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  • Dragon Age II

    #17. Dragon Age II - 11 points


    #1: 1 (ffff0)
    #2: 1 (Brandon_Reister)
    #3: 0
    #4: 0
    HM: 2 (TokyoSlim, Exist 2 Inspire)


    Release date: March 8 [US], March 11 [EU]
    Developer: BioWare
    Publisher: Electronic Arts
    Genre: Action role-playing
    Platform(s): PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Windows, OS X



  • If a demo ever convinced me not to play a game it was DA2's at the time Origins was one of my favorite games, and had I not absolutely hated the demo I would have bought DA2 at launch, and all I know about it is that is much less liked, for apparently good reasons, a shame really but a preview of the future of Bioware it seems.

  • I'm surprised to see Dragon Age II what with the negative narrative surrounding it, especially when compared with Origins. But upon learning the story, that's another "EA being EA" evidence for ya. Bioware is a hit or miss for me. LOVE Mass Effect and KOTOR, but Dragon Age and Anthem are not my thing (Setting for the former, and WAY too many problems to list for the latter). All respect to Dragon Age as a property, and I hope the next is good for no other than for fans, but I'm anxious for it.

  • It's really interesting this game came up. DA: Origins is one of my favorite C-RPGS, and I've avoided both sequels because of DA II's reputation.
    Is that misguided?

  • Like many i loved origins but liked nothing of what I heard about 2 at the time, had fun with 3 though never did finish it.

  • Dragon Age ll is #14 of 23 on my list. I was really disappointed in this game when I played it originally. Especially coming after 2 of my favorite games ever in Dragon Age Origins and Mass Effect 2.

    The city of Kirkwall could have been an interesting setting but unfortunately they ran it into the ground. Every chapter was just another opportunity for the developers to use the exact same levels and enemy encounters. It felt like a cheap way to make the game, while Dragon Age Origins had you going across the map to different places like Redcliffe, Orzammar and the Mage Tower. Another thing that really bothered me is while in combat, enemies would just spawn on top of you out of nowhere. Also, the main story didn't do anything for me.

    But, I decided to revisit Dragon Age ll earlier this year, and there were a few things I enjoyed more this time around. Some of the characters are very well done. I like Aveline's story, it's nice because she joins you early on, so you see most of her story, rather than having it explained to you. I think it's cool Varric is in this game, it sets up him and Cassandra being in Dragon Age Inquisition. All the Dragon Age games have strong writing and voice acting that brings these characters to life. I also had more fun with the combat this time around. I played as a healer which was different from my first play through as a Two-handed melee character. I enjoyed Managing health bars and distance during battle. It also had the added bonus of not using the healer Anders in my party, which is my least favorite Dragon Age character.

    Dragon Age 2 is definitely a step back from Origins, however, it's still a good but flawed RPG.

  • Played the demo, hated it. Rented it anyways because I heard great things about DA:O. I still hated it. One of the worst combat systems I’ve ever played.

    Surprised it made the top anything.

  • Never played this. Dragon Age is one of those franchises for me where I only enjoyed one of the entries, which is Origins. Inquisition is a dumb game, didn't care for it. DA2 seems more interesting, especially with the mixed reaction it gets, I just want to try it out for myself, but never got the chance.

  • I always manage to make a choice in Dragon Age games that will severely hurt me in the end. And Dragon Age 2 was a prime example of that. Spoiler warning! I’ve got very attached to one particular companion and romanced him. Near the end this companion’s conscious action had started a war between two factions. Through the whole game I was trying to bring those factions to the peace, so when my companion had admitted his action, I’ve made a choice as a leader to execute my love and dearest friend.

    I rarely get emotional when I play games, but this moment was very impactful and lasting: when the game was over I’ve spent several hours thinking where I’ve lost my relationship with this companion and what could I change to keep him away from the path he walked. So this moment alone had made Dragon Age 2 my 2011 GotY.

    But there were many other things that I’ve liked in this game. It moves faster than Dragon Age: Origins (especially in combat) which was a welcome change for me. Visually it looks much better than Origins, especially for character models. Characters are great and well written: even when you don’t share their world view, relationships still make sense. As for the drawbacks of Dragon Age 2, I don’t like changing companion’s appearances and I don’t pay much attention to the set dressing anyway, so it wasn’t a problem to me that those aspects were lacking.

    So, yeah, from my perspective, Dragon Age 2 was nearly perfect game.

