Last game you finished

  • Lego City Undercover

    I've heard this touted as the best Lego game ever made and while I enjoyed it, I had a much better time with Lego Marvel Super Heroes. There's a few cute moments in here but they really try to hammer home some characters and storylines that just fall flat on every level, while I really appreciate some of the sight gags older Lego games have used much more. It's still fun exploring the open world with another person but some of the tasks added into the world feel so menial - for instance, there's around 20 cups of coffee you need to drink to gain gold bricks. I also just really missed flying around as Iron Man.

  • Shenmue II

    Really enjoyed it. QTEs were sometimes hard to see since they are smaller than in the original in size comparison and reaction time for some really brutal because my TV has a bit of delay(those damn planks) or QTE being square+circle followed by triangle+cross combo. Wished it had a place to practice your moves like in Shenmue 1 though. Cinematography is top notch.

  • Finally got around to playing Shadow of the Colossus (2018) for the first time! I had played Last Guardian, but that was my only Team Ico exposure. I really liked it! The music was great and I loved the scale of the world. The journeys to each Colossus especially were really cool experiences. There were a couple moments that reminded me that the controls were the only main issue for people, particularly with the grip system, but nothing too detrimental. I also somehow avoided spoilers about how the game was exactly structured, so I didn't realize how short the game was. I'm definitely interested in going back to try out the Time Attack stuff and seeing the viability of the platinum trophy.

  • Slay the Spire

    First run, first time even playing this game... bam, beat all three bosses, got to see credits. While that makes the game sound easy, it certainly isn't and I just got extremely lucky and had exactly 1 HP left on that final boss. Due to its roguelike nature, there's multiple characters and unlocks to try out so I'm far from done with this one but I love the deck-building aspect and truly how different each run feels. You can modify your decks to really suit different playstyles and that bit of RNG goodness will keep you coming back for more.

  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

    I ended up enjoying this one a lot more than I thought I would. I generally like the Borderlands series but I always thought this game was more of a filler story but it does some interesting things. The oxygen/boost mechanic could have been really annoying but due to plentiful pockets of O2, it just added to your movement options. Although a completely minor detail, the one thing I absolutely loved is how your own character responds to characters and quests. All the other Borderlands games have people talking at you constantly but having your character talk back makes everything blend together so much better. I'll probably pick away at the DLC for this one as I also work on finishing BL2. Safe to say, I'm going to be very prepared for the third game's launch in September.

  • Trails in the Sky The Third 9/10

    By the end of last year I wouldn't have imagined that I would have played all of the games in the Sky trilogy, but I'm very glad I did, great games the three of them.

    While this is probably my least favorite of the three games, it has some simply incredible moments of build up that I don't think many other series could pull off. My favorite game of the series is probably still Cold Steel one, but Sky as arc is just fantastic and easily cements Trails as my second favorite series of games.

    Now a short break and onto the fan translation of the Crossbell games!

  • @bard91 I also played Cold Steel first and this is my ranking

    1.Trails in the sky FC
    2.Trails of Cold Steel 2
    3.Trails in the Sky SC
    4.Trails of Cold steel
    5.Trails in the Sky The 3RD

  • Banned

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  • Banned

    Yoshi's Crafted World, a month ago. Have barely played anything since.

  • @ezekiel said in Last game you finished:

    Yoshi's Crafted World, a month ago. Have barely played anything since.

    How was it? I still need to pick it up.

  • Banned

    @sheria said in Last game you finished:

    @ezekiel said in Last game you finished:

    Yoshi's Crafted World, a month ago. Have barely played anything since.

    How was it? I still need to pick it up.

    Fine. I liked it, but it was easy.

  • Drakengard

    Well, I liked it. Yes, its gameplay is sub-standard, and getting ending E involves a lot of bullshit, but the game's strengths make the entire trip worth it. The soundtrack is wild, the UI is attractive, and the storytelling is audacious. It's a game that seems aware that it's making the player hate themselves a little bit, and I think that's pretty funny. Definitely going to check out the rest of Yoko Taro's games, because I hear that the storytelling acrobatics are even more prevalent.

    I also played another PS2 RPG with mediocre gameplay but other strengths, but I didn't finish it. Okage has great dialogue, but the turn-based combat was so banal, and I felt the story wasn't going anywhere interesting, so I dropped it in the last chapter.

  • @ringedwithtile Then I highly suggest you to check out NIER Gestalt, NieR Automata and Drakengard 3. Original NER's story takes place after Ending E in original Drakengard.

  • just finished the gta v, after a lot of time since kids kept me busy. But streaming is fun and my friends suggested me these streaming gadgets which helped me end the game! now starting sekiro!

