The Wonderful 101 Remastered

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    Release date: late April/early May for Backers, May 19 for NA and May 22 for EU and i'm assuming for Australia too.

    Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC with the potential for an xbox version later on if people keep asking for one.

    31 hours left of the Kickstarter and it's currently sitting at $1,997,389.00 USD about to hits it's next stretch goal of Luka's Second Mission DLC at $2million USD. and all DLC will be free for backers.

    Who's picking up this game?
    Did you back the kickstarter?
    What other old Platinum Games titles would you like to see make a 2nd comeback like this has?

  • Giving the DLC away to all backers is a really smart move. I had no interest in backing this, but I don't want to miss out on this deal in the event that I want to buy it later

  • @capnbobamous the original Wii U game is one of favourite games and i wanted all the really cool extra shit so i backed the Wonderful Toys tier for 55,000 Yen which equals about $800 australian and all that extra stuff was goo enough for me but i've been following this kickstarter closely and have been doing all the social media campaign challenge's.

    because quite frankly, the backers completeing the defense of blossom city social media challenges have meant the rewards we've already paid for become even better rewards, such as turning the softcover artbook to a hardcover artbook.

    and the more people that back this game on kick starter, the better remaster with content that I, and every single other backer will get. i don't give a fuck that i've already played the original game, i want the remixed soundtrack, the additional side story. DLC and with 6 hours left the backers have $125,000 left to go until we reach the $2.25million stretch goal and then Platinum will get a full orchestra to re-record the Won-Stoppable 100 and Tables Turn tracks.

    basically i love the game that much.

  • so we ended up hitting the $2.25million goal and will be getting re-recordings of the Won-Stoppable Wonderful 100 and Tables Turn with full orchestra's on the OST now :D