Best Kyle Moments and Tributes. :-)

  • Thank you for all these awesome details and compilations!

    I had been following all of Kyle's solo streams until a bit after Dumb game monday ended, mainly because I got behind and started losing track of what were his solo streams (Now with the picture someone sent him in one of the last streams I can look for the games in order yay! You don't have that picture with all the games he's played in order by any chance?... lol)

    But there is one dumb game that got lost to time and I never could catch... I was wondering if anyone at all knows where I could watch the original dumb game playthrough of Bakugan. I think it's scrubbed from the internet but I keep some hope.

    Also... has anyone made a playlist with all the Resident Evil full playthroughs? Those are such a treat.

  • Taking advantage of Uncharted 4's fantastic dance animations and Kyle's scanned face...

    @KenshoD It's not exactly what you're looking for but I just made a playlist of full playthroughs that primarily feature Huber and Kyle. I also included Damiani's RE3 attempt at Easy Livin 2018, it's a blast to watch and also features them.

  • @bam541 Well I had not seen their outlast 2 playthrough, so thanks a lot!!!

  • GameTrailers Xbox App commercial

    Youtube Video

  • Wow that ad feels like it came out 2 seconds ago...

  • The Complete Or Wars

    Youtube Video

  • This is a late upload.

    Back during the month before Kyle's departure, I scrubbed through as much old content as I could find to make a tribute thank you video for his final Community Showcase. Unfortunately, after the final file was done exporting, it was around an hour past the deadline. The video didn't make it into the community showcase, but it did end up making it to Kyle's eyes thanks to Brandon, which is all I could have asked for.

    This is the video if anyone is interested. Before Kyle went off to do other things on the old dusty trail, into the sunset of other careers, I felt I owed it to him to write a personal letter to explain how large an impact he had made on me over the years. Unfortunately, some of that letter had to be edited out to make for the three minute showcase entry, but I hope it's enjoyed by everyone all the same.

    Youtube Video

  • @HappyGaming That is honestly better than the montage I did. The vibes are happier, it's incredibly meaningful, all managed within the 3 minute limit.

    <3 <3 <3

    If you haven't already, you should share it on the Easy Allies Discord, and maybe the Unofficial Alliance reddit too.

  • @oscillator I'd love to share it more! It may just take a bit of time. I'm just getting used to the forum, and haven't really used Discord or Reddit. Not ruling sharing more out by any means, but need to learn one community system at a time.

    I'm so happy you found it impactful! I put a lot of heart, sweat and (literal) tears into making it!