Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise (Switch)

  • I only made this thread because apparently you can ride goddamn skateboards in this game??? Found out from the latest EZA podcast. I haven't watched the latest trailer yet... and I don't think I will, because I'm actually interested in the game now and I want to go in blind.

    Here's the latest trailer that's apparently super crazy.
    Youtube Video

    Release date is July 10, 2020.

  • I agree with what they said in the podcast about what they want about this game, meaning is frigging impossible to tell, like if the game is too good is that bad? Can it be deliberately bad if they are going for that, or can they overshoot and just make it too bad? I have no idea how this game should be approached in its development.

    The first game is such a lightining in a bottle sort of thing that I have to wonder if it is possible for that be pulled out again, but I mean I'm hoping that's the case, didn't even know there was gameplay shown already.

  • @bard91 The first game seems like a "more than the sum of it parts" kind of thing, so much so that it would be too hard to pinpoint how exactly each part elevates other parts. So, I think this game will try to somehow subvert peoples expectation early on, creating a new, but similar feel and vibe compared to the first game... Does that make sense? lol.

  • Apperently this is the EU cover art for the game, and aside from using "2" to replace the letter L, I think it's pretty damn great.

  • @bam541 100% agree. That is a sick cover with a dumb 2.

  • Gonna just go through Ian and Don's playthrough because I have no desire to find an old copy of the original and play a messy jank game right now. That said, I'm very interested in the sequel. I loved The Missing of JJ Macfield and that's the only Swery game I've played.

  • A new trailer just popped up.
    Youtube Video

  • Just noticed IGN uploaded a gameplay video of this a few days ago. It's looks super rough, and that feels right.

    Youtube Video

  • Early review scores are out, and it's as I expected. The performance issues might be a bit too much though.

  • @bam541 The framerate is alarming, but that absurdly loud skateboarding noise bothers me way more. I hope this game wasn't made to be crappy as a joke on purpose.

  • I'm picking mine up in the morning. I'm actually really excited, a feeling about a new game that I actually thought was kind of gone in me.

  • So far from Ian & Don AND BEN's playthrough of the game, the framerate bothers me much less than I expected it to, mostly because everything going on around it is so interesting. Not going to go as far as saying it is good the framerate is bad for atmosphere though, especially since at one point it sounded like Ian was dealing with less responsive controls than ideal. Still going to count it as a detractor, but certainly not a dealbreaker like it would be with most games. Also proud of Swery for acknowledging the complaints instead of pretending it isn't a thing, including acknowledging the reported intent of never fixing the problem, so people don't get their hopes up.

  • While I understand people complaining about the framerate, it is personally something I care very little about in DP, bad performance is kinda what I'm singing up for a Swery game so I'm kinda surprised to see people complain about it to this extent, it's not like the first one perfomed well...

  • So the new story is that they're in talks about fixing the frame rate but it won't be ready in time for launch. Swery retweeting everything has gone from funny to just confusing.

    Edit: Added link to the Swery celebration stream where he addressed the framerate during the Q&A, so you can hear the most direct response possible on the issue. Also, the stream itself was entertaining and you'll learn stuff about the game and his inspirations for things in the game with minimal spoilers. He even pulled up Google Maps and showed you his Louisiana tour route and talked about some stops he made.