The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2011!

  • I even bought the Balls of Steel Edition of DNF. The Carpe Nukem bust and the foldable paper Duke were the best things in that whole case. Clearly I had too much money to spend back then.

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  • i'm that guy who bought the Chinese version of demons souls off eBay before its western release, so i was obviously primed for dark souls and it is my number 1 game ever (demons is close and i don't love bloodbornes horror vibe as much, though i think it is the better game).

    obviously i love the level design and general rpg-ness but i have also always loved the lore and storytelling of the souls games as apposed to a more cinematic style.

    i am a little surprised that is not higher. though batman, skyrim and portal 2(all also in my top 4) are all wonderful... "casual" games"

    my guess is portal 2 will have the most #1 votes though i think skyrim could win with just more numbers. batmans a wildcard(and i havent played it since release so my memory is rusty).

    Edit:An interesting thought I have about souls style games is they kind of have their own genre language, kinda like fighting games or shooters once you learn that you basically understand all of them. It's just that those others have games to bridge the gap/introduce you like smash bros or call of duty, where as souls kinda started its own thing and throws you straight into doom eternal or tekken 7 with no tutorial.
    the bridging games came later like jedi fallen order etc.

  • @sazime Complete agree with this, I've only played Bloodborne, and I love it, but my god would I love to have an idea of what the hell is going on in the game and what I'm supposed to do, and I know that is part of the appeal just having that be part of what the player discovers, but I would personally like for it to be a bit more upfront.

  • Like many others, Dark Souls was a no brainer number 1 pick for me. Much more than the average game that I enjoy replaying, the memories and emotions from my first playthrough are still part of my relationship to it. I like the phrase "learning the genre language" that @Nimbat1003 is expressing. In the same way that locations and bosses mark a player's step-by-step spatial progress in a playthrough, there is also a step-by-step mental progress marked by when certain enemy behaviors and mechanical details rise into one's conscious awareness.

    For me, the other especially remarkable side of Dark Souls is the emotional palette of exploring into the unknown. Not knowing the dangers, evoking tension and dread, and not knowing whether a new area is in fact the progression path, evoking excitement.

    Even though I would also put Dark Souls down as my game of the decade, I still view it as coequals with all my personal favorites from every generation. It's a great series, but thankfully hasn't ruined or eclipsed the rest of my adoration for other video games.

  • Banned

    I'ma be straight up.
    I honestly didn't realize Dark Souls was released that year.
    Would have made my top 4 otherwise.

    I'm sorry I've failed you all.

  • @hazz3r said in The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2011!:

    Overall I think your write up on Dark Souls is fantastic. You have said everything I can think of. I just want to double down on this point.

    All this is without touching on the normal stuff. The RPG and combat design is wonderful. It's so darn creative, with many different builds and playstyles. There's no single strategy to play the game. You just play to your strengths, and the way you want to play. One of my favourite things about the RPG systems is that you can, and probably should, find a weapon you like and then level it up using the Blacksmith. The normal weapons are the ones that are viable for the endgame, and while there are weapons that give you a short term advantage like the infamous Drakesword, it doesn't scale to end game like the other weapons do. Add in all the special boss weapons and specialty weapons, like the Moonlight Greatsword, the Black Knight Weapons, the Great Sword of Artorias. You could play Dark Souls for weeks and still struggle to obtain every weapon.

    Dark Souls is endless. People are still finding new ways to play this game years later. When Dark Souls Remastered released, I decided to play it with a crazy tank build and I had a ton of fun.

    Most great single player games give you reasons and incentive to replay the game a few times, but what makes Dark Souls different is that there is an infinite amount of combinations you can do to make replaying it extremely different every single time.

    This is because From Software made the world map so late-game areas are accessible from the very start of the game. This means you can, say, go to Blighttown immediately, get a powerful Pyro Flame and mess up early game bosses. Again, the combinations of weapons, armour, spells, and buffs are infinite and there is no right or wrong way to do it.

    I think Dark Souls might be one of the deepest and most filled out games of all time.

  • @sentinel-beach This is incredible and i literally laughed out loud when I saw this

  • I've only played Sekiro from FS games and I have 3 thoughts about this genre:

    -Don't make a soulsborne game if it doesn't give the satisfaction of combat like FS games do.(I'm looking at you Fallen Order)
    -I passionately hate their checkpoint system. Don't make me play the same things if I already overcome it and just restart me from where I died!
    -DS games' atmosphere looks so boring and gloomy and they look slow but I still want to play Bloodborne, it looks more interesting with the horror aspect; also just like Sekiro, its gameplay looks faster too.

  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    #3. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - 53 points


    #1: 5 (Shoulderguy, Lotias, Brandon_Reister, Sazime, Ikataishou)
    #2: 3 (Phbz, Mew2King, Nimbat1003)
    #3: 0
    #4: 4 (FF7Cloud, Crepe, Nimbus, Atbir Aimad)
    HM: 8 (TokyoSlim, Jamicov, bard91, Faaip, bam541, paulmci27, Hazz3r, Capnbobamous)


    Release date: November 11 [US/EU]
    Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
    Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
    Genre: Action role-playing
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Windows


    GT Review

  • oh brother

  • @Axel I also gave Skyrim an HM

    It earned that point from me by being nearly 400h of 2011 gameplay for me. I don't think i played anything else new in 2011.

