Microsoft Reward Points breakdown (February) and my experiences thus far.

  • I have been a member of Game Pass since it started and soon thereafter I discovered the Microsoft Reward Points. Ever since I have used reward points to pay for Game Pass pretty reliably. When Game Pass Ultimate came out I took advantage of the Xbox Live Gold and regular Game Pass and got a little over 2 years of Game Pass Ultimate of converted time. So now I mostly spend my points on gift cards.

    But with the new Game Pass Quests (and after it was brought up on the EZA Podcast) I was curious to see how much they added to my monthly point gains. This is a quick break down and may contain errors. But really I just did it for fun. Also this list is for February so it accounts for 29 days. The typical 30 day month numbers are in the parenthesis ().

    Game pass quests

    30 points a day for daily game pass quests = 870 (900)
    15 points - Log in to the rewards app.
    15 points - Play a game pass game.

    275 points for weekly game pass quests. = 1,100
    75 points - Game based challenge
    75 points - Game based challenge
    50 points - Earn any achievement challenge
    50 points - Unlock 4 achievements or play 5 game pass games.
    25 points - Complete 4 daily quests in a week challenge

    1,775 points for Monthly quests. Breaks down into:
    1000 points - Complete 45 daily and 15 weekly quests
    100 points - Complete 12 daily and weekly quests.
    100 points - Game based challenge
    100 points - Game based challenge.
    100 points - Game based challenge.
    100 points - Game based challenge.
    75 points - Game based challenge.
    50 points - Play 10 different Game Pass games.
    50 points - Complete 8 weekly quests.
    50 points - Install 5 Game Pass games from your phone.
    25 points - Play 4 different Game pass games.
    25 points - Complete 4 weekly quests this month.

    Total for Game Pass Quests = 3,745 points (3,775)

    Xbox One Rewards App points.

    50 points a day for getting an achievement in a Game Pass Game = 1450 (1500)
    100 points a week for weekly Rewards= 400*
    *= This comes with a 2500 bonus for keeping a streak going for every 10 weeks.
    5 to 20 point variable for random offers at the bottom of the page - Range from checking out a Mixer channel to clicking a link to a game or movie page in the Microsoft store.

    Total = Minimum of 1,995 (2,050) to a Maximum of 5,000 (That's if you have a streak and 20 points a day with random offers, which is unlikely )

    Reward Page through the Bing app.

    270 points - For daily searches with the Bing app.*
    150 points - Search with Bing on a PC.
    100 points - Search with Bing on a mobile device.
    20 points - When you search with Microsoft Edge.

    *=I also feel I should mention, I'm a Level 2 w/ Gold. I think Level 1's make less points a day. But, I am not sure.

    Total = 7,830 (8,100)

    Daily sets on the Bing app.

    30 to 60 points a day for fulfilling Daily Sets in the Bing rewards app.*
    10 points - Click on a link
    10 to 40 points - Fill out a short 5 to 10 question quiz.
    10 points - Pick a choice in a daily poll

    *=Daily's also have a streak counter ranging from 45 points for a 7 day streak to 150 points for a 100 day streak. I have not accounted for this cause the numbers are starting to talk to me. (Don't know if the streak bonus goes higher as I am currently sitting at 101 days)

    Total = Min. 870 (900) to a Max. 1,740 (1800)*
    *= Streak bonus not added.

    Grand Total for February = Min. 14,440 to Max. 18,315
    30 day month Total = Min. 14, 825 to Max. 18,675
    Without Variables Total =13,775

    My points earned this month = 16,755 (Still haven't done the 75 point Monthly Halo Mp Quests. Not really a fan of Mp. )

    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate coupon
    1 Month = 12,000 points
    3 Months = 35,000 points

    Xbox One store Gift Cards
    $1.25 = 1600 points
    $3 = 2,900 points
    $25 = 23,000 points
    $50 = 36,000 points
    $100 = 91,000 points

    So according to this the Game Pass Quests add an extra 3,700 points, but we also don't know if this will change in the future. I should also say this is all WITHOUT SPENDING MONEY. If you do spend money there is the occasional offer of 6,00 points to by game X or spend X amount on movies and receive a few thousand points. Also it looks like we can still keep paying for Game Pass Ultimate with points going forward.

    Of course none of this should sway anybody on whether Game Pass is right for you. But for me, I love it. The Game Pass games give me a nice library of games to choose from and the point system has lead me to various games that I might not have played before. Also since I've had the service I have bought at least three $50 gift cards (that I can remember) and a myriad of smaller coupons with points alone which I figure more than pays me back for what I've spent.

    However I should also mention that the whole process of gaining points can get a bit tedious and boring. Not to mention losing a streak can be a pain. The whole thing is geared toward making you use Microsoft's services and search engine, which can feel a bit slimy. But really I use them once a day and then go back to my regular browser. The new Game Pass Quests feel a bit better because they are mostly game oriented and feel passive over all.

    Well this was overall a fun waste of time but after spending time talking up Microsoft, I feel the need to go play my Switch or something. Let me know if I got some numbers wrong or about your own love/ hate with Game Pass and the point system.

    Love and Respect everybody.

  • @zrail Regarding Gamepass I love it. It's cool to have first party games included at release (can't fkin wait for Ori!!!) but the biggest value for me is in playing stuff I would probably not play. And several titles really caught me off guard. Outer Wilds bring the prime example.

    As for the whole reward thing. I really hate stuff that tries to shape my experience of something, I go as far as despising achievements/trophies. So all this play X, search Y is tremendously off putting to me. But I might have a look to see how it works. Ideally for me would be great if it was something like, "do whatever and at the end of the month you'll get a notification saying how much you've earned".

  • They've nerfed the point totals for Game Pass Quests. Quick math has it down to around 865 points a month for completing quests. Bit of a bummer but points is points.