EZA Community Showcase help. Calling on ALL community members. Kyle? No peeking.

  • Hello to the community of Easyallies!

    I would like to give Kyle a sendoff on community showcase that he won't see coming.

    Therefore, if for some reason Kyle checks these forums..... OUT. LEAVE. NOTHING IS HAPPENING HERE.

    Rough draft is online. So you can see the general quality of the rick roll. I will start adding VO and YOUR uploads to this starting after a nap! :)
    Youtube Video

    Okay. With that done.

    I would like it, if we could get some of the community to assist, in Rick Rolling Kyle during the community showcase.

    This would be done by community members posting 3-4 second clips of themselves with a little hand-made sign that says some message to Kyle that's quickly readable and simple, and falls within the guidelines one can expect from "love and respect"
    Upload that to youtube, post the link in here, and it'll be sewn into a video.
    You can also obscure yourself in the video, obviously. And I can take stills from here if you have a quick, readable in like 2-seconds message for Kyle.

    Obviously, this idea works best if many folks respond. The community gets to decide if we give Kyle a little heartwarming "good luck", in the way that Kyle Bosman deserves most - being rickrolled by his own community.

    Hope you all like this idea and contribute.
    L&R <3

  • Great idea!
    Here is mine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXg7i0ojHXo
    You should probably spread this to other EZA fan platforms like Facebook or Discord. These forums are pretty slow and you might not get too many submissions.

  • Here's mine, hope it's good enough.

  • Global Moderator

    Oh this is cool! I will Make one later and upload and edit this post with the video!

  • Hi folks!!!
    This is the rough draft of the video! I know the gameplay for the first minute is a little sleepy but.... that's part of the ploy!!! I do say, I think it's a pretty slick rickroll..... :)

    Youtube Video

  • Not bad, but they might frown on the use of copyrighted music (something I've run into with my own video). You may just want to use the opening bar and subtitute the rest with an 8-bit cover or something.

  • Could also maybe just use Dropbox or Google Drive share link instead of YouTube.

  • Deadline was probably yesterday. Hope this got in! :)
    Happy showcase day everybody!

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    Neat idea. Fortunately I don't think Kyle comes round these parts too often, (though he has made appearances in the past) he tends to mostly haunt the Patreon and comments sections of videos in hunt of those juicy corrections