Monster Hunter Generations Friend Codes and Jolly Times

  • Lol, so does anyone actually want to hunt sometime?

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    It's a good game.

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    A very good game.

  • A friend finally convinced me to play Monster Hunter with Generations, but I'm not nearly confident enough to play online, still learning and testing weapons (I'm really digging the Insect Glaive).

    Just wanted to say it is great, maybe someday I'll be comfortable enough to play multiplayer.

  • My friend code is in my signature - feel free to add me. I put in over 1000 hours in 3U on WiiU but had a hard time getting into 4U because the online wasn't as strong. Hopefully I can find someone to hunt in MHGen regularly here? I'm usually home on weekdays around 5pm (depending on traffic) but I'm off weekends to hunt anytime. Cheers

  • Has anyone fought high rank Nakarkos yet?

  • This game is further proof that fidelity doesn't matter to the degree people think it does.

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  • Anyone want to hunt together? All HRs work.


    Edit: Maybe later.

  • I use two 3DSes (One is modded for streaming) and I usually stream Monster Hunter titles on it while the other one is for games I play on my own like Pokemon, so if you'd like to add me feel free!


    Just make sure to quote me in a message so I know to add you back! I'll post my casual friendcode for my other system the next time I'm actually using it. :D

    I picked the game up at launch but sat at 3* village for awhile cause other games came up, and then the WoW pre-patch hit so I've slacked off some, but I managed to go through most of 6* village after a couple catch up streams, still HR1 otherwise.

    Switch Axe Main and Bowguns for multiplayer.

  • Hello Allies! I got into MH with MH4U and had a blast until I hit a G-rank :P. Anyway, I'm always down to play multiplayer especially with other allies. Currently I'm only on HR5 (6* village) but I like doing a lot of quests and taking my time with it. Here is my friend code if anybody wants to add me:


    I mostly play SnS (currently Para SnS) but I like to dabble with other blademaster weapons as well. I'll add the other people in this thread and hopefully hunt some monsters!

  • hey, so this game got insanely boring as soon as i got to multiplayer since i have nobody to hunt with and i figured this would help, my code is 4785 9101 5131, i dont have a main weapon, i switch between LS, GS, DB and SnS, kind of tired of helping randoms online and getting no help in return as well so someone that wouldnt mind actually helping out with some hunts would be great

  • @23Skiddoo So, I've added you both (@JollyRoger, I'm assuming your name is "Roger" ;)).

    @ me if you want to hunt sometime!

  • Hoi well is a well add me 2767-1301-7005 my hr isin't high but i would like to play whit someone that can help me :3

  • This thread seem to have been shouted out in Ben's stream today.

  • Now if only we'd use it...

  • Hello all. I am hoping to find other hunters to play Mh Gen with. I am currently about 95 hours into it, and if anyone would like to add me as a friend on 3ds my Fc is 1805-2647-2364.

  • Hey, I'm looking for Allies to do event quests with. High rank is sort of necessary, I think, but hit me up regardless and we'll work something out.

    Hub ID Search: 45-5568-0403-7085
    Pass: 0000

    Edit: I got bored :/

  • @Haru17 I also need to do some High Rank event quests, so this works out nicely.

  • @Haru17 Aw, I was just playing earlier with my brother... Too bad I didn't see this. I quit because I got tired of hunting Kirin.