves were great. Loved how weird they all were. Obviously the time level was very cool (And very odd that Dishonored 2 did a similar thing) but I loved a section where you're escaping with that tracking pistol. Again, does everything I love in the game with constantly on the go and quickly dispatching people. It's like playing what could have been a good Mirror's Edge.

    Dishonored: Death of the Outsider - And speaking of Dishonored, I picked up the dlc around the same time and it was another game that's just great. I've mentioned before that I love stealth games and ones like these that really give you that freedom, just amazing. Again it is more of the same but they do one really cool thing by adding jobs to every mission so you have other quests that you can do if you want. You kinda had these before but now these are very much their own thing and while I didn't care at all for the rewards, I loved looking around to complete these objectives. Definitely recommended if you're into the series.

    Let it Die... okay this is cheating. I only played it for 1-2 hours but that's enough for me to know that I'm finished with the game. That may come across as negative but it's more that I missed the boat with this one. There are so many games I've got to play and no one I know is really playing this. I thought it started off very well and I could see if you had a few friends climbing and talking about it, it'd be very fun. But for me, right now, I saw the loop in the game and realised I didn't really want to invest only to come to a section where I'd probably be frustrated.

    Dead Space A series that I really wanted to get into for a long time and must have got for free or really cheap a long time ago on steam. I played Dead Space 3 on PS+ and I think it's pretty awful (co-op makes it bearable) but I knew that was a far cry from the rest of the series. But I'll admit that it's not as much of a stretch as I was expecting. As a huge fan of Alien Isolation, I was expecting the game to start pretty slowly but you actually start fighting pretty much 10 minutes into the game. So I was a little surprised that it is more survival action rather than horror, I was thinking Dead Space 2 is where it'd get more action but I'd argue the shift from 1 to 2 isn't that massive. Anyway, the game still does a great job at making situations intense. I absolutely adore the lack of a HUD, that's one of my favourite things. The sound effects are a little hit and miss. There were a few times I thought a monster was let's say to my left due to sound but it was actually in front of me. I found that happened more often than I'd like but the creaks and atmosphere sounds are great.

    Dead Space 2 - Went straight into 2 after and poor Isaac does not get a break. I'm probably in the camp where Dead Space 2 is a better game. I no longer had expectations on how action packed or horror like the game was going to be after playing 1 & 2. A lot of the jank and feel from the original game has been removed. Actually floating around in zero gravity feels a lot better. Switching between point of interest trying to find something was a nice QoL change, while not being used too much and the game does a great job with nostalgia which is surprising considering it's not exactly a massive gap in the series and you know.. making a very colourless environment memorable is very cool. People who played the game, know what I'm talking about. It did make me realise the effect Uncharted 2 had on the industry, the game does have a lot more of those Set piece type situations which I attribute to that game. Oh, one last thing regarding both games, stomping things feels great and it's hilarious how much you could mutilate a body, completely ridiculous. Good series, you do not need to go beyond this point! :)

    Majora's Mask 3DS - Oh boy, this one has been a long time coming. I think I've posted about it 2-3 times over on the what are you playing topic. Now with job and regular commute, I was digging into it a lot more. So I'm pretty sure my last post was on how annoyed I was with the 2nd 'area' and how I'd no time to do the race quest and strengthen my sword. Then I found out you just had to beat the boss and you could work from there so that was nice. Now I've finally completed the game and as usual with something this long, it's tough to say how much I actually like it in comparison to the rest of the series. I think the 3DS version is great as you can get some hints in game if you want and a lot of the information on times and events is stored in your notebook. I really liked the last dungeon. That whole area is huge and there is just this massive buildup in actually getting into it and then you pretty much use every item you've acquired up to that point and the boss fight is actually very cool just because of the massive shift midway through. I loved all of that.

    I think my biggest issue is with the same thing from a lot of early 3D games and in particular with this series, the combat isn't that fun. It's very janky, so actually fighting most things isn't ever the part I love most from this game. Aiming wasn't too bad in first person mode since you could make little adjustments, moving the 3DS. I do want to pick out one part of the game I hated and it's probably minor but it annoyed me so much. The water section before the final boss fight. I looked this up and it's different on N64 and 3DS but it's awful in both anyway. On 3DS, you need to go through 3 areas with 1 correct path. Area 1 has 2 paths and the final 2 have 3 paths. From what I could tell, there was nothing to indicate which was the correct path and one of the final paths leads to a heart container. I hate this kind of thing because it's just pure probability. There is nothing interesting about it. You either fail and restart or get through successfully.

