Last game you finished

  • Sable

    Cool exploration focused game with great sound design and music. The art style is very unique and if I had to vote for it, it was going to be my pick for best looking game of the year. Gorgeous.

    Gameplay takes a lot from BotW, but without any kind of combat. Story is mostly used to start things up and set you on your journey - a ritual of passage to adulthood. You'll come across some interesting characters and small stories but the world is the main star in how mysterious it feels and how visuals and sound work together to elevate it.

    On the negative side there's performance issues and animation glitches, but it has improved since release.


  • @phbz This might be next on my docket. Can I ask how long it took you to beat it?

  • @demonpirate It took me around 15 hours. But I spent more time than needed just enjoying the world and sound design.

  • Metroid Dread (Switch)

    -Excellent level design
    -Great at guiding you where to go without straight up telling you
    -Great movement and abilities, I escpecially like the added ability to dash
    -Nice detailed map screen

    -Lots of repeat boss fights
    -Bosses deal too much damage
    -Music is a bit disappointing for a Metroid game

  • Silpheed (Mega CD)

    -Amazing visuals
    -Great soundtrack
    -Good difficulty level and pacing

    -Gameplay is nothing special, plays like your standard shoot 'em up but there are no interesting bosses or weapons or anything like that

  • Metroid Dread

    I got this recurring image that kept popping into my mind while playing Dread. It’s this caricature of a drummer that starts playing a solo in the middle of a song, the band is jamming, the crowd going wild, but the drummer keeps escalating things, the crowd slowly stops dancing, the band stops playing, and everybody is now silently watching the drummer, thinking if he will ever stop his showing off. This is me and the level design here. I mean, it’s quite spectacular how complex the layout is, how level gating is flawless, how things interconnect… but above all it’s just too much - it’s that drummer doing his wild solo to the detriment of everything else. Exploration is one of the most important aspects in this type of game and in all honesty, I really didn’t enjoy it that much here. There’s no flow to it, you are kept mostly on a linear path, the EMMI sections are a chore and frequently you are forced to jump between areas. To make things worse, the world feels awfully generic, there’s little unpredictability, you quickly learn all that the game has to give you and the work in lore and world building is miserable by todays standards. It also doesn’t help that the very little there’s to the story you can figure the twist in the first 5 minutes and that the second twist is an old and tired trope. Having invisible blocks as your main way to progress, outside of “using the X weapon for the X door” is not exactly stimulating either. Having introduced an handful of logical/environmental puzzles could help.

    Also, I have to say it. Legacy or not, this is easily the worst double jump in recent memory. I was wondering why on earth were they taking so much time to introduce it but thankfully once they did they quickly made it obsolete with the Space Jump. Would appreciate to be able to use the right joystick for aiming.

    OK, but did I enjoy it? Kinda sound like I didn’t, right? I did, I did enjoy it but I am having trouble to quantify it to myself, because while in my heart I feel like this was a good game, when I analyse it I feel conflicted. For instance, combat and difficulty. It took me 12 hours to beat the game, outside bosses or EMMI sections, I died once. Makes me wonder why the hundreds of enemies I had to kill existed, outside of the serotonin reward. On the other hand, I loved the boss fights, while still accessible, it was a pleasure to learn their patterns, it felt rewarding.

    Progression is great. I’m a big proponent of games letting you feel overpowered and once you get the Space Jump the way as you basically become invulnerable and able to fly through the levels it’s just good fun. Most combat was already redundant so giving you more power doesn’t hurt it.

    I LOVE the sound design. This is one of the reasons that made me appreciate the game more. Having a more atmospheric approach is the perfect choice IMO, as it drives the game not through melody or rhythm but rather through mood. But it’s not just the approach that’s the right one, it’s the damn execution! From ADAM’s near perfect EQ and discrete reverb, to the way as music and sound effects work together in the EMMI sections, is near flawless (but the EMMI sections still suck, I want to be clear about it!!). Integration of classic Metroid sound/music within the modern framework is well executed too.

    I was somewhat critical of the art direction/graphics when it was first revealed. I was wrong, I think it’s great. It still feels weird to know that this game will probably sell millions at 60$ a pop while a game like Ori is still able to deliver a more impressive final result but… I was wrong, the visuals work great. Samus looks stunning.

    I feel like Dread exists in a weird space that prevents it from being truly great. As a Metroid game, the introduction of the EMMI sections are a detriment and as a new game that came out in 2021 some of its legacy design make it a lesser product by modern standards. But it is a GOOD brand-new Metroid game in 2021. I can totally get why fans are ecstatic, if Half-Life 3 were to be a thing I would be too even if it had comparable issues.

    I was more inclined to a 7.5 but the last two battles and the general mood of the game pushed me to an 8.


  • The Procession to Calvary

    Fan of Monty Python, classical music and renaissance painting? Look no more!

    OK, it's not a great Point n Click game.

    The writing is genuinely funny, art style directly inspired by renaissance art and beautiful classical pieces as your soundtrack, it's definitely worth to invest 3/4h hours in.

