Last game you finished

  • Outcast: Second Contact.

    Complete, with Platinum. A very faithful remake of the cult classic, it was nice to see them stick to simply updating the graphics and keeping everything else as it was. I'm not sure if the update was really needed, but I haven't tried running it for at least 10 years, so maybe it's not very compatible with modern PC's. They did a good job though nonetheless. There were a couple of animation issues, specifically at the end, and the jump could use a little work, otherwise it's still a really good romp with little to complain about.

  • Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

    More of the same. More climbing, simple puzzles, and clunky shooting. Another ancient city, another boring oligarch with hundreds of soldiers. It doesn't provide anything new for the series, but it knows what Uncharted (especially Uncharted 4's Madagascar passage) does well and focuses on that. It was ok, but it felt redundant.


    This is good. There are really clear weaknesses, but the goofy political melodrama and its dense, detail-oriented environments make it an endearing experience---and from what I understand those two things are only amplified in the sequels. Looking forward to playing more of the series.

  • The Witcher 3

    For me this game fluctuates widely between being incredible and infuriating. The world is amazingly detailed and beautiful. The combat is awful. The characters are so well thought out and feel like actual people. The story is.... fun in parts but overall disappointing. And so I’m not sure what to think of it overall. Worth playing, but I won’t be playing the DLC.

  • Yoku's Island Express

    Loved it. Very polished game, gorgeous art style and soundtrack, charming world, characters and writing, and very unique gameplay. I strongly recommend it if you remotely enjoy pinball and 2D adventures.

    It's also very clever about its collectibles, I'm gunning for 100% now and it feels more like post-game content rather than a grind.

  • I don't know whether it counts as finishing it, but i just wiped out the raiders in Nuka World. I certainly didn't plan to rule the raiders the first time i got there, and when one of them talked shit about the Minutemen, i just started killing all of em'. So glad i could do this, this DLC and Far Harbor is way more open than the main Fallout 4 quests.

  • Global Moderator

    God of War

    10/10 You need to play this.

  • Devil May Cry 4

    Well, this one is kind of all over the place, sometimes in good ways, sometimes, in very... lazy ways? As someone who has only played the first two games when they released on PS2, I don't have a huge love of the series but I've always found it interesting. Playing as Nero for most of the game was certainly surprising at first, but I honestly didn't mind it. Pretty slow start but eventually, I was starting to look forward to playing it whenever I could. Then, you shift into playing as Dante and that's when my feelings get more mixed. Dante is a lot of fun here, both in personality and different playstyles, he acquires quite a wide arsenal of weapons but... It all ends up falling flat for me because you're exploring exact same spots as Nero and fighting the same bosses, with one or two new moves. I love the idea of exploring familiar grounds with a new character but there's hardly anything new to be found. The lab you went through earlier? Same lab, except now there's poisonous gas! Then you gain control of Nero again.... and fight the exact same bosses.... again. Fighting the same boss three times in a game is lazy and then when that is done to at least four of them? Woof. It's hard to forgive that.

    While I'm glad I finally played this one, I have pretty much zero interest to ever return to it. However, it did exactly what I intended it to do - it made me super hyped for the eventual unveiling of Devil May Cry 5. Let's see how much they've improved in the last decade.

  • I finally got around to finishing The Banner Saga 2 after a nearly yearlong hiatus. I immediately felt bad for having ever stopped (move/life changes notwithstanding). This game is incredible. The art is more varied than it was in the first game, and it breathes life into this dying world that they're portraying. There were multiple moments where I stopped playing just to zoom in and really pore over all the tiny details in the bends of tree branches. Can't wait for the sequel this summer!

  • Arc the Lad

    I like the art, especially the environmental animations. It looks good. Everything else is pretty standard and mediocre. My Arc became an unstoppable powerhouse and every other party member was dying in one hit and it still wasn't at all a rough time. Storytelling is pretty lame too; really verbose, although its clear that the writers or translators were having fun with the dialogue. I liked that it wasn't very long though.

  • Been able to get in some quality gaming time, so I finished (and platinumed) both the new God of War and Horizon: Zero Dawn. I’ll echo the common sentiment and just say that God of War is an incredible evolution of the series, and something I’d absolutely recommend to anyone. As for Horizon, I had a great time roaming that world and engaging with the unique combat system. There was a surprising amount of versatility to fights and enemy types, and combined with good characters and story beats, I had a good time throughout the adventure.

    Now, just gotta decide whether to play Nier: Automata or Wolfenstein: the New Order. Both are sitting there and both look amazing.

  • Just bought and finished Parappa the Rapper Remastered. Very short game, must have been like 30-40 minutes. It's a rhythm game with unclear mechanics, but once i understood what the game "wanted", it's pretty easy. It also has a jolly vibe and a sense of humor i really love. Maybe i'll try getting the platinum trophy one day, gotta learn how to do "cool" first. (8/10)

  • Detroit: Become Human

    After fully completing Donkey Kong, this is now my main commute game and it has been another fantastic platformer. I'm not exactly finished with it as I still need to collect all the strawberries and beat 2 more B sides but the main story is complete. This game is just oozing in vibes. Each area has it's own feel, it's own extra mechanics and the soundtrack throughout is excellent. So at it's core it's a really challenging 2D platformer that feels so rewarding when you do find a secret area, or collect a really difficult strawberry but also they have the assist mode, so if you are finding it too much of a challenge, you can modify some things or everything.

