Summer Game Fest

  • @scotty Yeah, I guess I didn't mind because a lot of those were brand new reveals, so I didn't expect to see gameplay.

    But still, if I remember well, Chorus, The Ascent, Scarlet Nexus and one or two others did have gameplay too. Small snippets, but enough to know what the game will be like.

  • @axel

    Fair enough. They said everything will be about gameplays though, ''We know that you don't like cg trailers'' etc. I don't accept that not showing gameplay for all those games.

  • Lots of trailers that left me wanting to see more. And that's basically what was missing here, more time with each game.

    MS marketing keeps being hilariously bad but at least they're doing something and taking risks.

  • @scotty Ah ok I missed the part where they said that then haha. I probably would have been disappointed too in this case.

  • @axel

    Don't use the word gameplay. I don't like it when companies play on words to hype things.

  • Yeah, I guess as long as it's not a CG trailer and it's "in engine", they qualify it as gameplay. But obviously that's misleading.

  • @axel

    They know it for sure but they act like they know nothing about this perception. :DDD

  • @phbz pretty much this, and to me also the fact that they do nothing to sell me on XBOX, knowing full well that anything that looks interesting here I'll be playing on PS5 or PC

  • This was pretty okay. I didn't hate it, but I wasn't blown away either. The Vampire trailer was cool, and it was super jolly seeing Scorn get a major spotlight, but other than that this was pretty meh.

  • I don't know what topic to post this in, so I'm dropping it here!
    Youtube Video

    This was the highlight for me, not just because I love anime bullshit with a sprinkle of Devil May Cry type cheese, but the music just instantly grabbed me. At first I mistook it for a Dot Hack game and seeing Bandai Namco made me think that even more, so I wonder if it just shares a composer with some of those games or something, but I'm way digging the vibe, and even though I laugh at the edgy weeb approved black and red outfits and kinda don't have faith in the combat being strong because Bandai Namco, I'm still way down to fuck up some plant invaders!

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    At least they are aware, if only they didn't delete negative votes... Good PR move. ''Hyping'' is a dangerous game and Xbox isn't the MVP.

  • I feel like XBox in particular has a rough history of overhyping events, so I tend to keep my expectations in check. This was a particularly egregious example, but honestly I don't think they reaction would've been too different even if they had just marketed this as a regular "Inside XBOX;" gamers are terrible about feeding into a vicious cycle of hype based on false assumptions and treating leaks as fact (e.g. the most recent Nindies Direct, the Smash Direct, like every State of Play, etc.). I don't doubt some information would've leaked that there would be next gen games showcased, and the whole thing would've blown out of proportion regardless of what their intentions were. Either way, I saw some stuff that I liked, but overall agree with the general sentiment that this shouldn't have been marketed as a large gameplay reveal event.

  • Youtube Video

    Some actual gameplay for The Ascent, looks pretty cool, I'll keep an eye on that one!

  • My major takeaway from Xbox Presentation:

    I've always been more hyped for Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 over Cyberpunk 2077 but seeing the vibe and attitude of the game in this latest trailer, I actually think its going to be the better game. Dishonored combat, World of Darkness, that script, the vampire factions.

    I believe...

  • @dipset It is looking good, and I think the comparisson will end up being an interesting one with different aspects favoring one or the other, for example I can hardly imagine Vampire 2 will be as in depth or expansive as CP, simply based on how long it has been in development and the resources that have gone into it, but we'll have to see.

    On my own side will while Vampire 2 looks cool CP is got it beat in the cool factor, but that's just preference.

  • Its really hard for me to understand getting upset over what Inside Xbox showed yesterday. Should they have prominently used "gameplay" to describe the content being shown? Probably not. Should they and Assassin's Creed have hyped up that trailer? Probably not. Were the games shown clear indications of what will be possible to accomplish with next-gen hardware? No. Was it wise to show off smaller games before your larger third parties and their own first party games when entering the next generation? Maybe not. Is all of that worth getting mad over? No.

    Instead, it was a 25 minute video that showed off new games that will be playable on the next generation. With it being incredibly quiet on all fronts regarding titles for this fall, Xbox decided to go ahead and show off some things that you will probably actually be playing later this year, maybe even on Xbox One if you want. Oh the horror that it didn't have any games featuring ambiguous release dates and unbelievable graphics from a prestigious studio to officially usher in the new consoles. The reality is there are a ton of smaller projects during the beginning of every new generation that need to be shown off too. The more we delay events and reveals, the less time some of these other titles will actually have to market themselves before release, leaving them to get lost in the shuffle because they aren't Halo. I mean, lets go over what was shown...

    Bright Memory Infinite - Pretty impressive all around for a development team of 1 person.
    Dirt 5 - Didn't jump out at me as anything special, really just reminded me of Forza Horizon 4.
    Scorn - I think we're all familiar, the 4K version of the trailer is pretty next-gen looking to me.
    Chorus - I am really looking forward to this, the visuals aren't crazy but there's a lot going on.
    Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 - Visualy unimpressive, the actual game seems quality.
    Call of the Sea - Very reminiscent of Sea of Thieves, good looking but not a stunning leap.
    The Ascent - Co-op Action RPG, impressively detailed environments, good action.
    The Medium - Seems cool, will probably look pretty good, nothing outrageous.
    Scarlet Nexus - Pretty standard looking anime style, very reminiscent of the current gen in motion.
    Second Extinction - Fun concept, but nothing stands out as too special, yet.
    Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Good game to drive home as something you can now expect on Xbox moving forward.
    Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Boring trailer, still looks solid but a pretty underwhelming showing given its prestige and placement.

    That's a lot of new and varied titles that prior to the presentation we were unaware of coming to Series X. Is that really worth getting mad over? There have been shows like this before, and similar "gameplay" trailers like those shown for years. To act like it was some massive con is crazy.

    Customers have been starving for new information and are cooped up in their houses with little to do, but they can't stand to receive some when its actually provided because it isn't grand enough. The overwhelming rush to react so negatively to an event like that is crazy. Nobody is forcing you to watch it live, stream your reactions, or to stake your hopes and dreams on the event. Put down your microscopes and pitchforks, and just try to enjoy whats being shown. Don't like the Inside Xbox format? Just watch the Youtube uploads of the trailers. Was it perfect? No. Was it exactly what I was personally hoping for? No, but life will go on and we will get more info soon. The world is exhausting sometimes.

  • Banned

    I think the main point of contention with Microsoft is that it would honestly be pretty easy for them to have an incredible presentation but that have been consistently dropping the ball this entire generation.
    They've made some great decisions recently what with the acquisition of do many prominent studios in a clear push to enhance and diversify their portfolio, GamePass is the clear winner in the game subscription race, and they will have the most powerful platform going into next gen, but I still think they have a lot to work on in terms of how they communicate with the consumer.

  • I think the important problem to correct is that from home Microsoft presentation was legit much, much better than the last five events they've held in person with a large crowd, so someone at Microsoft should probably evaluate that and maybe make some changes on who's in charge of those events, the hosts they decide to use, etc. Your slapped together quarantine event shouldn't be less painful to watch than your normal ones. Even if this event wasn't perfect for obvious reasons and some of the reasons that also have plagued their in-person ones, this was still a net gain and could be studied as a way forward to improving all their events. Of course that relies on someone actually observing the feedback and working towards meaningful change, which I lack confidence in them doing.

  • Keighley's teasing something. A new reveal in 7 mins!

  • Tony Hawk 1 & 2 releasing in september, not the ones I wanted but I'll take it.