So the most pressing question of the week is...

  • To those buying both Doom Eternal and Animal Crossing on friday, which are you playing first?

    I think this may be the most hilarious dichotomy of things I am simultaneously hyped about. I am so torn, I can't decide which to boot up first. Am I gonna tear through the legions of Hell or go fishing and give gifts to a bunch of adorable anthropomorphic neighbors. It's too hard to decide!!

  • I'm playing Doom first because DOOM

  • I'm not picking up Eternal day one since I'm cheap and frankly it'll be $30 in two months while AC will be $60 for years. If I was though I'd do AC first, because that's the kinda game you get an hour or so out of each day, but then DOOM because you can just go straight in and play like a madman.

  • @ozymandsss Animal Crossing is the kind of game you play alongside other games, and the beginning is especially slow, so you play both at the same time.

  • I'll be playing DOOM.

    Even though the only Animal Crossing I played before is City Folk on the Wii. This new Animal Crossing just looks like more of the same to me. I'm not saying that's a bad thing. Since that's what AC fans want. I just don't feel any motivation to play this type of game right now. But, maybe I will try New Horizons at some point.

  • @shoulderguy said:

    This new Animal Crossing just looks like more of the same to me.

    In a broad sense, that's totally fair. Depending what you want from the game, however New Horizons might be a massive improvement.

    From a Town Customization aspect, they've made leaps and bounds improvements both in quality of life stuff and in allowing the player deeper customization without having to do weird unofficial Save Editing and stuff to break the game into their dream vision. They've also eliminated many of the stressful aspects of past games. Even though Stores still close up late, reviewers claim the Town no longer completely shuts down late at Night, which offers a fix to people on flipped schedules. Nook's shops offers a Deposit Box now for selling stuff in the middle of the Night. Multiplayer has been greatly improved, offering multiple Modes of interaction, and with the Group Cap raised from four to eight. You no longer have to exchange Friend Codes with strangers to visit foreign Towns to do simple Item Trading, Shopping, or Turnip Selling. Likewise there's safeguards now against strangers Griefing your Town, but setting people as your Best Friends allow them the traditional complete freedom while visiting your Town.

    There's also brand new systems like DIY Crafting and Nook Miles, (basically Quests) offered as a completely optional alternatives to the old grind of just making tons of Bells to pay off your Loans and buy everything. These give you more to do in a particular day and lead the player more actively with Objective paths than past games did. Reviewers also mentioned New Horizons has a more concrete Story behind the progression, although I wouldn't expect anything grand on that front, and it sounds like there's plenty of game to dig into still after that wraps up.

    There's still so much we don't know about New Horizons due to both the nature of Animal Crossing's progression and the possibility of things being added in Free Updates, which they've already confirmed to be a thing as way of keeping Time Travelers from spoiling all the Holidays early. Many classic beloved Characters and some of their associated Hangouts still appear to be MIA. Swimming and Diving have not been mentioned anywhere, although everyone with an early copy is still under some Embargo for late game content. There's features not mentioned anywhere appearing in rogue screencaps online like a rework of the Island Minigames from New Leaf, but that take place in your Town now. It is hard at this point to judge the extent of the content from past games trimmed from this new entry, but it is probably safe to say the Animal Villager Dialogue still won't be as good as in the original game and there still likely won't be an equivalent to the virtual NES games you could play in the original simply because times have changed since then. Hell, they won't even show Resetti anymore.

    Also, Animal Crossing just looks way better now and offers multiple Camera Angles plus some Photo Modes, both new and cribbed from the side game Happy Home Designer. Honestly, I could say alot more, but I've already written probably too much.

  • I was going to buy Doom until I wised up a bit, like I'd probably just pick it up a week after Animal Crossing considering I'm still playing.. or torturing my way through Nioh 2. I even got the Doctor Who VR game on the same day so that's basically on the backlog pile for now :)

  • I'm also deep in Nioh 2 but with RE3 demo, Animal Crossing and Doom all out tonight/tomorrow, my cup overfloweth. I sortof have gaming ADD, I usually have a hard time holding off on a new purchase that I'm hyped for, even if I'm still playing the last game I was hyped for.