    It's really a shame that it commits the sin of being too obtuse in some of its puzzles but even if you have to use a guide it's worth it.


  • We finished It Takes Two with my friend.

    I can agree all the praise about gameplay variety even though towards the end it didn't impressed me as much. Story is weak and ending is really bad. After The Way Out I would like to have a good story with a strong ending than this average story with really unimpressive closure.

    As a gamer who puts story in front of every aspect I prefer The Way Out than this even though It Takes Two has a lot more gameplay elements. Cody and May were stale and evolution of their relatonship wasn't satisfying at all. Also game never gets better than

    Killing the elephant toy

    All in all, second best co-op game I've ever played. Congrutalions to team at Hazelight and Joseph Fares. They really put their mind on how to make a game that changes every time with a new level and this is rare to see in video games recently. The Way Out is still number one though. I'm pretty sure this isn't going to be my GOTY contender.


  • Donkey Kong Land (Game Boy)
    I was always thinking this was a stripped down version of the original DKC just like Land 2 is for DKC2 but to my surprise it was not. It has completely new worlds and level concepts. The controls are the best though and it's hard to see what enemies are coming in front of you but the level design is still decent and it has some cool ideas not found in the console games. The game is exctremely difficult though, for sure the most difficult game in the series.

    Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 (Switch)
    I really can not tell the difference between this and the first game. Still extremely fun though both as a single player and multiplayer game.

  • Metroid Dread. GOTY.
    Nuff said.

  • Killzone (PS3)
    Probably one of the most average games I've ever played in my life. I really have nothing interesting to say about it but I still kinda enjoyed it for what it is, probably because I'm so fond of the PS2 era.

  • Sagebrush

    I've been spending quite a bit of time watching YouTube lately, PC horror game playthroughs mostly and I've really enjoyed some of the indie titles that have opted for a very "PS1" looking style of graphics. I had a quick peek to see what was available for PS4 and came across this little game.
    It's definitely a walking sim/exploration game but I was really caught up in the little story it told about the pieces left following the formation of a radical, religious cult. (The story of Jonestown always fascinated me)
    It's very short, but it was only about £2 i think so I more than got my moneys worth out of this.

  • Echo Generation

    A JRPG type game with minimum amounts of randomly generated combat? Sign me in! Plus add to that the Stranger Things vibes and the influences of 90s Lucas Arts adventures and I just can't say no. Lovely art style and music too.

    On the negative side... It's not a well balanced game, combat deserved more because easily you'll be doing the same actions over and over since there's a lot of redundancy. I still rather deal with this issue than with hundreds of filler rnd encounters.


  • The Forgotten City

    Plays kind of like Skyrim but limited to a city. Don't want to say much, similarly to Outer Wilds it's a game that's worth to know as little as possible and experience it for yourself.

    Very well written mystery! Comparing it with Outer Wilds I'll say it's less elegant in structure, as the mechanics are not completely incorporated within the narrative (ie you can die and load) but it's less cryptic and more accessible, progression is very intuitive.

    Although limited in scope and budget, it still looks good and it is executed close to perfection within its limitations. Will most probably feature in my top for 2021.


  • Alan Wake: American Nightmare

    I love Alan Wake and Remedy but this is rough. Clearly a cool idea someone had in a drawer that was rushed to make a quick buck. Still fun at certain points and the general mood is cool but... meh disappointing.


  • Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 (Switch)

    I quite liked the original, it was a nice throwback to Castlevania III but the sequel is so much better. The characters are more diverse and are very unique. The level design is also a lot better. There are also some great references to other Konami classics.

    This game is extremely difficult though. Way more than the original. Maybe even more so than Castlevania III which is already one of the hardest side scrolling action games ever made. There is one stage that took me 2 hours to beat. You need to master every character to beat the game and I found the challenging gameplay very satisfying.

  • Alex Kidd in Shinobi World (SMS)

    I'm not a fan of Alex Kidd but this one is really good. It's basically a cute version of Shinobi. Very fun platformer, eventhough it is extremely short.

    Doom (32X)

    It's not the best looking Doom version obviously and it is missing some levels but it actually plays surprisingly well. It's much better than the SNES version, overal an impressive game for the 32X.

    Mega Man X2 (PS4)

    It's sadly not as good as I remember. I always thought this was a better game than the original but I changed my mind. While it has some improvements over the original, most notable the upgrades, especially the air dash, it is overal not as well designed as the original. It is just too punishing and unfair. The original was difficult but it always felt fair. The bosses also take way too long to defeat even with using their weakness.
    The weapons are really great, the ost is excellent and it's a very good looking SNES game with some cool 3D effects.

  • 9/10. I wrote a short review here!

  • Finally got 100% in Metroid Dread.
    and Fuck You Speed Booster puzzles!!!

  • @yoshi I don't know why people are saying these are hard. I did them all first try with the joycons in the off hands. Seriously though, if I miss the down input to charge shinespark on the last part of one of these again...I will probably yell "why can't I use the D-pad to move?!" again.