Easy Allies Podcast -SEASON 5: Part 2- Score Tracker (Updates every Sunday)

  • This Thread focuses 100% on the Scores and weekly bets from the Easy Allies Podcast, with details and a Score Board


    EPISODE #213 - May 8th 2020: Quote of the Week: That's the nudy version of Sims from a billion years ago -Ian Hinck

    BET: The "Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Cinematic World Premiere Trailer" currently has 3.1Mio views on Ubisoft's North American Youtube channel. How many will it have at this time next week?
    Actual Answer: 6.971.285
    Winner: SCORPIONS // Winning Bet: Brandon Jones, 7.500.000

    EPISODE #214 - May 15th 2020: Quote of the Week: 2 Game Trailers and an Engine Trailer? wooh! Hot and bothered! -Brandon Jones

    BET: "Apex Legends: Season 5" launches Tuesday, May 12th. This time next week, how many people will be watching Apex Legends on Twitch?
    Actual Answer: 37,000
    Winner: SCORPIONS // Winning Bet: Daniel Bloodworth, 22,000

    EPISODE #215 - May 22nd 2020: Quote of the Week: That's a Werewolf-Sex book for sure! -Ian Hinck

    BET: How long are the end credits of "The Wonderful 101 Remastered"?
    Actual Answer: 9min 58sec
    Winner: SCORPIONS // Winning Bet: Danial Bloodworth, 8min 43sec

    EPISODE #216 - May 29th 2020: Quote of the Week: ---

    BET: "Minecraft: Dungeons" launches on Tuesday, May 26th. On the 10 most recent reviews on OpenCritic.com, how many will we see the word "Block" or "Blocks"?
    Actual Answer: 4
    Winner: SCORPIONS // Winning Bet: Bradley Ellis, 10

    EPISODE #217 - June 5th 2020: Quote of the Week: ---

    BET: "Valorant" will release on Tuesday, June 2nd. At this time next week, what will be the difference between the Twitch viewership of it and Counter Strike Global Offensive?
    Actual Answer: ---
    Winner: --- // Winning Bet: ---

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  • First design idea for the Jovial Penguins logo:

    the first time I tried to draw with letters
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  • and here the first design for the Astonished Scorpions

    Version 1:
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    Version 2:
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    Version 3:
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    Version 4
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