  • I actually just finished Oddworld: Strangers Wrath. Weird throwback moment I had (with a mountain of current gen games still to play) and jsut kept playing. Such a em of a game with just a really appealing setting.

  • Finished up RiME last night. Quoting my post from the 12-in-12 thread.

    @binarymelon said in Tackle the backlog - 12 in 12 2019:

    Finished up RiME tonight. I'll copy the post I just made over on ERA (spoilers below).

    Holy fuck. I spent most of this game thinking it was a child dealing with the loss of a parent, which I thought was ok, but the reveal that you're basically the child guiding the father through his grief; I don't think a game has ever had that much an impact on me. I've literally been playing this in the evenings with my son's baby monitor next to me watching him sleep.

  • Batman Arkham games (Asylum, City, Origins, Knight)

    I have been wanting to play these games for a long time but I wanted to do so from the start of the series. I finally got all the games on PC and started this month. My only experience with the series before this month was playing the Xbox 360 demo for Batman: Arkham Asylum around the time it first launched. Fortunately for myself, I went into these games mostly spoiler free.

    I played mostly main story content with only some extra content. I won't get into particulars because there are plenty of reviews that can explain all the details much better than I ever could. Or you can check out the video below. I'll just say that I really enjoyed the series overall. It's probably the most fun I had in gaming this year. Though the thing that fascinated me the most was seeing how the series evolved from game to game. At first I regretted not playing these games sooner but having the opportunity to play the series back to back was something special. Now I'm eagerly awaiting Rocksteady's next project like most people.


    1. Batman: Arkham City 10/10
    2. Batman: Arkham Knight 9/10
    3. Batman: Arkham Asylum 9/10
    4. Batman: Arkham Origins 7/10

    Shout out to Huber and Jones sharing their favorite moments in the series:

    Youtube Video

  • Finished Assassin’s Creed Origins for PC. Did most of the stuff including DLC, though not every “?” on the map because the game is way to long. Also first game I played in HDR and what should I say - it looks terrific. Beautiful crafted world but they don’t do a lot with it. I like the main character(s) but the story sucks. Problem is how everything is just a (short) mission and often it destroys the narrative. Some cut scenes felt unfinished or badly written. So the best part is the world and the awesome discovery tour that was longer than I thought. I also started AC Odyssey and the story hooked me a lot more. I now just have to find the time to play it…

  • Mega Man X7

    This game is the black sheep of the series, it's got a terrible reputation, as the first Mega Man X in 3D. But I wanted to see for myself, surely it couldn't be as bad as people say...

    Well let me tell you, this is probably the worst game I've ever played, and I'm not trying to be dramatic. I can't think of a single redeeming quality, every aspect of this game is terribly executed. This shit is straight out of Glinny's Cauldron! I was more often than not laughing in disbelief at how bad it is.

    It looks ugly as hell, it's hard to believe this is a PS2 game, there are plenty of better looking PS1 titles. The "art style" is all over the place, character designs are unreadable, the writing and voice acting are atrocious (even by Mega Man standards). The music is forgettable but at least inoffensive, I'll give it that.

    The level design is among the laziest I've ever seen. One level is literally just a cylinder you go up and around, from left to right, from bottom to top, with some enemies dotted around. Oh, and holes, so that if you fall you drop back to the beginning and have to start the climb over. Fun!

    Surprisingly, the best parts are the 3D ones, which are reminiscent of Mega Man Legends, but the controls are so clunky it never manages to be fun. At best, it'll simply not be frustrating for a couple minutes, before becoming shit again. One level with wide rooms and enemies attacking from all sides was the only time I felt like "Hey, this could actually be an average game if it had more of that!"

    Small details like the lack of any audio or visual feedback when picking up items (health, hearts, containers, etc.) means that you might not even realize you found a secret or not. The bosses range from boring to extremely irritating, I mean check this out (make sure you have sound on):

    Youtube Video

    What the fuck!!

    The weapons you get from them are imaginative and useless. I could go on. This is a turd in every possible way. At least Mega Man X8 can only be a step up from here, but I'm gonna have to take another break from this series. Can't believe they sunk so low when the original is one of the finest 2D action-platformers ever.

  • Beat Final Fantasy 7 for the first time the other day! Wanted to get it in before the remake so that I could have some context for what changes would be made, and also just cause I want to familiarize myself with the series more. I can definitely understand why it had such a big impact at the time, but I don't think it holds up very well, at least to someone who hadn't played it back then and didn't have a history with the franchise at all. Particularly because the localization is just so off. So much of the writing was stilted and strange in general.

    I still had a fun, I liked the battle system enough that I didn't mind grinding for limits and stuff, but I'd probably tell most people to just wait for the remake unless they were as interested in the history of the series as I was. I'm looking forward to what the remake can do to make the story more cohesive and clear since there's so much potential there.