Over the weekend I made a Discord server dedicated soley to playing ‘Resident Evil REsistance’ with others. (Server invite link within!)

  • In anticipation of the release of the ‘Resident Evil Resistance’ asymmetrical multiplayer game that comes bundled with ‘RE3: Remake’, I have created and begun staffing a Discord server where people can get together to specifically play this game mode with one another.

    Click this link to join: https://discord.gg/UtpVQGD

    Important: When joining the server please take the time to read and acknowledge the #server-rules.

    Addendum: At this point in time the server is still looking for moderators… more information about this can be found on the server in the ‘Announcements’ category channels within the server.

    I am really looking forward to April 3rd, and I can’t way to play some ‘Resident Evil Resistance with some of you guys here on the EZA forums!