Gaming Accomplishments

  • Come here to flex your badass accomplishments in videogames - recent or otherwise. Online winstreaks, a new rank, speedruns or just something you felt stuck on forever. Videos and images (or links there to) more than welcome.

    Entirely inspired by my recent accomplishment (to follow).

  • Did anybody ever try the GTA V Bigfoot thing after the Game Sleuth episode? Because I did. First I had to get to 100% and that took a long time. Then I had to put headphones on and listen to the direction of a growl for an hour and a half. Then I finally got to the beast. Popped the invincibility cheat, walked up and went to town...and very shortly thereafter died. So I did some research, watched some videos, tried again, died again. For how popular GTA V is, I'm surprised how little there is online about this thing. The last time I had tried was in 2018, I believe.

    Anyways, I stumbled across a video by Blueroze - not any type of endorsement, first I had heard of them. I watched and replicated and yesterday... I did it! So if anybody else tried and failed, here goes:

    1. Invincibility cheat does NOT work
    2. Other cheats work and don't halt your progress in the chase. I didn't try them all but fast run, give weapons and super jump all worked and were vital.
    3. The beast DOES take damage from bullets and explosives. He just has a ton of health.
    4. After you damage him enough, he calls dogs. He is invincible until you kill them all.
    5. After you kill the dogs, you can continue shooting him until he dies.
    6. All of this can be done from atop the plane body in the middle of the yard.

  • I did more than 1000x combo on Arkham Knight's challange maps if that counts.

  • I 1cc'd Batsugun (First loop) on the Sega Saturn about 5 years ago. Haven't even came close since.

  • The biggest thing that came to mind (that I'm proud of) is having all the platinum trophies for the Uncharted games (excluding Fight for Fortune). I also used to be really good at U4 multiplayer, nowadays it's way more competitive.

    Also, this is more of a personal thing since I get spooked so easily by horror games to the point of barely able to move: beating Silent Hill Shattered Memories felt pretty great, the first (and probably last) horror game I beat. I know it's not the scariest game in the world, but damn my 12 year old self is very proud of it.

    Recently I won my first battle royale match in Ace Combat 7 using probably the weakest plane stat wise, felt pretty great.

  • @paulmci27 that's insane. I have no clue how people 1cc shooters. I think I beat the first level of Battle Garegga without dying once and that was a miracle.

  • @bam541 that damn mansion part in Uncharted 4 was where I gave up on Crushing. That's pretty impressive you got through that and everything after. That and Golden Abyss are the only ones I don't have (and also that card game you mentioned).

  • This is a weird thing to be "proud" of but the summer of 2005, 2006, and quite honestly 2007 too was dominated by sleepovers at one of my best friends houses where we'd skateboard all day, then play TES IV Oblivion alllll night. The age range was 10-13 years old and I have to say it was probably the time of my life. Usually it was 3-4 of us who would hang out at my friends house and play Oblivion.

    We made a Khajiit assassin / thief called "Amico" (which means friend in Italian and was the name of my old cat) and we played this profile for YEARS. I would do all of the stealh, my one friend would do all the serious combat, and my other friend would just guide us and make decisions. We made Amico so powerful and quite literally did everything.

    I guess it better to be grateful than proud so I'm grateful for that time and memory and I'm somewhat impressed by the amount of work we put into that character. It never really got old or unfun either, we just got older...

  • @e_zed_eh_intern That's an accomplishment in itself Battle Garegga is on of the hardest shooters I've ever played.

  • I've beaten the original Gradius without dying.
    But it's by far the easiest Gradius game. I think just beating Gradius III was a bigger accomplishment.

  • @neocweeny the number after "Gradius" is almost irrelevant. Beating any of those is a massive accomplishment in my books.

  • Well, I've beaten all numbered Gradius games and Gradius Gaiden ^^

    3 > 2 > 4 > Gaiden > 5 > 1 is how I would rank them in terms of difficulty. Or atleast that gave me the most troubles.

    2 > 5 > Gaiden > 1 > 3 > 4 is how I would rank them in terms of enjoyment.

  • This is a silly one but I've beaten GTA SA at least 5 times, and I'm currently replaying it in PS4. I legit thought one of the Zero missions where you control an RC plane was impossible without using cheats because I always ran out of fuel, and not long ago I reached that mission and was determined to beat it fairly, it turns out it was pretty easy, and I guess my younger self didn't realize I could let go of the gas and just let the plane glide, so I was able to relatively easy beat a mission that for years I thought to be impossible.

    And I always bring up beating the OG Ninja Gaiden, I never had an NES, so I only played games of that time with a PS2 hacked collection that had hundreds of games, with NG easily being the hardest one I managed to beat without using save states, and it was a pain, although Mario Secret Levels wasn't far behind.

  • @neocweeny yeah that's nuts. You must have been an 80's kid. That generation is so good at 8 and 16-bit games.

  • @bard91 San Andreas, one of the greats. I got 100% on that about 10 years ago but sadly that was on my old PS3 that is no longer with us, may it rest in peace. That hydra on the roof was one of my biggest achievements.

  • Banned

    @bard91 I remember going to a friend's house in elementary andbasically speedrunning the first few levels before I handed him and his little brother the controller.
    They were stunned and didn't know what to do since they had never gotten that far. Game over'd in under a minute.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern Nope, I'm from te 90s.