The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2011!

  • I like Bastion. It's ordinary in a lot of ways, but the presentation was really strong and the storytelling surprisingly absorbing.

    Haven't played Trails in the Sky or 3D Land. Interested in both, though the first I wouldn't consider a 2011 game personally.

  • Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

    #12. Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective - 14 points


    #1: 2 (Hanabi, Tearju Engi)
    #2: 0
    #3: 1 (Bigdude1)
    #4: 0
    HM: 1 (Atbir Aimad)


    Release date: January 11 [US], January 14 [EU]
    Developer: Capcom
    Publisher: Capcom
    Genre: Adventure, Puzzle
    Platform(s): Nintendo 3DS


    GT Review
    Don't Skip

  • Yeah okay I'll take 12th place.
    Best game on the DS, more people need to play this gem.

  • I see the boxart and title and instantly think, "I've never HEARD of this," and then three seconds later after focusing on the apparition I remember, "WAIT! EZA did a Don't Skip on this!" Went back into the YouTube playlist, and yep; published at the end of last year.

    I enjoyed re-listening to Ben talk about why it's worthy of the title of the show, and I was engaged listening to him explain the premise. At the end, it feels a little too quirky for my tastes, but I'm happy to see an entry for our list have its own dedicated EZA video. That rules. If anyone wants to go back and watch, here ya go. It's only five and a half minutes.

  • Man, I bought this game a couple years ago but never got around to playing it. I know I'll love it.

  • You can also find the link to the Don't Skip in my post, as well as the GameTrailers review from back in the day. I do that for all the games by the way, don't know if you all noticed ;)

    Ben's Don't Skip was the first time I heard of the game, and hearing it was from the creator of Phoenix Wright was all I needed to know to catch my attention. Now seeing it place so high on this list for a rather obscure game, means I absolutely need to play this one day. Gonna be hard to track a copy though!

  • @axel I completely forgot you did that for all the games, I'll have to check those out.

    Also, Here is the GameTrailers 2011 GOTY if anyone's interested:

    Youtube Video

  • I'd absolutely love to play Ghost Trick, if only it weren't part of a never list of games of which I can say the same.

  • Yakuza 4

    #11. Yakuza 4 - 15 points


    #1: 1 (TokyoSlim)
    #2: 1 (Hanabi)
    #3: 1 (Sazime)
    #4: 1 (Tearju Engi)
    HM: 1 (Nimbus)


    Release date: March 15 [US], March 18 [EU]
    Developer: Sega
    Publisher: Sega
    Genre: Action-adventure
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3


    GT Review

  • I'm number one!

    Yakuza 4 was my first Yakuza. I got it free on PS+ on the PS3, and then went back and played 1, 2, and 3. Then I played 0. Then I played Kiwami 1, then 6, Kiwami 2, and then I finally played Yakuza 5 this year when the HD collection came out. Can't wait for 7

    There really hasn't ever been another game that's grabbed me like that and made be go back and play ALL the other installations. (Aside from Ishin and stuff, I mean the mainline games)

    I think actually that I was never interested in watching game streams until Ben streamed Yakuza 1 back at GT, and I started watching and playing along with him. So Yakuza got me into watching streams too.

  • What I said about Persona and these applies to Yakuza as well, especially there are so many different Yakuza games I predict each entry will be represented in every thread we do. Outside of that, I have nothing else to really contribute because my Persona and Trails comments also apply here as well.

  • I will play this game someday. Got to get through Kiwami, Kiwami 2 and 3 first.

  • I felt bad only giving this a #2 but it's still such a good game. I love controlling multiple characters and seeing how their stories come together by the end.

    kinda neat how it's got one vote straight down the line like that

  • Also, Akiyama is so dang good. Love me some Akiyama.

  • Death, taxes, and a Yakuza game featuring in our GOTY rankings.

    I have only played 0, Kiwami 1 and 2 so far, but I've been feeling the itch for more lately so I'll probably grab the Remastered Collection when I'm done with FF7 Remake.

  • @axel Now that 3 has almost all the "cut content" back in it, it's a far superior game than it's OG release. Okinawa is calling to you!

  • Yeaaaah! My first pick to show up on the list! Love this series, and I think it's my favorite series of all time right now. I'm almost done with 5, and I'm so happy I put in the time this year to play through them. Can't wait for 7!

  • As is the case with the series I liked Yakuza 4, but it was a game I couldn't love because all of their issues. From the ones I've played I do remember I liked the fact you jumped between 4 very different characters, but there were a good amount of flow issues because of how it was handled.

    With 7 not haven the same terrible combat and based on the trailers I'm hoping 7 will be the one to win me over, but I'll have to see.

  • I adore Yakuza, but unfortunately I haven't played this one. I'm seeking to remedy that though as I just purchased the remaster collection yesterday.

  • @tokyoslim said in The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2011!:

    @axel Now that 3 has almost all the "cut content" back in it, it's a far superior game than it's OG release. Okinawa is calling to you!

    I didn't realize 3 took place in Okinawa, that's awesome! I visited it last year and it was amazing, can't wait to see what it looks like in game!