The IGN Greatest Video Game Character Bracket... Our Votes

  • After round 1, I no longer trust you people. Already expect Leon to beat Banjo & Kazooie and Geralt to beat Glados somehow. Also, holy shit, enough Resident Evil characters on this?! Not even ones I'd understand like Wesker either.

  • Wow, I expected Dante to win. It's very weird having him gone so fast.

    Anyway, I'm sorry Mario but I'm rooting for Sam Fisher on this one, he's like the textbook definition of a forgotten legend (and he shouldn't be forgotten, Ubisoft!). Also, it's weird having Banjo & Kazooie as one character.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hang on, was I supposed to vote by clicking on the links? I thought just saying who I was voting for was the way to do it.

  • @bam541 I concur regarding Banjo & Kazooie, but this is the bracket they created.

    @Oscillator Yes, sincerest apologies for not being clear enough in the OP. Making the edit now.

  • Banjo is bearly a character, so you're basically voting for Kazooie anyways.

  • Sam Fisher, Spyro the Dragon, Tifa Lockheart, Donkey Kong, Claire Redfield, Bowser, Banjo and Kazooie, Glados

  • @brannox said in The IGN Greatest Video Game Character Bracket... Our Votes:

    @Oscillator Yes, sincerest apologies for not being clear enough in the OP. Making the edit now.

    Flipping heck, that means Link lost because my vote wasn't counted. -_-

  • @oscillator Not necessarily because your vote would've tied, not pushed Link over the edge. In tiebreakers, I vote to break them after two days (I don't vote regardless if not absolutely necessary on principle as I created the thread), and I would lean Bayonetta over Link.

  • We are now half way through the first round! Lets see how the second quadrant broke down.

    • In an unbelievably dominating performance, Donkey Kong SHUT OUT Princess Peach 9-0. She couldn't get a single vote.
    • While the lesser Kong, Diddy was able to get a couple of votes himself, he was on the opposite end of the second largest deficit, losing 7-2 to Bowser.
    • Three of these matchups had an equal 6-3 difference: Mario sneaking by Sam Fisher, DOOM Guy outlasting Claire Redfield, and Banjo & Kazooie knocking out another Resident Evil staple in Leon Kennedy.
    • Spyro was able to overcome Mewtwo by a close 5-3 count.
    • The final two matchups were one point squeakers: Tifa outfought Scorpion and Glados tested better than Geralt. Both outcomes were 5-4.

    Now let's move on to bottom half of this side. See ya on Monday!

    Solid Snake or Agent 47?
    Pac-Man or Altair?
    Kirby or Commander Shepard?
    Zelda or Red?
    Toon Link or Tails?
    Nathan Drake or Gordon Freeman?
    Fox McCloud or Big Daddy?
    Pikachu or Sephiroth?

  • Damn, Leon bombed out. Dante lost previously too, looks like the cool guys aren't doing so hot. :p

    Toon Link is one of the most expressive characters out there and I'll back him up anytime.

  • @bam541 Toon Link goes everywhere on foot. He's not much of a car toon.

  • Who's Red? The Pokémon player character?

  • @oscillator Gen 1 Kanto Player Character yes. Famously silent protagonist you refight on Mt. Silver as the very last thing you do in the Gen 2 games. He's cameo'd in other games since, including Masters, where they often change up his fashion sense, but they always maintain that he never talks, just "...".

    But he's up against Zelda... and again, I ask all of you. WHICH ZELDA are you voting for?! Zelda is even worse than Link in that pretty much every single incarnation of Zelda is a completely different character, so much so that people have memes of how every individual Zelda would react to different situations. So, it feels really stupid to vote for like 10 wildly different characters in one.

    Also, Toon Link being on this as his own separate character screams all the more that classic Link doesn't deserve to keep getting pushed through these rounds.

    How the hell did Big Daddy make it on this poll? They're iconic, but they're not really "characters".

  • @mbun Pretty much to answer all your questions all at once: When the IGN staff compiled all the characters, not only did they add their own (among many staff members), but they also solicited suggestions from their community. Once everything was compiled, they used this "Face-Off" function, where if you went to their website during the voting period, it would give you an "either/or" option, and you'd click on the picture of the character you prefer.

    So out of the 300 plus characters, the top 64 received the most total votes. From there, IGN created the bracket, and as far as the specific matchups are concerned, I have no clue as to why they ordered the pairs. I just used the template in the above tweet and carried over to here.

  • @brannox Next question. Are gamers idiots?

  • @Mbun don't put too much thought into this, it's not worth it. Just look at the two options and vote in the one that pleases you the most.

  • Not many close matchups, and many of these results are only a difference of one vote in terms of from one to the next (For example, a five vote difference, then four vote difference, then three... etc.). But that said, let's see how it came out:

    • Half of the outcomes were runaways, with Fox McCloud taking down Big Daddy 9-2, Pikachu electrocuting Sephiroth 9-3, Zelda defeating Red from Pokemon 8-2, and Solid Snake being a better stealth master than Agent 47 8-3.
    • For the other half, they were a little closer, but still decisive. Kirby beat Commander Shepard 8-4, and Toon Link overcame Tails 7-3. The other two matchups ended in the same 7-4 score: Pac-Man zooms by Altair and Nathan Drake survives against Gordon Freeman.

    This will be the final group for the first round! Come Wednesday, will break it out into the halves. But first, let's find out who will fill out the remaining side!

    Kratos or Shadow?
    Sub-Zero or Gannondorf?
    Mega Man or Dragonborn?
    Cloud or Dr. Robotnik/Eggman?
    Arthur Morgan or Ratchet & Clank?
    Luigi or Aloy?
    Ezio or Raiden (Mortal Kombat)?
    Samus or Chun-Li?

  • If Mega-Man doesn't beat a blank slate character I will disown all of you.

  • I already know how this one is gonna end so I'm just gonna say that Eggman is a better character than Cloud and leave it at that.