The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2011!

  • I never played resistance, but it is funny how that just dissapeared completely from existence, it got to be pretty big deal last gen and this must be the first time I remember it even existed in years.

  • My friend was a big Resistance fan, I remember going to his house when he got Resistance 3. We ran into so many bugs, having to replay missions multiple times. Enemy AI would often be shooting at a wall oblivious to whats going on. And the entire campaign just felt underwhelming overall.

  • Oh wow, a tie. Well let me just speak about L.A. Noire for a line or two before getting into Resistance.

    For what it is, I have to give credit to L.A. Noire for what it tried to do, especially with the facial technology, but it's one of those games that's a period piece, not only in terms of content but in its generation as well. These kinds of games are not for me, but I respect it all the same.

    As for Resistance, this is probably the Insomniac franchise that doesn't get enough love. Of the five Resistance games made, there are only the three mainline by Insomniac proper and the two spinoffs. I would say this is my second favorite game of the series and it topped my HMs, just barely missing the top 4 cut. I enjoyed the concept of aliens invading in a time World War II didn't happen because of it and the juxtaposition of 50s era Earth tech with all the wacky Chimera weaponry and creatures. By the time you get to this game, the series does a great job of making you believe you achieved the goal whichever game puts you on, but by the end and subsequently the beginning of the following game, you realize it's an ever increasing lost cause for humanity to survive.

    The first game is ridiculously high on my personal favorite games list, whereas 3 is a pretty significant gap before it shows on said list. 3 is the best looking game for sure, and bringing back the weapon wheel (which for some bizarre reason was dropped for Resistance 2 in favor of following the CoD model of being only able to carry two weapons at a time) brings the fun of weapon juggling.

    But despite how fun the gameplay is and how the world looks, I'm not a big fan of:

    • Not playing as Nathan Hale (but if you've played the games you know why it's necessary you can't for 3)
    • The total redesign of the Chimera as I think they look worse than all their other iterations
    • Speaking of redesign, the main protagonist of 3, Joe Capelli, is a completely different character, in both the way he looks and there's a different voice actor from his prior appearance in the series (Though the Resistance novel A Hole in the Sky does a great job giving him character).
    • Plus I feel the ending is somehow simultaneously anti-climactic and unearned despite it being logical within that universe.

    Regardless, it's still a fun game, and if you've never had it pointed out to you, look closer at the above art, you'll notice the NY skyline in the negative space of the fangs.

    I would love another Resistance game, but since this is the last one in the timeline, the ending is pretty definitive in how it doesn't make sense their'll be another one. And not only has Insomniac moved on to bigger projects, but (and it pains me to say this) Resistance, Killzone, and others are all confused together and are easily mistaken for one another. And as I said about L.A. Noire: Resistance is a period piece for the gen it was in: Fun at the time, solid all around by a big name with a dedicated small fanbase, but we'll probably never see another again.

    As always, customary appreciation to all fellow voters! @Scotty, @DIPSET, @FF7Cloud, @NeoCweeny, @bam541, and @El-Shmiablo

  • L.A. Noire is #8 on my list. More than anything, I like the authentic 1940's style and atmosphere in L.A. Noire. The game has some great action sequences that make use of the setting. I really enjoyed the investigation and interrogation gameplay even though it could have used a little more work. Also, I thought the voice acting and use of motion capture was cool at the time. It's definitely a game I would love to see a sequel to.

  • Big fan of the resistance series but resistance 3 is the one I remember the least about and enjoyed the least, from memory it had more of a horror vibe that I didn't love.

    Would still love a series remaster that first game espically is rough to return to with the blurry browness of many early last gen games.

  • Person 2's situation is one of those times that I'm glad about my indifference about JRPGs generally.

    Resistance is an interesting franchise and one of the underrated IPs of the last gen/Sony exclusives. My favourite one is PSP game Resistance: Retribution; I just love games that we can see our character. :P Also, there is really interesting thing that I sometimes catch when I see Resistance and Killzone names side by side, let's add Infamous there too for the sake of underrated titles.

    Killzone to HZD and Guerilla probably won't return to KZ in the near future.
    Resistance to Spider-Man and Insomniac probably won't return to RS in the near future.
    Infamous to GoS and Sucker Punch probably won't return to Infamous in the near future.(which is the most hurting one)

    I remember LA Noire's mo-cap was a big deal back in the day. Look how far we have come now that it's pretty standard for big budget games. Can someone say Yes/No to this question without saying anything else:

    Is it a big spoiler to know LA Noire's criminal is a serial killer?

  • I remember liking L.A. Noire while I was playing it and thinking that trying to guess who is lying is very cool. Also I liked facial capture and hoped that we would see more such games in the future. Can't say much more.

