What's wrong with me?

  • So within the last year or two, I have been buying games. Lots of games(especially when there are sales going on). But i'll buy these games, play them for a short time, and then barely play them much after that. I seem to be looking for a game that will rekindle my old passion for what used to be my love for videogames. But I don't seem to enjoy them as much as I used too. Am I just getting old(I’m 28 years old)? or have I just burnt myself out on videogames? or maybe I buy so many games that I have too many to choose from and that causes me to not give enough attention to any one game to fully enjoy it(lol, an emberessment of riches I know)? My typical most played games have been multiplayer centric or exclusively multiplayer(halo 2, rainbow six 3, halo 3, overwatch, and other newer shooters ect.) but I also really want to get deeper into single player games so I can enjoy them as they can potentially be great, and don’t know how to go about the commitment to stay with just one game I guess, cause a lot of time’s I will get maybe 1/5 the way through the game, and will stop for alittle bit, then come back to it and forget almost the whole story or the main parts of it anyway. That’s been part of my challenge. I don't know guys. I really want to enjoy videogames like I used to. But I can't figure out what my problem is. Any advice? I play on all current gen consoles and pc. Also, I seem to enjoy Magic the Gathering: Arena(the online card game) WAY more than I have enjoyed many of the AAA or the supposed highest rated games out there. I have also spent $500+ dollars on Arena(over the span of a year+) and feel like I have gotten more enjoyment out of that one game than any of the other games I have purchased probably combined. I want to enjoy games like I used to. I am willing to try anything or any genre of game to see if they will peak my interest. Cause more variety outside of this card game would be a plus. Please help if possible lol.

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    A piece of advice.
    Stop buying games.

    I have made a decision to not purchase games in their release year and it makes a big difference. I'm focusing more on games I already own.
    That doesn't mean I'm not salivating at the thought of playing DMCV or Ace Combat 7, just that I can put some time into the 100 other games in my backlog.

  • @el-shmiablo Yeah, I was heading towards not buying anymore here real soon, if not from here on. But I may be willing to buy the odd 1 or 2 games that people mention on here later just to give them a chance to test the waters. But yea, I will need to just steer my eyes away from any sale that is happening at all times basically lol.

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    @th0r44 Totally dude. In the end you should do you, but that is what I've decided to do and I find it has at least somewhat rekindled my love of vidya.
    There are exceptions to the rule as well. I'll receive the shit out of a new game as a gift, and if it's something that all my buddies are playing that I just can't wait for I'll splash the cash.

  • Maybe try finishing some shorter games first. Before and after I take on a 20+ hour game, I like to mix in some shorter games. I find that just finishing a new game feels rewarding. Which usually gives me enough confidence and motivation to move on to the next game. I think of a short game like a movie. Whether or not a movie is good, at least you only lost around 2 hours. Anyway, that's just my 2 cents. L&R.

    Some good short games from 2019: Arise A Simple Story, Telling Lies, Sticks and Bones, Sayonara Wild Hearts, Pilgrims, Ape Out.

    All-time greats: Inside, Limbo, What Remains of Edith Finch, Braid, Hotline Miami, Gone Home, Her Story, The Stanley Parable, Abzu, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

  • Having too many games to choose from definitely isn't helping. You've bought them now so too late, but try as much as possible to stick to one at a time and finish it before you move to another (unless you really don't like it). And don't buy a new game unless you want to play it right now.

    I agree that shorter games are a lot more manageable, in your situation I wouldn't advise getting started on Witcher 3 or Persona 5. There's lots of great single-player games that last 10-15 hours, focus on those.

    But more importantly, it sounds like your tastes may have simply changed. It's not that you've grown out of videogames as a whole, but you seem to be enjoying multiplayer games a lot more than "AAA single-player games". Isn't it a case of you wanting to like them because of the hype, but not actually enjoying them?

    Be honest with yourself when you buy a game, do you really want to play it, or would rather play another 10 hours of Magic the Gathering? There's nothing wrong with that, maybe your tastes will swing back in the other direction in a few months or years, but there's no point forcing yourself to diversify.

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    Yes, as others have said here, Hold off from buying games for a bit.
    But also, play what you want to play.

    I used to be in the same boat as you. Having a backlog the size of my... my.. drawer. But yeah as I've grown older I've also come to realise that I can't have too many story games on at the same times or I will loose on plot and mix them up a bit. What I did a couple years ago was to write all of the games down that I wanted to get through, list reasons of why I wanted to play each one ASAP (to avoid spoilers, length or because it would suit me). That said, you will also realise that not every game are for you. I still got a couple games which I gave a chance but ultimately decided to drop. It should be fun to play games!

    Also there are no shame in not finishing a game or just spend some time playing multiplayer. I mean there are countless times I've just said "screw it!" and gone back to a few rounds of Titanfall 2 multiplayer. If its fun why not.

    But yeah, Rank them to how badly you want to play them. Sit down and stick to 2-3 games max, if you really don't feel it, drop it, but also consider "is there a chance this slow build up will pay off?".

    I don't think that you have burnt yourself out on games. But things goes in waves, there has been weeks when I don't really play anything, then there are weeks when I play more than I perhaps should.

  • As someone who suffers from an incredibly short attention-span when it comes to games, I get how you feel. The way I've solved this over the years for me is that I play like five games at a time. It helps to stop myself from feeling fatigued about any one game. Instead of going hard on a game for a bit and then burning out, play one game one day, and then another the next, and just repeat the cycle. They don't even have to be new games, just load up on some old ones you never beat. Not saying this will work for you, but I dont know, give it a shot.