Summer Game Fest

  • @scotty This comment aged poorly.

  • @mbun

    Not really. Elden Ring is a big bomb for sure but my thoughts still the same for the whole stream.

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    One of my favorite games revealed at the event. Dotemu has been killing it lately.

  • @shoulderguy honestly it's my most hyped game out of Geoff's show. This really took me by surprise, it just looks so good!

  • Metal Slug looked fine af. Just a shame if it stays only on PC. Maybe console ports'll come eventually after a year or something.

  • @sentinel-beach I didn't even know that, what a bummer. Hopefully that port doesn't come too late.

  • I'm willing to bet that it's only exclusive for little while.

    That said Metal Slug Tactics looks absolutely perfect for Switch, and that animated trailer. I want a Metal Slug cartoon soooo fucking badly now.

  • @shoulderguy looks awesome!

  • The EA Play was pretty fun! GRID Legends and BF 2042 especially had good showings IMO. And of course, Dead Space returns! Also, the presentation with this one is pretty great, I really like the fancy stage.

  • Holy shit this trailer is THE BEST

    Youtube Video

    I threw my hands up in the air when I saw the

    Bad Company grenade pin

  • WOW okay Portal platform is fucking crazy! Idk if I've ever been this hyped for a game in a long time.

    Ripple Effect (former DICE LA) General Manager: "you can mix n match content from BF 1942, Bad Company 2, BF3, and 2042 to create new game modes. Then you can share and discover those on the Portal platform."

    That's fucking wild! It'll hopefully be like back in the day when Halo 3 Forge mode and maps were created, shared and ultimately added into the regular playlists by Bungie. Even if they don't get added to regular playlists, it'll still be a blast to spend time in Portal mode.

    I hope the auto sniper rifle from BFBC2 is in there. That gun was I G N O R A N T.

  • @dipset I never got to play BC2 and BF1942 online so I'm excited to play around with the maps and such. I'm mostly excited for Caspian Border and all the other BF3 stuff returning, BF3 was the best thing ever back in the day. I used to fuck shit up so much with that little engineer droid.

    I'm honestly so impressed by how well the marketing is for 2042. It's like the most in touch DICE and EA have ever been. The moment they show defibrillators killing people is when I went insane. Very, very excited for this game, especially since I got a PS5 secured so I can play the next gen version.

    Also, am I hearing some IDLES music in the trailer? Sounds just like the singer.

    Edit: I was right! Here's the OG track, it's so good.

    Youtube Video