Last game you finished

  • 12 Minutes

    For the most part this is a good game. If you enjoy point n click adventures you should be fine but if you're inexperience or not a fan of the genre it can be an hard sell.

    I say this because during the first two thirds the game is dense enough to let you experiment and fail without major frustrations, as you approach the finale the game does a bad job in narrowing the player's path. To the point that I've repeated my final loop more than 5 times before stumbling in the ending by accident. But I've finished the game the same day I've started, that's not very common for me.

    The way the story grabs you as you slowly unwrap the mystery is fantastic. But I wish the story was better, mostly the resolution, as before the end you can see the twist coming and it's not that interesting. Specially after the great initial 2/3s.

    Got some minor bugs and one crash. Considering the variations on dialogue, decisions and objects present here they did a good job. It's quite impressive. And I bet it was pure developer nightmare to code and test all the iterations.

    Visuals are better than I was expecting., it looks quite good. Sound is 10/10 and the performances are absolute top tier voice acting.


  • Castlevania I, III, IV, Belmont's Revenge, and Bloodlines

    Contra, Super Contra & Super C, Operation C, Hard Corps, and Contra 4

    Guilty Gear Strive

    Battle Circuit

    Final Fight

    The TakeOver

    Fight n Rage

    My Friend Pedro

    Bot Vice

    Soldier Blade

    No More Heroes

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    Double Dragon II & Neon

    Age of Calamity

    Streets of Rage 4

    Panzer Dragoon Remake

    Crimson Clover EX

    Raiden IV

    Guilty Gear Strive

  • Hades

    First things first... this is not for me and although it is an incredible game I would still take Void Bastards over Hades if I had to pick a roguelike.

    But it is such a tight little game, so many layers and so much density in its design with "endless" builds and loot to experiment with, all this laid over a world rich both in lore and characters. Played 31 runs and new powers and characters were still being introduced as if this game is a bottomless pit of content.

    But it is a hard sell for me, once I've beat it I felt very little incentive to keep going. As layered as the game is of course the end is not the real end and you have more story to keep you going but, at the end of the day, you are stuck in the same 20/30m loop going through the "same" levels and enemies on and on and on.

    If you're on public transportation, I get the appeal as your daily on the go game, or if you don't have access to many games due to budget, there's incredible value here. For me personally, I did enjoy it, I do think it's very well designed, being extremely addictive without being cheap or exploitative but it's not a game I love.


  • The Suicide of Rachel Foster

    I've had my eye on this one for a while but as with most digital only games I wanted a good sale on it. I would put the game down as just average though, it definitely seems to take from other, more popular story heavy "walking sims" such as Edith Finch, Fire Watch and Gone Home, but I wouldn't say the game quite reaches the heights of those three.
    The story is interesting and the voice acting is definitely good enough but I do feel the whole game suffers from pacing issues and it overall feels a little rushed. I was satisfied with the conclusion though and I feel it handled the subject matter well.


  • That's 007:Blood Stone done and dusted. I originally played it on PS3 back in 2010 and I didn't complete it, so now I've gone and bought myself a PS3 and a bunch of games. Here is the lowdown of my thoughts on Blood Stone with some likes and gripes:
    -Brilliant cast lending their voices
    -Awesome CQC takedowns
    -Driving sections are pretty nifty
    -It's an original Bond experience
    -Looks pretty spectacular at times
    -Too short.
    -Too many explosions (I know that sounds really silly but honestly it feels at times like explosions are there just bring in more drama rather than being necessary).
    -Lacks a decent Bond villain and gadgets.
    -Rinse repeating of clearing rooms and environments of enemies.
    -Knockoff Focus Aim System which is basically Splinter Cell's Mark & Execute.

  • Twelve Minutes

    Gameplay got frustrating quickly after 5-6 loops. Ending is nice but most of the reveals until there were average. Also game doesn't help you in some places and you may stuck in some parts especially 'cause of some choices from dev's part*. It was an interesting experience but I couldn't enjoy it as much as I hoped.

    The more I dig the more I found the 3rd act of story good, I can give that do the devs.