  • LA Noire very narrowly missed my list. I think it's just a bit bloated for it's own good. Also @Axel even though it's a tie you gave them different point values.

  • @nimbat1003 Resistance: Fall of Man was the first PS3 game I played and it blew my mind how amazing it looked. I still like the game but graphics have come a long way since then.

  • I really need to go back to LA Noire. It's not perfect but I really enjoyed what I played while being too stressed over getting everything right. I feel like I'd be more willing to let it slide now and would enjoy it a lot more for it.

  • I really like L.A. Noire back when I played it years ago. I love playing as detectives, and the 1950s settings is just so interesting to me, especially back then when I barely knew anything about American retro culture. The Homicide string of cases is definitely the highlight of the game, the one time when you investigate a nude dead body in some hills at night really stuck out to me. I feel like it could had a more grounded and coherent main plot with a more likeable main protagonist (Phelps' such a dick), but it still left quite the impact on me. I tried replaying it sometime ago on the Switch and it's not really clicking for me after the first few hours, which makes me think that it's more of a product-of-its-time kind of thing (especially the motion capture stuff, it's so silly seeing it now). I really wish that this game's supposed sequel didn't get cancelled, that was quite a bummer.

    As for Resistance 3... I think Insomniac nailed the balance between having a gritty atmosphere but also reveling in the weird fun stuff that they're so good at. I'm primarily talking about the weapons, which I remember being not only quite varied and creative, but also satisfying to shoot. It's been a long time so I don't remember much of the game, but I do remember being stuck on a prison full of crazy people, and having the Chimera invade not too long after. It's honestly quite frightening how effective the Chimeras are at being scary death machines, and this game shows that quite well. All in all, it's a gritty and gorey shooter that does it best to keep you on your toes throughout the whole game. It's also supremely underrated, please try this out if you can and haven't already.

  • @bam541 said in The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2011!:

    please try this out if you can and haven't already.

    Stupid Sony! Just put backward compatibility for PS3 somehow!

  • @scotty I've been saving my PS3 copy (along with a bunch of others) for that fateful day when Sony does backwards compability, I still believe it would happen one day.

  • How has there not been a Remastered collection of the Resistance games for PS4? How?

  • Just platinumed the PS4 version of L.A. Noire a month ago. It had been nine years since I'd done that before so I decided to go back now, it had been on my mind for quite some time. Sadly, though, I don't think the game holds up that well. There's something about the whole interrogation system that felt "heavier" than I remembered. And maybe the faces weren't that easy to read after all. Still, I think it's a very unique game and all in all pretty enjoyable to play. The post-war era in the '40s is fascinating to witness and the amount of people in the cast is staggering. It really makes everyone a unique person.

    I've played all three of the Resistance games on PS3 and while I found them pretty entertaining and solid shooters I think they're also very forgettable of their nature. Really hard for me to pinpoint any culminating events or what happened in which game of the trio.

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    There are a lot of games on this list I didnt really expect for some reason! guess I didnt hear much about them at the time.

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    Resistance made the list!?

    Resistance 3 was one of my favorite shooters of last gen. After a relatively boring but decent first entry, an absolutely abysmal second entry saved only by it's pretty innovative multiplayer portion (80 player multi and a pretty awesome coop mode), the third game just hit it out of the park, but unfortunately nobody gave a shit by that time.
    It just really had that Insomniac flavor in full force. Great level design, fantastic selection of weapons, and they finally landed on an aesthetic that fit the series perfectly.
    I legit got Half-Life 2 vibes playing Resistance 3.
    A part of me hopes we'll get a Resistance series remaster so more people can experience this absolute banger.

  • Gears of War 3
    I was considering it for an HM. I really enjoyed it but looking back at it it's really isn't all that memorable to me. I like Gears of War 2 better and atleast 8 other games from 2011.

    Persona 2 Innocent Sin
    The story, the characters, the music and yes, even the gameplay is all superb imo. It really is one of my favorite RPGs of all time.

    Resistance 3
    Resistance 1 was good as a launch game for the PS3 but wasn't anything special. Resistance 2 kinda sucked if you asked me. Resistance 3 I didn't care for when it came out, I didn't play it until much but it really caught me by surprise when I did eventually play it. It's is so much better than the previous games. They removed the boring military stories of the first two games and really made good use of the weapons this time around. Resistance always had good weapon design but in the first game your ammo was too limited for all the more unique weapons and in the second game you could only carry two at a time.

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    I also want to mention that Resistance 3 released right around that time Sony was pushing the Move controller in games, so it had full motion controls and was amazing.

  • @capnbobamous Thanks, that was a bad copy-paste, I fixed it.