Summer Game Fest

  • I'm quite impressed with the demo, the first few seconds in the cave really blew me away. Looks like I'm going to need to upgrade my TV...

  • @miserableperson Wouldn't be surprised if Hellblade 2 was already unofficially using UE5, or some of its features, when it showed during the Game Awards.

    Sony and Epic seem to be having some "back door shady deals" that might be related with their partnership releasing Sony's first party on the Epic Store.

  • Banned

    @phbz Pretty sure the Hellblade 2 vid was prerendered.

  • UE5 looked great, but I agree with the allies that the whole interview part after the reveal was super messy and disjointed with some clearly smart and skilled fellows enthusiastic to gush about UE5 and other various tech Epic is pumping out, but also clearly chocked full of backdoor ulterior motives and instructed to punch out Epic's brand constantly and make sure everything is being framed for positive PR for Epic. Absolutely hilarious they keep voluntarily using the "Walled Garden" comparison for themselves, even though their actions are clearly opposite of what they keep reiterating. Kind of a shame such great engineers need to be tied to all that mess, but least for the moment it seems like they're making the best of it and taking advantage of the resources available there to push the bar with their visions for the future. So that's good, assuming the crunch culture over there isn't having negative impact on them. The crossplay stuff could also be a big boon to the industry as well if Epic doesn't make it a headache for devs to use it with their own launchers instead of getting roped into tying more audiences to the Epic Launcher, The Epic Game Store, and Fortnite.

  • @phbz I agree, I feel like Phil's tweet in response to today's demo kind of insinuates that may be the case. While we're seeing this today, its nearly impossible for me to imagine that none of the high profile studios using Unreal haven't been messing around with it behind the scenes.

    I don't know what to classify their dealings as, but I think that's a pretty logical theory. It could also just be Sony wanting to attach their new console to that debut since it would make a strong impression. Either way it appears to have been a wise decision on their part.

  • @el-shmiablo Most probably, but it was in engine and the level of detail was also insane.

  • Unreal Engine 5 looks awesome! I was just expecting a 3-4 minute video but looking something real like this made me really excited! It is smart move for Sony to begin promote PS5 with this beatiful demo. Gliding part got me breathless, I thought demo would end there before she jumps. Also, I have a feeling that we will see a new IP in the future with this character; as a sucker for Uncharted this got me intrigued.

  • The thing you have to remember is that tech demos are tech demos. They have one purpose which is to demo the technology the person is trying to sell.

    They don't have to worry about file size or development budget. They just have to run a chunk of gameplay for 8 minutes so that it can be recorded. At that point it becomes evergreen content and will sell the engine for years to come.

    Being able to import ZBrush assets is great but it will definitely pump the file size of games up. They're going to have to do SOME compression, if only to not have every game take up 200GB on your hard drive.

    I highly doubt Sony will just let every developer take up a significant amount of space on Hard Drive. Because people won't blame the developers, they'll blame Sony for not giving them enough space on the hard drive.

  • I read that SSD will help the compression to become more effective. About the Hard Drive space, 825 GB is already small; people will have to by external drives probably. It is a tech demo but a showcase about how things will look which is enough to get excited. If multiplatform games look like this, I can't imagine exclusives.

  • I'm really excited for Ghosts of Tsushima. Was talking to @iboshow in Twitch chat about it yesterday. I feel like I still don't really know what the game is like to play, despite the E3 2018 demo, and that's really going to make the decision on whether I buy. Hoping for a chunky bit of gameplay today

  • Yeah, my expectations were lowered after the last trailer; I was more excited when I saw E3 video. Today will be a good time to have a final decision. I'll probably expect PS5 to play it, don't want to use that word but latest trailer felt like it got downgraded since E3 demo.

  • Last 30 minutes for extended look to GoS.

  • Ghost looks pretty cool & all but with Horizon, Days Gone, God of War & Spiderman Sonys North American first party could do with a bit of diversity they're getting a bit samey . Pretty much all the same formula.

  • It looks solid but nothing amazing. Classic open world gimmicks which I rarely have fun while doing it. Graphics look infeior to E3 showcase from 2 years ago. Combat doesn't look fun. I liked that using wind as waypoint, using smokes/foxes/birds as different activities etc. It will be like HZD probably, better than Days Gone for sure but nothing mind blowing. I am not expecting it to be a strong GOTY candidate if story isn't something classic. Also shotgun arrow got me chuckled.

  • Focus on exploration and discovery it's an instant buy for me. It's cool replacing waypoints with wind and animals but I hope world design is the main motivation to explore.

    Really don't get exactly how the combat works but not really impressed by it to be honest. Stealth on the other hand looks fun and creative.

    Not a fan of Ass Creed inspired HUD, hopefully you'll be able to edit it down. Very disappointed with the lack gore and dismemberment in the sword fights.

    Shame I never play long games twice otherwise I would be tempted to do a second run in black & white.

  • @phbz said in Summer Game Fest:

    Shame I never play long games twice

    Also I'm pretty sure samurai/ghost choices for actions will have consequences about the world and ending given how that was one of the features of all Infamous games.

  • @yoshi Kind of concerning when there's almost nothing else going on in the demo but rendering visuals... I still think it was probably a good decision as the majority of people are just going to see a screenshot or gif and be impressed. Can't wait for both consoles to really show off their big games so we can just move past this weird phase.

  • @yoshi There's an engineer from Epic who stated his laptop with a gtx2080 and 970evo+ SSD outperforms the demo on the PS5. And that SSD demands for flying part is just a regular SSD, no need for secret sauce.

    Still good considering price point.

    Video in Chinese.