Some Drivel Podcast - Questions Needed for Justine Huxley (voice of Wattson in Apex Legends)

  • Hey folks,

    Hope it's OK to post this here! I'm launching a podcast called "Some Drivel" - Exploring Tangents With Awesome Humans.

    0_1585752595213_some drivel logo large.jpg

    Every episode will feature an interview with interesting folk from the arts, entertainment, and other fields, and we are planning a segment called "The Drivel Bucket", where we pose the most unusual, creative questions from the internet to our guest each week.

    Be nice (obviously), but the more random and obscure the better!

    Our first guest is Justine Huxley - the voice of Wattson from Apex Legends.

    I'd love to get feedback from fellow allies. Thank you for your support!

    All the best,