    What makes this game a little more special though is that it actually has a really meaningful story with really good characters. It's made even better by the voices that are used in dialogue. They just speak in tones, there is no actual word but the tone is enough to really set what each conversation feels like. It's really nicely done.

    I absolutely adore this game, it's 100% worth playing.

    Stories Untold
    I actually got a code for this last year from the developer. I went to check out their panel at EGX as they had worked on Alien Isolation which I loved. So I had a little chat and got a code for this. I actually thought it was only the first episode but it turned out to be the full game which is about 2 1/2 - 3 hours long. This is a very different type of horror game. You are primarily just sitting down and interacting with the computer or device in front of you while the environment around you reacts to the progress you make. So you might see information you need or in the dos/story you might have just closed a door or walked up a stair and you'll hear that in the background. This is where the Alien Isolation part comes in as the sound design is really good.

    But ya, if that sounds interesting to you, this is more like a dos type game I guess. A lot of it is writing sentences like "Look around", "Open door", "go here" etc but without spoiling too much, it has a cool psychological story there and some cool little surprises. it also has a serious aesthetic going on for Stranger Things.

  • Dark Souls Remastered.

  • Downloaded the Splatoon 2: Octo expansion on Thursday morning and finished it the evening on the same day. A bit lore´bout the world, octolings, Pearl and Marina. 80 levels, some quite challenging and some annoying. Nice section towards the end and an interesting final boss. Actually 8+ hours of fun and after beating the game there is a little more challenging enemy. New equipment looks nice but main stats are shitty, bummer. Torn between fashion and utility.

  • Resident Evil 7

    After having this game on my backlog for such a long time, I bought the gold edition. I can't help to say that this game was a disappointment in my eyes, mostly due to I did the mistake of waiting too long to play this game and I wasn't a big fan of the story and the first person perspective.

    But it was still a good game and not the worst one in the series, I just expected more out of it.

  • Just finished God of War's main story! What a game. Here's some random thoughts:

    • The writing is rock solid, i was never bored listening to any conversation in this game.
    • I think the combat system here is my favorite in any hack-and-slash game. Feels fluid, brutal, methodical, and accessible at the same time. The Leviathan Axe is a big factor in this system.
    • Speaking of that, the Leviathan Axe is 10/10.
    • Completely no camera cuts! Even in the credits.
    • The amount of side activities this game is more than i thought, almost overwhelmed me at first.
    • More games should have a compass instead of a minimap.
    • Using loading sections and non-combat situations to tell lore stories through "skippable" conversations is a great idea.
    • I like games that allow you to become all powerful if you do some side activites early, this game certainly does that.

  • Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology

    This is my favorite time traveling JRPG, which means I thought it was pretty good but not the underrated masterpiece I've seen some people call it.

    Pretty much all of the game was pretty entertaining but the ending really dragged on.


  • Ryu ga Gotoku Kenzan!
    It's a damn shame we never got this one, though I guess outside the very niche setting, the game could have gotten into trouble with age rating as it depicts and normalizes (as in, it's simply a normal thing in the 1600 japan scenario) child prostitution, even though Kiryu of course only goes to mature prostitutes (which I didn't really do in this game as it's kinda impossible, I only checked each brothel once) and everyone who is interested in the younger ones is depicted as a bad guy.
    I used the KHHsubs subtitled cutscenes to get most of the story but else I didn't use a guide and only did sidequests and stuff that I found by chance, as only a few certain quests have a marker on the map. Still I enjoyed my, in comparison to localized Yakuza games rather short (25 hours), time with the game. Looking forward to start ISHIN! soon.

  • Wolfenstein: The Old Blood
    Got the game working again. It's cool to see the supernatural side of Wolfenstein shown here, would love to see it in future Wolfenstein games again. Gameplay wise it's pretty much like New Order, level design is solid for the most part. Some parts near the end kinda suck though.

    I have to say the story is lacking here, nowhere near New Order and New Colossus. It's mostly because of the characters you meet. Either they suck, or they don't get enough screen time. Also, the sawn off shotgun is terrible, feels like beefed-up pistol which is insulting.

    Overall i enjoyed it, it's enough to scratch my FPS itch, but that's kinda it. This game is definitely not nearly as memorable as the main Wolfenstein games. (7/10)

  • Blood Knights

    Not a very good game I'm sorry to say, which is a shame really as I enjoyed their last game, Venetica, quite a lot.

    Shallow combat and a very shallow upgrade system hurt the game most, but it didn't have a decent story either. The game was short though, so I felt it worth seeing it through. A 4.2 from me.