    With that out of the way, overall I really liked the game, I loved the ideas (that inverted song is essential, otherwise I might not have loved the game as much) and I think it actually does a better job with the masks than Super Mario Odyssey does with cappy. This feels more like a Zelda game than Odyssey feels like a Mario game. I feel this way because the masks add more to the core gameplay, they add a variance to it but it still has that feeling of playing it like a Zelda game while with cappy, it feels more like we've got this cool random idea, lets build a kingdom around it. Neither is necessarily a bad thing, I just prefer how it was implemented in Majora's Mask.

  • Left 4 Dead - Very very late to the party. Myself and a friend played through all the campaigns. It would have been nice to have 4 players but either way we had a great time playing through each one. I just love how focused each campaign is and you can still have those silly or crazy moments like a Brute punching you off a building to your death. We were going to mess around with 1 or 2 custom campaigns but couldn't seem to get it working. So, on to Left 4 Dead 2!

  • @tokeeffe9 Left 4 Dead 2 is such a damn treat and a major upgrade. One series I'd love to come back but y'know... Valve. Can't wait for Vermintide 2 to be on consoles.

  • Resident Evil Survivor again - Normal/S Rank
    Dino Crisis 2 - All Dino files, but only got an A ranking (took a bit too long)

  • Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls

    Initial impressions were through the roof and they finally floated back down to earth once I got to the credits of this one. It's one of the few cases where I feel like a shorter, more focused experience would have greatly helped the pace of things. While the banter between the main characters was charming and honestly why I had a good time, the actual story was just okay and the gameplay was a bit above average. I think if someone was going to skip any part of the series, this is the easiest recommendation, but if you're consuming everything Ronpa like I am, then it's certainly not a bad time either.

    The one thing I absolutely need to mention is the antagonists... are.... awful. Jataro and Monaca aren't just the most annoying characters in Danganronpa as a whole, they are some of the worst characters I've dealt with in any form of media. Listen to this. Listen to this and feel my pain.

    Youtube Video

  • Alien Isolation

    I felt like I was tense for every moment of this game. Right up until the alien appeared and resulting in me jumping clean off my seat, panicking and then dying. And I loved it for that. It felt like it had the right balance between helplessness and being able to fight back, against the androids, people, and eventually with the flamethrower against the alien itself. It's wonderfully atmospheric and pays due respect to the first (and best) movie.
    It does have it's faults though: it's a couple of hours too long, there is a loop in the story of trying to do things and it failing for whatever reason that only serve to extend the story rather than add anything, a couple of the jumps were so signposted as to become boring, and I noticed a surprising amount of glitches.
    Overall I loved it.

  • Just finished Detective Pikachu. It was lovely and fun and now I want another big mystery to solve. <3!

  • I received Yakuza 0 as a birthday present from my wife. We both walked in knowing absolutely nothing about the game or the series; I heard the allies speak fondly of it, but I figured it would be like Japanese GTA or Sleeping Dogs. As I sit here while the credits scroll by of an over 100 hour adventure, I’m filled with just about every emotion. Joy, relief, melancholy, excitement... it was an amazingly fun and emotional ride. After spending so much time with these characters and in this world, this game has risen to the top ranks of my favorite experiences ever.

    I haven’t mentioned specifics, since I’m glad I knew as little as possible going in. However, I would highly encourage anyone to pick this game up. Now, I don’t normally do this, but I have a platinum trophy to chase. Also, I have a sequel to purchase.

  • @billy oh man, I hope you like mahjong!

  • Just finished Yakuza Kiwami. Idk whether Yakuza 0 recycled a lot of Yakuza 1's story or whether Kiwami takes a lot from 0, but I'm glad I played the prequel first. Too much felt repetitive having played the prequel earlier this year. It did have its emotional moments and the story had highlights, but it felt a bit rambling and backwards following up Yakuza 0 with Kiwami.