    I stuck at one part and thought that was not the answer because game didn't run the scenario as it should and in some other part I was so close to solving but necessary option didn't come up 'cause I said potatoes instead of potatos.(Don't worry, it's just an analogy of the stupidy for that scene).

    Voice acting didn't impress me, Daisy Ridley was my favourite if I had to chose.

    Another thing is this game proved that time-loop concept is much more fun when it's a movie and not a game. Game is successful, hope they turn it to a movie sometime in the near future with the same cast; I'm sure I would enjoy it better.


  • If you're into point and click games like this, I absolutely recommend it. It's more about the story and atmosphere than the puzzles, so keep that in mind.

  • @bam541 I'd give this a shot if it was on console but unfortunately it isn't so I cannot.

  • Psychonauts 2 - One of the most smart, creative, charming and funny games I've played in a long time. This is a must-play for anyone interested in 3D platformers.

  • Psychonauts 2

    It's a freaking masterpiece! Holly smokes what a journey. Relentlessly creative, incredibly well written. Having played the original for the first time recently, this brings it to the present and improves the issues I had with it.

    Very bizarre thinking that this platformer has such memorable characters and some of the best writing I've witnessed in a videogame.

    But it's not perfect, mainly the movement lacks momentum, more precisely how some animations don't flow as they should. And level design in some spots needed a bit more of polish but this is very minor stuff.

    There's been a long time since a big release got me like this, to the point of delaying finishing it. I'm very happy for Tim, this might be his best work ever which by itself says a lot. There's so much stuff I would love to comment on but I feel like this should be experienced as fresh as possible.

    I can safely say that this will be my GOTY.

  • @phbz It's not one of them KNACK 2 masterpieces is it?

  • @jdincinerator Not at all! 😄

  • Crimson Skies

    For a game so ancient everything holds up pretty well. Gameplay is so precise, dogfighting is fun and missions, for a game centered around flying, are diverse enough. Graphics are very basic but still work.

    There's a certain Indiana Jones vibe that I love, on the sound track but also plot points and characters.

    Always wanted to try this game but flying so often feels weird in game that I never did, but Crimson Skies nails it. Would like to see a sequel.


  • Psychonauts 2- Nothing to add that hasnt been said above. You can tell it was a labour of love more creativity and heart in one game that some publishers have in their whole roster. I can see this one ending high up in outlets and personal Gotys.

  • Sayonara Wild Hearts

    On it's own, the songs here would make a very good concept album, but the game goes into great lengths to make them feel as tangible, meaningful and stimulative as they can be. The art style is striking and decisive, and it is presented in a very sleek and eye-catching manner. Combined with very well made animations and transitions, it results in a collection of visual entities that are as alive and full of personality as the songs they accompany. Gameplay-wise, it is not to be beaten by its audiovisual compatriots in terms of variety and excitement, and the controls are more than good enough to let you be fully immersed in the experience. As a whole, this is a very charming game that will easily pull you back in after you finish it, waiting to hear your Sayonara again and again.


  • Halo CE Anniversary

    Still a great game even today. Yet the flood still sucks and not enough level diversity. But it is astounding how combat design (with the covenant) is still so much fun.

    The updated visuals are fine, obviously a big improvement, but the change in art direction and colour palette are not always for the best.


  • I have to say that toaster strudel I gave Life is Strage: True Colours can be thrown in the bin. I've now finished it and it has amazed me. Ok it might not have changed some of my niggles about the series like its constant obsession with the past, the terrible jokes and characters sounding so soft and gently-but this is the best Life is Strange I've experienced. That climax is so absolutely fantastic it just pushed the game into a high gear for me. Anyway likes and gripes times:

    +Exceptional storytelling and characters,
    +Alex Chen is so likeable and sweet,
    +Some interesting gameplay surprises.

    -Still retains the usual Life is Strange shortcomings,
    -Music is an acquired taste even if the soundtrack is pleasant,
    -So compelling that it should've been longer.


  • @jdincinerator nice. How long did it take you to finish?

  • @bam541 It took about 10 or so hours.

  • @jdincinerator that seems like a good length for me. Excited to pick this up later in the year, things are just too stacked for me rn