Summer Game Fest

  • @axel you don’t seem to understand the potential here. We are being given 2 separate chances in the same month to get ourselves excited for Metroid announcements only to absolutely shattered when Nintendo uses any booked time to announce Animal Crossing is getting new furniture.

  • @axel I'm super curious about whether the big publishers would double dip on both, just go with one of them, or ignore them in favor of something of their own. I can see Square Enix having another direct that's tied with one of them. I don't think Sony's eager to work with the ESA, but Microsoft's probably down to do one big event with them. Nintendo's on their own, for sure. Also, I'm hoping for another Double Fine Day of the Devs thing for Summer Game Fest.

  • Didn't realize it was getting close to June already. It's 3 weeks away!

  • The weather near me is starting to get hot. The sun is out, it's sorta breezy, and most of us have one dose. I think for the first time in a long time I'm excited to just embrace the summer: biking, hiking, camping, back patio beers, bocce, and all that summery goodness. But also for the first time in a long time, I look forward to our video game announcements like SGF or E3 and I can have something to look forward to without actually staying inside playing games all summer.

  • @dipset I just want to take photos at crowded beaches again, seeing local beaches here empty just feel so wrong. The pandemic's at a weird state too rn globally, I'm not sure that it'll happen anytime soon. At least more people are getting vaccinated here, the Astra Zeneca thing kinda slowed things down but it's still progressing decently.

  • Expecting nothing from this. My main event is E3 this time.

  • @bam541

    Yeah we are not really anywhere close to reality again. I bought a fancy ass camera in February 2020 just for the world to end.

    I still think it'll be safe enough for my partner and I do outdoorsy things but I'm not going in crowds anytime soon.

    Either way, I'm obviously going to play stuff this summer, but I'm not going to stow away like I have for a while now. I miss the old routines of fun in the summer and gaming in the winter and I'm ready to get back into it.

    This E3 season is going to be refreshing for me.

  • @bam541 Unless Weezer is announcing their new game, I don't think I need to see a Weezer performance.

  • @mbun lol I'm not a big Weezer fan, but I think the whole summer theme kinda fits them. I just hope they play some songs from the White Album.

  • Does anyone watching it? It's better than Game Awards in terms of less annoying commercial intensity but still very mediocre overall. Only game that took my attention iş Planet of Lana for now.

  • @scotty This comment aged poorly.

  • @mbun

    Not really. Elden Ring is a big bomb for sure but my thoughts still the same for the whole stream.

  • Youtube Video

    One of my favorite games revealed at the event. Dotemu has been killing it lately.

  • @shoulderguy honestly it's my most hyped game out of Geoff's show. This really took me by surprise, it just looks so good!

  • Metal Slug looked fine af. Just a shame if it stays only on PC. Maybe console ports'll come eventually after a year or something.

  • @sentinel-beach I didn't even know that, what a bummer. Hopefully that port doesn't come too late.

  • I'm willing to bet that it's only exclusive for little while.

    That said Metal Slug Tactics looks absolutely perfect for Switch, and that animated trailer. I want a Metal Slug cartoon soooo fucking badly now.

  • @shoulderguy looks awesome!