    Regardless, it's a super solid 7-7.5/10 and I recommend anybody to go and play Yakuza 0 and Yakuza Kiwami to get into the series.

  • @tokyoslim Haha, that definitely took a whole night to even learn the basics. I actually finished the whole completion list; I just have the Climax battles and a Legend-difficulty run left.

  • @billy Wow, that's super impressive. You're on the downhill side of the mountain!
    Gambatte Kudesai!

  • @sabotagethetruth my goodness what in the heavens was that.

    It is good to hear from you that you found Ultra Despair Girls not that relevant, I'm confident V3 won't change that for you and it's not that I don't want more Danganronpa, but I have enough games as it is, and I'm content not playing it, so hearing you think it is fine is good.

  • Doki Doki Literature Club 7.5/10

    I had an idea of what to expect and even then it was able to do something interesting, still nothing groundbreaking or to remarkable for me

  • @bard91

    I loved that game so much. I knew people were surprised by it and it came out of nowhere and that's all I knew. That's why I was blown away by it personally. A solid one and done game but the ultimate one and done that left an impact. Hard to recommend to friends though, haha!

  • Left 4 Dead 2 - I cannot believe I wasn't told that all the campaigns from L4D are in L4D2. We played through 5-6 campaigns in this, laughed that we'd completed the game and then played the next campaign and noticed it was the original cast again... so we actually did complete it. I did notice one of the campaign names but thought it might be like a different version. Anyway, it's pretty easy to say that this is the better game overall. They just made some nice changes with the extra weapons, adding melee weapons and adding in things like weather effects. All just nice quality improvements. I think I personally preferred the first cast but that doesn't really matter.

    Our biggest issue with 2 was on the mission where you meet the cast from the first game, we had a game breaking glitch. We'd go into the town area to collect the gasoline for the generator and as soon as we got down, zombies would be called in and it was an endless flow. Once we'd dealt with one batch, another was already on the way and it'd constantly be dealing with 2 brutes at a time. It seemed like an insane jump in difficulty and after a lot of attempts we finally got all the cans and then we weren't able to turn on the generator... all that time wasted. So when we restarted that mission, it was insanely easy to do after how difficult it had been. So that was a sour note for sure and I think I've had my fill of these games. I absolutely wish I'd been around to play proper 4 player co op on it and check out the different difficulties but I still had a blast just playing 1-2 other players and going through it. Fun games. Has me in the mood to check out vermintide.

    A Way Out - Posted all my thoughts on the general topic. TL:DR is that it's very good and you'll have a very good time regardless of the issues you might have with it.

  • Valiant Hearts: The Great War

    I picked this up on the PSN Easter Sale for just £3 just to see what it was like. The puzzles were good fun, and if ever you get stuck for too long there is an optional hint just to give you a nudge in the right direction. The story is emotional, particularly for Emile and Karl. I would have liked more resolution to Freddy's section, and maybe it did the "They're dead... not really" thing too many times. It was refreshing to see a war game that wasn't "Shoot all the bad guys, isn't this fun!" but was a more reflective look at the horror and hardships that war brings to people's lives. If you're at all interested, I would suggest keeping an eye on it, if it's been that cheap once, it'll be that cheap again, and it's a really interesting game.

  • Resident Evil: Code Veronica X

    Didn't like it. My favorite things about the previous Resident Evils was how they looked, and how thoroughly they investigated a single space. Code Veronica's environments are in-engine, and they're all pretty ugly. The reason for this change being camera movement I'm guessing, but nothing interesting is being done with the camera movement. Just pans and simple follow shots. Despite this change, camera issues persist and it's aggravated by a common enemies that can stretch, making off-screen battling a common part of combat.

    Level design and puzzle solving feel really labored, like busywork instead of discovery. Instead of one focused environment, this one has 5 semi-realized environments that just send you back and forth between them. Because of this, there are a whole bunch of locked doors far apart from one another, and there was more than one instance where I got a key (or object that serves as a key) and really couldn't figure where it needed to go. Storytelling leans into camp pretty hard. It's awkward, but I guess that's a tradition of the series. The games before this one had a more charming obliviousness about them that I admired.

    It definitely doesn't reinvent the series, and the creative choices it makes take away more than they add.

  • Portal and Half-Life 2