EZA curates March games: What are you anticipating? What's worth checking out?

  • A thread for examining the new games of March! Share your personal picks, interesting curios, and not quite there possibles...


    Did you discover some small game that not everyone knows about?
    Share that and let us know what it is about!

    Already know a thing or two that interests you?
    Make a list (or a swanky desire index) of your interests and/or possibles!

    Don't know what's so great about an upcoming game you keep hearing about?
    Ask here!

    Don't follow gaming news that closely and just want to passively see what BigGames™ people care about?
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    Thread concept:

    The basic idea is to list new games that you are interested in, as well as games you are potentially curious about or want to give wider attention to. You can briefly describe them or ask other people to help fill you in. The hope is that regular threads like these can act as a collective filter/discovery mechanism to help people decide what is worth checking out.

    "New games" means any new title that is being released or ported this month in any capacity (not "backlogs/what you are playing this month"). The angle here is sharing your anticipation and promoting game discovery (as opposed to sharing comments about a first playthrough in progress - that belongs elsewhere).


    • If you want a handy list that covers most of the major upcoming games of the month, here's a couple text lists of upcoming games:

    Feel free to post other lists or list videos of upcoming releases that you find useful.

    • Final request: If you are the first person to mention a game please provide (at minimum) a short sentence description. (If it is a very big AAA release though, then don't worry about it.) This is a good convention that makes the thread more useful as a discovery mechanism, and especially helps out anyone who doesn't follow the news as closely as you.

  • Yay for big releases this month. Nioh 2 -- the Sequel to the Koei-Tecmo's Souls-'em-Gaiden -- and Doom Fricking Eternal.

    I'm also hoping to listen in on the conversation about the Langrisser I & II remaster and what the reception is like. Langrisser is a Japanese tactical/strategy RPG series originally on the Sega Genesis, with only the first game being brought to the west. From my perspective I have never touched Langrisser II, whereas any enhancements in a remaster might have made my last replay of Langrisser I/Warsong as fulfilling as I hoped it should have been. Anyway, despite not being committed to pick this up or anything, it's still just so cool to me have these out of nowhere games back in front of people in a bigger way than could have been reasonably been expected. Up to the announcement, I would have told you the series was too niche in popularity/sales and perhaps not established enough in terms of quality/reputation to get a remaster.

  • Youtube Video

    Ori and the Will of the Wisps - March 11, 2020.

    I'm not a huge metroidvania fan but I absolutely loved Ori and the Blind Forest. So I'm really looking forward to playing this game.

    Also Doom Eternal and Nioh 2 for me. The video games are finally back!

  • I want to spend more time with my Switch since it's getting a bit dusty (I still can't believe that the main Switch exclusives rarely goes on sale. As someone relatively new to Nintendo's ecosystem, it's the biggest problem I have with the Switch), so I might go with Animal Crossing New Horizons this month. I only tried New Leaf on my friend's 3DS for a hot second so I'm excited to get into AC.

    Also, Granblue Fantasy Versus's Western Release is coming up very soon (March 3rd). FGC twitter is enjoying it, predictably with the multiplayer delay based netcode being a obvious downer.
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