Sooo Huber used to street race?

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    Just listened to the latest podcast episode. Was anyone else blown away by the news?

  • He talked about it a bit in an old Huber Syndrome episode. I’m sure his definition of street racing was buying a stock Japanese import, putting a spoiler on it cause downforce definitely makes you go faster in a straight line, and spending every last working dollar as a teenager on unnecessary parts and gas.

    My assumption is that he just lit some people up then they’d drag race 1/4 mile or something. A lot of dumbass teens did this. If I was 10 years older in the early 2000s I probably would’ve done the same tbh.

  • Yeah, that caught me off guard too. I thought he was messing around but all the youtube comments were equally flabbergasted.

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    Now I just want a new Midnight Club.

  • I'm guessing a lot of people missed the Huber Syndrome episode that explains this...

  • Reading back on my comment earlier, I sound like a dick. I just meant to say, he probably was like any other teenager into cars at that time and was more like a poseur-racer than a true racer (again, like sooooo many teens back then).