Last game you finished

  • Pentiment

    Incredible game. Wonderful writing on so many levels. The rich historical and religious context, the depth of every single character, the several intrigues that develop during the 25 years the story covers, there's much to love here.

    3rd act does drag a bit, although that's optional if you really want to know all there is to know but how could you not? Everything is so thought provoking!

    Some narrative bugs (I got 3) on secondary stuff, where the game failed to acknowledge a decision I made.

    One of the best games of the year but at the same time it's difficult to recommend. If you don't mind reading it's a superb title.


  • High on Life

    As a shooter it's nothing special - tbh I just played it on story mode - but for Ricky & Morty fans this is still a mandatory title. In my opinion better that the most recent seasons of the series.

    It's a 6/10 game where the writing will make it or brake it depending on personal taste. I personally loved it, it has some genuinely funny moments. As a cool extra you can unlock a full movie (Demon Winds), one of those "so bad it becomes good" movies.


  • Donald Duck: Lucky Dime Caper (Master System)

    Not sure how many times I've beaten the game, it was mostly played on the Game Gear.
    It took a while to get back in the swing but this isn't a very hard one. Gotta say though, love the graphics for the time

  • Finished Deadlight: Director's Cut
    That game was one of the indies I intend to play since the first trailers years ago. It was looking so much fun and I still think it had the potential to be a good game. But they didn't try enough is what I decided in the end.
    It was not fun at all other than puzzley middle section and 1-2 set piece chase/run sequence
    Neither platforming or the combat are enjoyable
    Story is cliche as much as it can
    Also that VA of the main character
    God! I don't remember a time where I got irritated this much for a VA in a game
    So forced and far from natural
    Also weak finale level and I couldn't care less about

    plot twist.

    I wasn't connected them at all.
    Not the best option to finish the year but at least another one from backlog BITE the dust. See, because it's zombie apocalypse. :boslul:
    Like I said before, I am really getting sick of dissapointed by beatiful looking indies that I finish/play in last 2 years. I want to have a break from them for sometime and just focus on AAAs for a while.

  • The Frozen Wilds(Horizon: Zero Dawn story DLC)(PS5 via backward compatibility)

    Graphics were still incredible!
    I love snow environments in games.
    Also faces were definitely improvement. And side quests were a tad better here I guess.
    That WHOLE conversations with


    was the best thing in this Frozen Wilds! That's what I care, also I am glad I left this DLC for later and started it when I finished 3/4 of the main game so I had more topics to talk with her.
    You know the sad things were reading old ones' stories.

    unfinished love story.

    I couldn't care less about main story in the DLC.
    I still don't like the combat and try to avoid it as much as possible. Even though it gets less annoying with new weapon upgrades still not that fun. Only times I'm really enjoying were using projectile type things, especially detached robots parts.
    And main story was bland unfortunately.
    New robots were challenging but not in an enjoyable way. Also f**k you


    Thank God I did the

    ice weapon

    upgrade so that I can kill it a bit easier after a while.
    Difficulty spike was not cool. Even with my endgame armor, 50+ level and powerful weapons I had hard times. Maybe it could be better to feel a bit OP considering those achievements.

    Overall, it was still fun I guess. This franchise is interesting to me because I don't love it and I'm sure of this but at the same time it gives me a kind of satisfaction. I guess it has to do with my completionist side to a degree. Also I love sci-fi side of things and old ones' memories. They say weak tribal stuff was improved in 2nd game too, hope it's true but they also say main story is bland. We'll see...

    3.5/5 overall. Yesterday it was 3/5 but I played a couple of hours more today and in the end didn't want to be unfair to it, it is still above average. Finally; winter atmosphere was really beatiful and I can't stress it enough. Especially in the night inbetween high mountains and feeling the chills and loneliness. Scary but awesome!

  • Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (Gamecube)

    An excellent game in the series. A lot of good characters, a good story and some interesting battle/map gimmicks. It is surprisingly easy for a Fire Emblem game though. Mounts are way too overpowered here.