Can I ask the allies for a huge favor.

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    Hello, some of you might know me as Drifter from the unofficial eza discord.
    My sister recently started a web-comic, and I am doing everything I can to get her seen, this site ranks comics and could help her get exposure to people looking for webcomics, if you could throw her a vote I would be grateful beyond belief, the site lets you vote once a day if anyone is interested in going the extra mile, I vote on my computer and phone every single day. Any vote is appreciated. You guys have no idea what it would mean to her, she is by no means a huge artist, never went to school for it, and had 0 online presence, she just has a story to tell and I want to encourage her to keep going, I think it's an awesome story and her art is really good.

    I also encourage you guys to give it a read (, it kind of throws you into the deep end at the start but I can't wait for everyone to see the new pages coming, they are so full of color and charm. One of the main characters is called Milo :0 and I am going to be submitting pages for Jones to read on the showcase, I can't wait till he see's that, I asked her if she was pandering or a nod and she said it's just a name she likes and thought would fit the character.

    Anyway sorry if this shilling bothers anyone, I just want to reach out for help and I know the allies are all awesome and supportive.

    BTW she is also an Allie so feel free to use inside jokes with her on twitter or w/e she will get all of them. Her favorite Allie is the dark price :)
    here is her twitter if you want to reach out,

    Thanks for reading all this, and thanks for a vote or twitter follow/share or anything to help out.
    Also a big L&R !!! all around.

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    Character image she made recently for Milo, he is not in the comic yet but soon, possibly next page :)

  • Hey this art is very good! I'll be sure to send a vote her way.

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    Thats great! I will throw her a vote and look forward to what will be shown on the shocase! :D

    I have also moved this to "blogs" as it is for "self promotion".

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  • The showcase :) so excited. She loved it, said her heart was beating so fast and it was awesome to watch someone read it. :D