The core idea of this puzzle game is incredibly simple: you must connect all pillars with a filament that can't cross itself. There are more than a dozen of different puzzle sets and each set adds something different to this core idea, like connecting pillars in certain order or working with multiple filaments simultaneously. Unlike many other puzzle games, Filament nails “tutorial” puzzles: they are small enough to learn new idea by trying stuff out, without feeling obvious. And all sets of puzzles are available from the beginning, so you can always try something else if you stuck (and you don't need to solve every puzzle to finish the game).

    Besides solving puzzles you can explore the environment, which again has the perfect size: it's big enough for exploration, but small enough if you just want to go to another puzzle. There's also a story with some mysteries to solve. And if you feel it, there are many optional hidden challenges that will keep you occupied for hours.

    The closest comparison to this game is The Witness, and I can't say definitively which one is better. Yes, Filament is that good. So if you have any interest in puzzle games, don’t miss this one.