Last game you finished

  • Just finished Ni No Kuni 2. Overall I really enjoyed it but was left a little disappointed. Mainly because it has all these cool upgrade systems but they are pretty pointless due to it being so easy. I hope they patch in some difficulty modes to make them more relevant.

  • Cyber Danganronpa VR: The Class Trial

    So it's not fair to consider this much of a game considering it's labelled as a demo and takes maybe five minutes to experience. Even still... hot damn, do I wish this was a full release. The character models looked so sharp and expressive and it certainly added a new element to the trials, when you lean over and a character looks back at you. As a major fan of the series, this was the last thing I really had to play and although it was short, it made me pretty excited for the possibilities of VR in the franchise.

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    @sabotagethetruth Agreed. Think I wrote about it earlier too. It was very cool and I think it's a game that'd transfer to VR very well in the core gameplay also.

  • I Expect You To Die [PSVR]

    Finished playing this with some people from work. It is one of the best games on the PSVR and the escape the room style gameplay makes it great for playing in a group.

  • @futurecorpse Man, all these stuff about it being too easy makes me wonder if NNK2 is worth playing at all. I'm still on the fence about that game.

  • @bam541 Well all I can say it is way too easy but so is Chrono Trigger ( although its not in the same class) but if you want a cozy beautiful but somewhat shallow adventure you'll enjoy yourself.. It could either way depending on your expectations.

  • Watch Dogs 2

    I decided to get Watch Dogs 2 after having the urge of playing a hacking game. I was impressed. fun gameplay and mechanics, light-hearted storytelling. If they ever make Watch Dogs 3, I'd like to see more stealth and non-lethal gameplay.

    Also, I'm impressed how Ubisoft have managed to turn it around, I'd my doubts with them for a while, but now I can't wait to play their other newer titles. Great job!

  • ActRaiser (SNES):
    Felt like replaying it again. It's still amazing.

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    Here's the latest batch of games I've completed since the last time I've posted. I'm seriously after whittling down my backlog that I started from when I was travelling and my word, the standard of games I'm playing is just incredible. It just feels like a great time to play games. I've just added links to the ones which I've given my thoughts on in the topics.

    God of War

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Resident Evil 7


    I think after playing all those big games recently, I was struggling to get into something else so I eventually settled on Statik, a VR puzzle game. You're sitting down, doing these trials and your hands are inside these box type contraptions. There is some story there although I honestly didn't really pay attention to it. It's a game that made me feel extremely stupid but the puzzles are really good and I really dug it. Bought it on sale for 6 or 7 bucks and it's totally worth that.

    Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

    Oh boy, what a wonderful game this is. I actually don't understand when people say they want Retro to work on something else. They've done a fantastic job with the DK series and this game is absolutely everything I wish Odyssey had been which is weird since it's a remaster. But what I mean by that is it offers both a very easy experience and a challenging one along with really difficult levels to unlock even more difficult levels. It offers exploration in finding secrect exits. The presentation is absolutely fantastic, the score incredible (although I didn't find it as memorable in the second half) and overall I think the pacing of this game is so much better than Country Returns. It felt like they always knew when to throw in the rhino, a rocket, a cart, etc. If you've never played, this is easily one of the best 2D platformers out there.

  • Just finished Persona 5... man oh man what a ride this turned out to be. I'm completely floored by how marvelous this game is. The bold art style, the menacingly creative palaces, the adventurous bass-heavy music, and everything in between is executed to freakishly absurd degree of quality. I can't believe a game can keep me engaged through 86 hours, but this game just did, effortlessly. I did really enjoy Persona 3 (haven't played 4 yet) but i find anything Tartarus related in that game to be quite a frustrating monotony, and that was a considerable part of the game. There's nothing in Persona 5 that made me bored, or mad because it's lack of quality. I can't say anything bad about this game.

    The Phantom Thieves' changed my heart, for the better. (10/10)

  • Beat God Of War today. Still some stuff to do, but I saw credits.

  • I did another Dark Souls III run, on the English version this time as I've lost all my progress made on the Japanese version. This is still my favourite Soulsborne game.

  • Bayonetta

    A mixed bag. It's fluent, celebratory, and has some cool visual design. It also has real inconsistent presentation, too many QTEs, boring oversized bosses, a pair of flying/driving sequences that are way too long, and it's just really derivative of Devil May Cry. I didn't feel like I got anything more than I already did from that series other than camp.

  • Gravity Rush Remastered

    This is a perfect example of front-loading your game with an incredible experience and then kinda floundering to do much beyond what was initially given. The first few hours introduce you to a charming city, a likable protagonist, some really fun flying mechanics, and a tone I really dig. Yet, you're not given much beyond that - three new combat moves, a few new enemy types, and a very similar mission structure for nearly everything (fly here, kill this, pick this up, take it back there, kill more things, done). I guess I just wanted more curveballs and wrinkles in what I was doing, instead I felt like I was reading out a formula.

    I don't mean to sound overly negative though. This isn't a bad game by any means, I enjoyed my time with it, and I'm looking forward to the second one. With such a strong opening, I just saw a world of potential and maybe that's on me for applying those expectations to the entire experience.

    Do we have a phrase for playing through a solid 8? Floating through 8s?

  • @sabotagethetruth I wanted to love Gravity Rush but I couldn't get the controls down. More my fault than the games.

  • @futurecorpse I eventually got used to the controls but the camera had some major issues at times. I remember it got caught in a tree once when I was in a fight, so all I could see was leaves during the battle - which admittedly, felt a little cinematic but I was basically kicking randomly and hoping for the best. Took quite awhile for it to shake itself loose.

  • Chrono Trigger

    It's really good. What I appreciate most about it is how it maintains a lighter tone and momentum. It doesn't overstay its welcome (my playthrough was under 20 hours), it's easy, its characters stay positive and motivated, its pretty linear until the endgame, and on a minute-to-minute basis it's introducing new places, things to do, enemies to battle.

    I have a little trouble considering it one of the best of its genre or generation though. Its breeziness can sometimes make the game feel slight; a series of events in novel locations that you skip between after the MacGuffin of the hour. I also think it runs out of ideas for the main quest in the last third, and resorts too heavily on lengthy, straightforward dungeons. It's all really attractive and well-put together, I just wish there was a little more substance to it.

  • I played through Body Harvest on the N64 again. Such a wonderful game, shame there was never a sequel.

  • Quake 2 on the N64. As with Doom 64, it's great that they didn't just do a straight up port again. I know the original too well, so it was nice to mix it up a bit here. Had a lot of fun.

  • Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon

    I haven't played too many new releases this year, instead focusing on my backlog but as it stands right now, this is my favorite release of the year. Honestly, this is some pretty brilliant marketing for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, as I wasn't super hyped on that game but having played through this gem, I am all in on day one for that release. This is the best Castlevania game of the last decade, easily.