  • Dragon Age II:
    I enjoyed it because of it's characters and lore that it adds to the DA universe. As far as meaningful and/or emotional moments, it's not quite on par with Origins - but it still got me a few times. The Arishok is a great antagonist, as you philosophise with him throughout the game, you get to know him and come to respect his position and ethos. It really makes for an impactful arc. Also, the companion @ffff0 mentioned even when not romanced - makes a terrible choice which essentially betrayed my trust and (at least the way I played Hawke) my ethics. It was heartbreaking and it offers you late game choices to make you didn't necessarily want to have to deal with.

    It's combat is probably not the reason to play this game - and the re-using of assets and environments is extraordinarily bad. You go back to the same cave like 5 times during the course of the game for different quests. Kirkwall is small, and not particularly beautiful. Character models, while better than Origins - still aren't really "good".

    The reason to play through this game is if you love the world and lore of Dragon Age, and for that reason it was an HM for me.

  • Banned

    All I know about DA2 is that Origins is one of my wife's favorite games ever and she played about an hour and a half of the second game before hard quitting and calling it total garbage.

  • It's certainly the weakest game in the series but i still enjoyed it for the most part. Most annoying thing for me was the recycling Dungeons (similar to the Uncharted Wolrds in Mass Effect before). Story and Characters are fine but overall Origins and Inquisition are much better games.

  • Dead Space 2

    #16. Dead Space 2 - 12 points


    #1: 1 (El Shmiablo)
    #2: 1 (Axel)
    #3: 0
    #4: 0
    HM: 3 (Faaip, Nimbat1003, Atbir Aimad)


    Release date: January 25 [US], January 28 [EU]
    Developer: Visceral Games
    Publisher: Electronic Arts
    Genre: Survival horror
    Platform(s): PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Windows



  • Ah, Dead Space 2. Probably the most dead (pun intended) series I still here about to this day. Goes to show how beloved it is. For how well thought of 2 is, it's quite telling how 3 wasn't because...long exapserated sigh.... (In monotone): EA gonna EA.

    Dead Space as a franchise could do wonders with a remaster, even a new game. But it's a shame EA EA'd this series TWICE with closing Visceral.

    Huber and Damiani have gotten me to watch their Resident Evil playthroughs and I'm not a RE fan, so if they decide to do a series playthrough, I'd watch. But I'm a wuss, so I'll never play Dead Space, but I respect it.

    So good on ya Dead Space. Don't know if you'll come back to life though.

  • Oh, I just played this! It's alright. It's very sequel-y which surprised me. I don't think either Dead Space or its sequel are classics, but they do have some pretty cool UI.

  • Probably would be on my list if I'd played it. Dead Space 1 is one of my favourite 3rd person action games. I took a 8 year break from video games so I've a lot of classics to catch up on.

  • I'm sad. It's a crime that Dead Space 2 is so low on this list, I couldn't believe it as I kept receiving your votes and not seeing it anywhere...

    The series as a whole is excellent on every front: gameplay, lore, graphics, sound design, scares, UI... It had so many amazing ideas and is polished to perfection.

    The plasma cutter is one of the most satisfying weapons in videogames, period. The concept of shooting a "line", and being able to rotate your aim between vertical and horizontal is so clever and engaging. Having to strategically cut off enemies limbs rather than just going for headshots was a brilliant concept. The UI being entirely integrated within the game world is something way more games should aim for (health gauge on your back, ammo count on the weapon, even the objective marker is actually a line displayed on the floor coming out of your glove).

    Of course, all these ideas came from the first game, not the sequel, so the original will forever hold a more special place in my heart because of that. Dead Space 2 "only" improved on all that. But movement being swifter, the jetpack, the new enemies and locations, there's so much awesomeness in this game!

    I'm not sure why it ranked so low? It can't be because nobody here cares for survival-horror, otherwise Resident Evil wouldn't do so well. This series deserves so much more love. If you can handle horror games, you owe it to yourself to play these games!

  • So, uh, I didn't notice this game on the list of 2011 games. It would've at least been an HM for me. I'm a wuss when it comes to horror, but playing this with my friends was a treat.

  • @axel I've never played Dead Space 2 or 3. I played some of the first game when it released, it seemed okay but I never finished it. I've already added Infamous 2 to my list of games to play, I'll add Dead Space 2 to that list as well.