The IGN Greatest Video Game Character Bracket... Our Votes

  • @brannox I don't care how this next round turns out, but just a reminder that Nathan Drake is a psycho "every man" who murders for personal gain. ezaBackseatBosman

    Him and Toon Link are like opposite ends of a spectrum of how to express character, so it is honestly an interesting matchup. Hardest pick for me this round was DOOM Guy (/Slayer?) versus Bowser. Picked Bowser in the end, but it didn't feel good. Think Bowser just won out on more appearances, so more chances to express his character. I think DOOM Guy could be just as strong or stronger given the same level of exposure.

  • Alrighty everybody we have our Final 16! Instead of having it always being broken up into quadrants like I did last year, I've decided that, from this post forward, you should be able to see every matchup for every round. Before we get to those, let's see how the last round played out and lemme tell ya, your Nintendo fandom shows strong!

    • There were two virtual no contests in this round with Mario torching Spyro 8-1, and Donkey Kong beating Tifa 7-2.
    • Three matchups had the 6-4 decision: Bowser defeating DOOM Guy, Glados outperforming Banjo & Kazooie, and Kirby zipping past Zelda.
    • There were another two differences in two votes with Solid Snake over Pac-Man, and Pikachu over Fox, but the score was 5-3.
    • The lone nail-biter sees Toon Link emerge victorious over Nathan Drake 6-5.

    And now, here are the remaining matchups and from here you can tell how the different permutations can be. Have fun determining who will be the remaining eight and I'll confirm that in two days.

    Bayonetta or Master Chief?
    Wario or Sonic?
    Kratos or Mega Man?
    Luigi or Samus?
    Mario or Donkey Kong?
    Bowser or Glados?
    Solid Snake or Kirby?
    Toon Link or Pikachu?

  • Did these get posted somewhere else?? Because after I put in my vote, the results page was bombarded. The Bayonetta one is at like 80 votes now.

  • @capnbobamous Not to my knowledge, as I have no way to track if someone just copies it and move it elsewhere.

    I'm doing a complete refresh and creating the polls from scratch. Thank you a ton for the heads up. Super happy I decided to log back in for something else. Please give me a few minutes so I can try to fix this.

    EDIT: Ok, I replaced each poll with a new link, and added a captcha to it. Don't really know if that'll do anything. If you've placed a vote within the last hour, please do so again. If this happens again, because I have no idea how 1.) this happened and 2.) if something/one is intentionally doing this, I'll have to stop the thread prematurely.

    I'll check back in a little bit to see if things should've stabilized. If so, then we'll carry on. If not, I'll shut it down.

  • We now have only eight characters remaining, and to get to the remaining, most were from this past cycle were close calls. Also, moving forward, every poll is going to have a captcha to hopefully counteract the problems the polls experienced within the first hour. With that said let's see who is left:

    • The largest three matchups were pretty decisive: Bayonetta and Kirby got by Master Chief and Solid Snake respectively with a score of 7-3 and Glados beat Bowser 6-2.
    • Relatively speaking, the only "average" difference came with Pikachu shocking Toon Link 6-3.
    • One match had a two vote difference in a 5-3 win for Donkey Kong over Mario, but THREE decisions were only made by a single vote: Samus over Luigi (6-5), Wario defeats Sonic (5-4), and Mega Man blasting Kratos (4-3).

    As we determine the most unlikely of the Final Four characters, I gotta be honest: Wouldn't have predicted this to be the outcome in a hundred tries. But it's always been up to you! Who should continue on to the Semifinals? Quarterfinals below, and results Thursday.

    Bayonetta or Wario?
    Mega Man or Samus?
    Donkey Kong or Glados?
    Kirby or Pikachu?

  • I feel like I did my part for Mega Man, which is the most I could hope for up to this point! Now I have to worry whether my favorite or my other favorite will win!

  • We now have our Final Four, so going over these 1 on 1s one at a time, let's see who comprises the next two of our last three polls:

    By way of a 7-3 vote, Bayonetta moves on against Wario. Her opponent is going to be Samus, who overcame Mega Man 6-4. On the other side, Glados was able to overcome Donkey Kong in the closest difference of 6-5. She will now go against Kirby who had the breeziest victory over Pikachu 8-3.

    One of these four characters will be what you all consider to be the greatest video game character of all time. But who will it be? We gotta know the Finals to know that, and we can't get there until you make that last head to head. Vote below, come back in two days, and then vote one last time.

    Bayonetta or Samus?
    Glados or Kirby?

  • Generally speaking, it takes a lot to get me to vote for Samus. I mean, she's a great character usually. But Other M is a scar that will probably never heal. Gotta go with Bayo on this one.

  • What am I missing about Kirby?

  • @irongrey Cute pink ball sucks things up.

  • Bayo or Samus is hard. Bayo has more personality, but Samus is a pioneer badass female gaming icon. Kirby should be winning against Glados, but Kirby never gets any love around EZA. A robot gone psychotic isn't really anything new. It is a good archetype, and Glados is a good enough example of it, but it isn't as special as the people voting are making it out to be.
    @IronGrey :

  • @irongrey
    alt text

  • I had no idea that Kirby was so popular. I'm still cheering for the sadistic potato.

  • We've finally made it to the Grand Final. After many matches, votes, twists and turns, two characters face off in one last match.

    Samus beat Bayonetta 7-5 to lay claim in being the last human standing, yet Glados has eliminated tournament sweetheart Kirby 8-4 truly cementing her evil.

    It comes down to this: Of our two remaining combatants, which, in your opinion, is the Greatest Video Game Character of All Time?!

    This last poll will remain up for two days and we will crown our winner at that time. See you then!

    Samus or Glados?

  • This is like the equivalent to Batman vs Joker

  • @irongrey Sure, if one of them had a canon conversation about "the baby."

  • @Sazime what baby?

  • That's a very non-human baby.