Experience using a VPN?

  • Yo Allies, the Canadian prime minister just told us to stay home as much as we can. As such, my wife is in dire need of some Japanese TV. Does anybody here have experience and/or recommendations re: VPN use to get Japanese Netflix or the like? Many thanks in advance.

  • I use ExpressVPN, but I got some sort of a deal on it. I'm not sure they are better or worse than anybody else. Works fine?

  • My last VPN (PIN) didn't work with Netflix. Have they gotten better?

    General streaming tip but I a year or two ago I purchased a 8TB Western Digital HDD and I use it for torrented film / tv exclusively. I connect it to the app Plex TV and I can create my own personal Netflix that can stream to any device. I mainly use it on my smart TV, iPhone, and PS4 but I can essentially stream to any device so long as my hard drive is on. It organizes everything for you as well.

    It's pretty much changed my whole media setup for the better. With the paid version, you can download the files to your phone/tablet or stream the files offline if your hard drive isn't on so I've downloaded movies to my phone right before a flight (which you won't be taking right now for obvious reasons) and had entertainment for travel time.


    Here is a quick tutorial online, but you can figure this out in 2 seconds without the tutorial. Forgot to mention that with the paid version you can share your server with others which makes it easy to share video with friends.

    Youtube Video

  • I've been using NordVPN with mixed results. Speed is terrible to bearable, never good, IMO. In general a lot of streaming services are getting smart about blocking commonly used servers, so I have to click around for 10-15 min sometimes trying to find one that will work. It's not ideal, but it's the only way I can watch Hulu right now so I just deal with it.