Don't be so modest...

  • Will only take a minute of your time. All of the guys are class acts, but I think they need to not be so modest all of the time and really promote everything that they have to offer. Specifically the 'Easy Allies Plays' Youtube Channel. I honestly didn't even know they had a second channel until I tracked down the Bosman stand up video. I may be wrong, but it seems like if you don't pay attention it might be easy to overlook. When you type in Easy Allies into Youtube the main channel shows up, but you have to scroll down through the list of videos before the link to Easy Allies Plays is shown. I hate to reference Kinda Funny, but when you type in Kinda Funny both of their channels show up in the #1 and #2 spots in the list. Maybe there is something they can do to have that happen for their channels. Bottom Line: Easy Allies Plays is an awesome channel as well and I'd hate for fans to miss out on what it offers due to some silly youtube search glitch.

  • admin

    @YardenAngel YouTube search is one of those things that we don't have direct control over, but for what we can control, we try to point it out. It's featured on the Easy Allies channel page, we tweet to videos on the channel several times a week, it's featured on the front page of the site, I have the URL in the mortis when I stream, etc.

    That said, they are simply the archives from our nightly Twitch streams, so it only makes sense that there's less demand for them in general as many of the people who want to watch show up when we're live.

  • Youtube search results are a combination of a lot of factors: user search history, watched history, user subscriber preference, related content, newer videos, most viewed, regional preferences, and many more that we don't know about.

    It's safe to say that it's going to be different for anyone when they are looking at first search results with no filter applied.