  • @tokyoslim Ohh you're right, I gave that point to the wrong game by accident in my excel, fixed it now! Luckily it won't impact the rankings.

  • My personal (I used to shared with my Brother) steam account was made on November 11th 2011. Skyrim and the other Elder Scrolls games are some of the best games to explore in. There is just something satisfying about sneaking around ruins, forts, and caves sniping people with a bow and looting their corpses for magic items. Here's hoping Bethesda Game Studios can get it back together for The Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield.

  • Nice, Top 3! I wasn't sure if this would be a pro Skyrim community. So, shout out to my fellow voters.

    Maybe all that Skooma messed with my head, but Skyrim is my favorite game of 2011. With multiple playthroughs, dlc, mods and the Enderal total conversion mod, It's a game that has delivered me more moments of joy than any game I played from 2011. It's one of those games I can jump into and have a good time with right away, even if it's not always how the creators intended.

    This is the first of my top 4 to make the list. I'm looking forward to seeing which of my other games take the top spot tomorrow.

  • I've played Oblivion 4 times (mostly because I hadn't much else to play) and I was interested in Skyrim, but somehow it felt like a step down for me. Maybe because Oblivion was my first Elder Scrolls game, so I didn't know the formula when I played it. Anyway, it was a bit disappointing to see the same game (in terms of structure) in more barren environment. I still put 117 hours in it (to finish all quests in all DLCs) and I've read all of its books (thanks game editor), but I don't remember any story bits and I can imagine only a couple of locations. One thing I remember though: short way out of dungeons often involved an elevator to the surface with a lever to pull to open the grill. It was obvious that your hand can freely go though this grill so everyone can pull the lever from outside and bypass all keys, traps, etc. This was world-breaking for me.

  • Skyrim felt like a step down in the series. In 2011, I gave it 45 hours before stopping. They had 6 years to make improvements and all they really did was change assets and story.

  • God, I used to spend so much time playing Skyrim... I never even finished it. I bought it three times: 2 times on the worst version (PS3) and the last one is the PS4 version. It's my first Elder Scrolls game, and it's also an open world game unlike any other when it came out. I feel like Todd Howard's famous "you can do anything you want" mentality is on full force here. Skyrim is just a big-ass place with tons of stuff to see, and the best thing is that there's no right way to play it. If you're having fun, then it's all that matters, and that's so awesome. Not to mention, the progression system is pretty much like that as well. I hope Bethesda goes back to this style of game again with Starfield and TES VI. It's pretty much the perfect combination of streamlined "open world fuck around" design and a sufficiently deep RPG system. Also, this game gave way to BOTW which is no small honor.

  • Skyrim and Skyward Sword are pretty much the only major 2011 releases I've played.

    The Elder Scrolls is a genre unto itself. Nearly right from the start, you can go anywhere and do anything at any time with a fully customized character. Pick up anything, put it anywhere. Harvest and combine an extensive variety of ingredients for potions. Forge and enchant weapons and armour. Pickpocket, summon, reanimate, read oodles of incredibly detailed lore books, and blast enemies off of cliffs.

    Skyrim had a lot of quality-of-life improvements over Oblivion. More refined character models and animations, streamlined menus, faster combat, dual-wield spells, and an overall tighter presentation. It also had fantastic setpieces such as random dragon battles, learning shouts, giants & mammoths, Dwarven Centurions, the College of Winterhold, and Blackreach.

    But even with all that, I found it significantly less satisfying than Oblivion. The snowscapes and rugged tundra feel brilliant at first, but it's the same across the whole map, and a lack of colour pervades everything. Enemy variety is subpar, with dungeons stocked mostly with different sizes of Draugr and Dwarven automatons. Dungeons have also been streamlined to the point of eventually becoming a drag, something that's never happened to me in nearly 300 hours of Oblivion. And the soundtrack leans heavily on ambience, lacking the charming melodies that pervade Oblivion. Even the writing generally feels blander.

    You may be able to go anywhere and do anything, but after you finish the flashiest parts, the rest feels like you're doing EXACTLY the same thing over and over.

    But hey, dem Sparks!

    alt text

  • Hmm... My top 4 is going to be the reverse isn't it haha.

    Skyrim is great, the length and freedom are well known and while I replay it frequently I've only ever beaten it once.

    Personally my favorite Bethesda game is fallout 3 as I feel like skyrim can simplify things a little too much at times (a problem compounded in fallout 4) but skyrim also make enough improvements over oblivion that it ultimately becomes an upgrade.(even if my heart tries to convince me otherwise)

    As I mentioned above dark souls is my #1 of all time skyrim is still likely around a #8.

  • Skyrim's good, but it just didn't capture me the way I expected. Never finished it, way too many open threads/quests to all directions across the map. I did buy, though, that big old guide book for the game, propably thinking I'd spend countless hours with the game. It's still cool to browse through, anyway.

    But what this means is that Batman's in Top 2. Nice!