Outriders (Square Enix)

  • Oh boy. Another live service looter shooter.
    I can't wait.

  • @el-shmiablo

    I was about the write "Please don't be another online looter shooter thingy".

  • There's a small bit of gameplay on Game Informer. Looks like Gears of Destiny.

  • Wow can't wait for next gen! /vomiting

  • @paulmci27
    Don't you mean Destiny of Gears?

  • @dmcmaster Of course. I can be so dumb sometimes.

  • Another third person cover shooter with coop?

    PCF should have made old school style FPS they made before.

  • Watched Huber's preview, my interest is piqued just a bit. It looks very smooth to me, which is nice. I haven't played any loot shooters in a while so there's a good chance I'll jump on this if all the right stars are aligned.

    Youtube Video

  • I am happy that it isn't another game-as-service shit. It will have an offline campaign as far as I understand. Gameplay is not unique but looks fun enough to try.

  • Needs a good showing. I think the general consensus on this game for now is apathy

  • Just watched the broadcast. So this game is like a third person Borderlands style loot shooter RPG that's more serious in tone. It looks fun, but I'm not sure about how impactful the gunplay feels, even though the gore is pretty great. The movement looks smooth, which is nice. Agility and mobility seems to be a big thing in this game, especially with the Trickster class that they showed. The powers looks cool, I really like the horizontal slash that shows the enemies' skeleton. Also, I love that you can change the UI to make it feel more like a pure shooter rather than a RPG. All I need is the crosshair and my ammo count.

    The way they described the story and lore gives me Bioware vibes, as in talking to people and collecting notes and other things to get more info about the world. Honestly the whole thing reminds me a lot of how Mass Effect Andromeda is structured, but way more polished and more focused on the stats based loot stuff. I don't expect much from the story, but at the very least I hope it's not annoying.

    Youtube Video

    They'll be doing these kind of broadcasts monthly, which is cool. This definitely got me more interested in this game. It's nothing special so far, but that's a-okay for me.

  • Before I learned that it will not have offline campaign I was thinking to check it out but now that I know story will be connected to online too, I will pass it. Not giving a chance to play the story part offline is really antipathetic. I hated the same thing about Anthem, The Division, GR: Breakpoint and Destiny too.

  • @scotty Maybe it's just me but I don't really mind it. There aren't many times when I'm not connected to the internet, and it isn't like they are forcing you to play with other people, you just need a connection to authenticate the game and make sure you aren't doing shady back alley deals.

  • @el-shmiablo

    They can check the illegal activities when you connect the net again for online part. Campaigns should allow you to play offline.

  • Demos out tomorrow. Apparently lasts 3 hours & its the first full chapter. Wasn't too interested in this at first, but the positive feedback from previews has changed my mind. Hope its good as there aren't many big releases coming first half of the year.

  • @paulmci27

    It sucks that there are no pre-download.

  • @scotty It does, as long as I get it downloaded by Friday evening so I can bounce on with my mates for a few hours.