My first blog here - I'd like to talk about the clash of kings and its classic server

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    Everyone knows that Clash of Kings is an expensive game where gamers usually have to pay a lot of money on items and equipment to beat others. I dont know if they truly want to change this impression or not, but they now launch a classic server without those topsy turvy settings, so will u try it this time? or just keep going with other newly-released games?
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    Btw, this is what I found about their classic server introduction.

    In order to bring pure military strategy experience and our genuine thanks for SLG gamers, we now scheduled to launch the classic server of Clash of Kings on Apr. 15th. Gamers would experience the most classic server as 2016 and recall their combat memories of that time. We’ve adjusted a little bit of the system according to all gamers’ feedback, now let’s see what we have about this classic server.

    Maximize balance and fairness
    In order to experience the time of being a king originally with balanced attributes, we’ve made special optimizations on the attribute growth and whole progress, which will greatly improve the sense of participation and achievement for general gamers.

    Restore the classic version to the greatest extent
    In order to make everyone feel the authentic classic server and its tactics, this time we simplified as only 10 soldier levels and remove the troop advancement, and make the troop restraint more clear by adjusting part of the skill attributes.
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    In addition to the troop restraint and combat, the classic server also charms in its urban construction and cultivation. The classic server of Clash of Kings also is known as the P5 server, as the highest level of the castle is P5, so some of the buildings unlocked until P6 may not exist in the classic server, such as the Discipline Hall, Prayer Hall, Firearm Camp, etc. We have also made adjustments on the science research function since it’s an essential part of the cultivation, as only five basic scientific research systems have been opened, including resources, urban development, equipment, urban defense and military. The simpler growth line also makes the lords who return to COK easier to use in scientific research, helping lords quickly become the experts of scientific research!

    Meanwhile, as the core of the classic server, we’ve also adjusted the equipment system by removing some of the set equipment such as the Archangel, thus to make it much easier for gamers to choose and forge their own equipment according to their troops without limitation.

    In addition to these core systems and gameplay, the classic server also retains two auxiliary systems and lower its level of difficulty.