Kyle Bosman Montage (My April 2020 Showcase entry)

  • YouTube with censored lyrics:

    Youtube Video

    Vimeo with uncensored lyrics:

    For accurate playback, set to 720p -

    The music is - Boys (Euro Mix), from Dance Dance Revolution 4th Mix. YouTube blocks the lyrics because they're from the original version of the song, but the instrumental sections are DDR exclusive.

    The song is actually what inspired me to make the video. It has this super-intense buildup, and is all about boys (the Allies) and their girls (in cameo appearances).

    It took 19 long days to put together, largely due to my slow computer/slow internet. The hardest part was shaving off the clips to sync to the music (which got messed up in the Showcase anyway...), and the biggest help was to download the videos, which worked much smoother than the other YouTube download sites I tried.

    Special thanks are in the descriptions, and links to some ultimately unused clips are in the comment sections. :-)

  • I understand that YouTube is more comfortable to use, but I would really like to encourage viewing of the unaltered version on Vimeo. Not only did the song inspire the video, but the entire editing process (clip position, clip length) was guided by it. I feel that a large chunk of the video's impact is lost in the YouTube version.