Assassin's Creed Valhalla (PS/XB/PC)

  • Hey can anyone tell me if this game goes deep into the Isu stuff like Odyssey did? That storyline is just way too convoluted and is a bit of a turn off.

  • Yo this is cool as hell!

    Easter egg spoilers...

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    "All we want to do is bring a little joy to this jilted generation [...] this is surely an omen [...] Smack my bishop!"

  • I'm about 30 hours in with my power level at 106 or something and, pardon my French, but this is a fucking great game! I simply love this new formula of these three past Creeds. I've completed Grantebridgescire, Ledecestrescire, a certain "special place", and yesterday East Anglia's story arc, which was practically on Witcher 3 level, by the way. Really enjoyable. Now I'm heading to clean up East Anglia's area of everything, that's been my routine after completing the plot in a new area. I enjoy this loop immensely, there games are perfect for me. <3

    I'm playing on PS5 and dear Lord this looks beautiful. Really pretty environments everywhere. And the smoothness on 60 fps is just so good. And the loading times are practically gone, I love this.

  • 100% in 112 hours. If I compare it to Odyssey (my favorite Assassin's Creed game) I'd say that exploration and side activities are better in Valhalla, but main quest and lead character were much better in Odyssey. I also liked combat in Odyssey more, because abilities in Valhalla feels almost useless and not as fun to use. And Ancient Greece is more rich setting than 9th century England. But England and Norway are beautiful and I've gladly spent around 60 hours on just running around the map.

    Overall, it's a great game, but Odyssey is still my favorite.

  • Just an FYI to anybody playing on PS5. The latest patch tanks performance for no discernible reason. You may want to consider not downloading if you can.

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  • @dmcmaster Hey man, that's what they said in a tweet.

  • 45 hours in and I've barely made a dent. Have to say I'm really enjoying the arc structure. It's held my attention more than Origins & Odyssey. I'm going to have to shelve it though until I've finished Cyberpunk.

  • 113 hrs, finished the game. I 100 %'ed all the places, too, got the trophy for that. What a journey, and especially this past week that I've been playing ridiculous amounts of hours of this. Hard to say anything sensible right now, I need some distance. But I liked it a lot! That's for sure. Gonna try and get that platinum trophy later on as well. And the Season Pass for next year is a no-brainer. Ireland and France, yes please.

  • @sentinel-beach Being Irish myself & loving Irish mythology I'm unreasonably excited for the dlc.