Baldur's Gate III (PC / Stadia / TBD)

  • Baldur's Gate III is an upcoming RPG from Larian Studios (Divinity Original Sin II) and is coming to early access on PC / Stadia in 2020. It was announced in the summer of 2019 and today Larian held a preview event where the media got to see a 3 hour demo of the game. Check out the media below:

    Baldur's Gate III - Official UNCUT Announcement Teaser | E3 2019
    Youtube Video


    Baldur's Gate 3 - First Look Preview
    Youtube Video

    Leaked Screenshots

    It sounds like Larian Studios is putting the origins of tabletop role-playing games back into role-playing video games. It's striving for the absolute freedom of D&D while keeping the cinematic storytelling and player decision-making of a modern RPG like The Witcher III.

    This game sounds fantastic and the story of Larian Studios is inspiring. I highly recommend reading the Kotaku article to get you amped up. That article will explain the game better than I ever will. Baldur's Gate III is already sounding very deep so I can't wait to see and hear more of it.

    I'm wondering if somebody can help me find an article or video that details Larian pitching Baldur's Gate III to Wizards of the Coast before they made Divinity Original Sin II. It details their rejection, only to be approached again for the gig when Divinity Original Sin II popped off. I can't remember where I saw that story but its worth looking at. I just can't find it for the life of me.

  • Thanks for making this thread, I was thinking of doing one as I was desperate to see zero buzz about this game on the forum!

    Don't know where to find the video you're talking about although I also remember it existing, or maybe it was just in an article?

    Here's the live reveal from earlier too btw, if you want to see extended gameplay with commentary and unexpected shenanigans:

    Youtube Video

    This is one of my most anticipated games because the previous two Baldurs are among my top games of all time, AND as an ex-Larian dev I'm obviously cheering for them all the way!

    Don't think I'll want to play the early access as I don't want to spoil myself, but can't wait for more details. The premise of the story is very cool and if you do end up in Baldur's Gate itself I'm sure there will be tons of references to the past games. Makes me want to replay them...

  • @axel

    Woah you're an ex-Larian?! What was that like?

    I'm completely enthralled with DoS II right now. COVID-19 kept me in this weekend and I punched out 6 hours yesterday where I couldn't put the game down.

  • Seeing this just reminds me I haven't gone past the first part of Divinity 2 and it makes me sad.

  • @bard91

    Back when Divinity Original Sin II came out, I played it co-op up until the end of the Fort Joy chapter and dropped it cause it was hard to make time for co-op. Picked it up again a month ago and restarted with the new "Definitive Edition" and they have added an Easy mode (still not suuuuper easy). I'm basically hooked on it and caught up to where I left off a few years ago.

    The game is insanely polished with my only complaints being a TON of inventory management between party members and I sometimes accidentally click stuff that can be really bad in combat. Other than that, I can only imagine how this formula will benefit from a bigger budget and more cinematic storytelling. I also prefer dark fantasy to high fantasy to BGIII should really cure that itch.

    Definitely jump back into DoSII because you won't regret it. Just play on Easy and coast.

  • @dipset I might honestly try that, because even though I'm down for a challenging game, I know it will be more of a barrier, that said it will have to wait as right now I'm just ticking down the days for P5R and there won't be time for anything else until that is done.

  • Anybody else end up picking up early access? I just started. Liking it so far.

  • I prefer to wait for the final release, but it's been tempting.

  • It looks pretttttty good on my new system, even sans 3080. I died a bit ago for the first time. So it's officially a real game!
    Might start streaming when I come back.

  • I want this but I'll try to remain ignorant about it until the game is out.

  • I really want to play it but I’d rather wait. One thing I don’t like doing is replaying long introductions to RPGs.

    It looks really great though. I watched Ben’s preview video. Colour palette and art direction look a lot like Divinity and I wonder if they’ll alter it ever so slightly by full release. It’s kinda weird that even the in-game font is Divinity. It makes everything feel more high fantasy.

  • Yeah, the progress not carrying over is kind of a bummer. I mostly just wanted to play for a few hours and get a taste of how the systems and world work. Having fun so far, even though autosave points are kind of far apart for the way I'm playing. I died and lost like, and hour. Luckily, I then figured out what the quicksave button was. lol

  • I've Played a handful of hours now. It's a little janky, but that is to be expected from an Early Access game. BG3 looks great, I like the cutscenes and third person camera angle during conversations. As of now, I'm enjoying the combat about as much as I did with Divinity Original Sin 2 (Which is my favorite top-down RPG).

    I made a wizard but I think I'm going to start over as a fighter. There are too many characters in my party that can be dropped with a single spell or 2 arrows.

  • I haven't played and likely won't play unless they end up making a definitive edition for consoles like they did for Divinity Original Sin (2), but based on Early Access does it look like you can make characters that are either scrawny or overweight? That's really all I want to know. Too many games force you to play shredded/stacked people (including DoS), and I simply won't stand for it in my D&D-likes.

  • I know I can look this up, but is BG3 going to be co-op like Original Sin 2? Because that'll make this a true D&D experience. Not sure how I'll organize time with my buddy, but it's worth a try.

  • Baldur's Gate III has co-op campaign with 2-4 players. I don't think co-op players can drop in on an existing campaign tho.

    Also, right now, there's no body adjustment in the character creator. It's fairly basic. There's like a handful of faces, fair selection of races, but nearly all of them humanish. Elf/Half Elf, Human, Halfling, Dwarf, etc. I went with a Tiefling.

    I WILL say that the hair options are pretty good though.

  • I love me a good character creator. I almost want Mass Effect Andromeda just to make a character. Again, Divinity OS 2 kinda lacked in that regard so I'm not expecting the world here, but a nice variety of options would be... nice...

  • I just want to say that I'm happy the game let me cheese escaping a trap room full of fire by sending all my companions back to camp, and then with my fire-resistant Tiefling, just running thru solo. lol