Outriders (Square Enix)

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    Yeah, I don't know much about it but I can safely say I personally know a lot of people who are playing the demo and seem to enjoy it. Us forum dwellers are a niche group of people who are hyperaware of the gaming industry, the critical reception of games, and other gaming related information that the average person doesn't give 2 shits about.

    I even know a few people IRL who think Marvel's Avengers is an amazing game. They couldn't give a shit about the "post game grind" the critical reception or anything like that. They just are happy to be beating up bad guys as the Avengers.

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    Understandable. We will look at the player base/active number of players and the process of post-launch support.

    To summarize: I don't belive this game would be on Gamepass Day 1 if SE had high hopes for its success.

  • I saw this review excerpt on Opencritic and can't help but laugh. It sounds like a People Can Fly game alright. People seem to be liking the game from what I saw on Twitter, which is good. I'll probably jump in when it's on sale.


  • @bam541 Interesting. I've played Outriders for 25 hours already and none of its dialogs sounded bad in any way. In fact, solid script and performances made me care about multiple key characters. Yes, it's not The Last of Us Part II level of performance, but it's on par with your typical RPG.

    Full disclosure: I'm playing localized version and haven't tried original, but in 99% of cases Russian dub isn't better than English VO.

  • @ffff0 From what I have seen from Huber and Brad's stream, I think the writing and performance's very cheesy, but it kinda reaches that "so bad it's good" line for me at times. Definitely reminds me of Bulletstorm, which has a foul-mouthed over-the-top feel to its writing.

  • Watched Brad & Huber play for a while. Definitely agree that the acting, writing, and tone is completely bonkers.

    The game doesn’t look too bad though. It reminds me of Mass Effect 2 with bite sized missions and cover shooter combat.

    Not necessarily my cup of tea but being a co-op RPG sells it a lot better for me than knowing it’s like The Avengers where you repeat the same few missions over and over again.

  • I prefer Avengers to this because of the campaign, couldn't care less about the live-service side of it.

  • Finished the game. I think final revelations take a bit too much time and therefore aren't as interesting as they could be, but overall it's a good action RPG. Played entire game alone on default difficulty and I've never had to stop my progress for grinding, which is excellent. The post-game combat challenges are clearly designed for multiplayer grinding, which is not my cup of tea. But, as far as I can tell, it's solid too.

    In short, Outriders isn't a GotY material, but a strong contender for my personal top 10 of the year.

  • @ffff0 That's cool to know, I want to try it but was unsure because I'll play it solo and have very little patience for grind.

  • @phbz The only difference of playing solo, probably, is that you will not get a chance to be revived, so if you go down, it's a restart. There were several encounters, where I've died 10 times before succeeding, but I always felt like I can do it without lowering the difficulty. I did all side quests, but I think that I still would be fine even if I didn't.

  • Finally playing it. I really like the combat tbh, very intense and dynamic. Challenging too.

    The story feels like a last gen title. I'll say not good or bad, just something that's there to keep things rolling. The sci-fi concepts are cool though, it's just the writing that's allover the place.

  • I finally got a chance to put some time into this with my mates. I have to say im having a good time. Never really played online with friends before so it's a novelty for me. I now realise what all the fuss is about. The game is okay good but it's the co-op that makes it.

  • This game is such a fun mess.

    Looks like a cover shooter but doesn't play as one. Is a looter shooter but doesn't make you grind and has a decent story and world to play as single player.

    Finally played it co-op for a few missions, @paulmci27 it definitely pushes the game to the next level. I was enjoying the combat dance in single player but the interaction of playstyles between players in this game is so damn fun.

  • @phbz said in Outriders (Square Enix):

    Looks like a cover shooter but doesn't play as one.

    I seen a few people mention that it's like a cover shooter, but the cover isn't for you, it's for the enemies, and that sounds so funny to me.

  • @bam541 Yes, that's exactly it.