Forgotten Franchise

  • We all know that one game that was cut a bit short and never got a chance to really grow or stretch its wings. So what games do you think should be given a second chance?

  • Alpha Protocol and Brutal Legend are my go tos for this, both of them are better than the reception they got, and specially Brutal Legend has such a cool vision and made something so cool with it, that it is a shame we wont get more of it.

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    Both games got sequels on the GBA, but I really want a new entry in the Heroes series. Gunstar or Guardians, it don't matter, I just need MORE.

  • Legend of Dragoon hopefully the rumors of a remake are true

  • @bard91
    I feel like Double Fines first project post Microsoft buyout will be Brutal Legend 2. Seems like something that would tick alot of boxs for a exclusive IP for MS to brag about.

    • Unique open world
    • Big name celebrities attached
    • Unique style/visuals.

  • Parkour in games is awesome, but there's not many games that utilised it in a Tony Hawk Pro Skater-style game where you roam around open levels and complete missions or get high scores with doing tricks. Free Running is the one that comes to my mind.

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    Also, Split/Second is an amazing and unique racing game that absolutely deserves a sequel.

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  • Burning Rangers desperately needs a port at the bare minimum if not a flat-out remake.

  • @bard91 said in Forgotten Franchise:

    Brutal Legend

    My god, so glad someone mentioned this game.
    A lot of good and fun memories headbanging.

  • @dmcmaster I would be way too happy if this ends up being the case, and I don't think it is impossible either, but we'll see.

  • @demonpirate I loved that game...up until the last RTS part. Playing on hard, that was the first and last major roadblock. That was prob 10 years ago and I have never gone back. Still, great game.

  • I would say Haunting Starring Poulterguy but I'm afraid they'd try too hard to modernize it and it'd just become another subpar 3D adventure game.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern
    Fuck that last battle, I swear it took me almost a hour to actually beat it

  • Also Blast Corps. I remember being so excited for this to come out and then extremely disappointed when it finally did. The pieces are there and we have such a better idea of 3D controls and creating topography these days it could be great.

  • Secret of Evermore. It's not part of the Mana series, it just uses the Secret of Mana engine, so it has to be considered abandoned. I love action RPGs of this older style, and I think there are more fans of Evermore than people think.

    More recently, I think Syndicate (2012) ("the FPS reboot") deserves another chance at a franchise. Even within the FPS genre, I think there is a way to differentiate a Syndicate sequel from other shooters by taking more influence from the original simulation/RTS game. Make the campaign less about an unfolding action story plot, and more about completing setting-appropriate corporate missions (perhaps within a linear level structure, or perhaps in a more simulation-esque world map structure).

    I'll shoutout @E_Zed_Eh_Intern for mentioning Blast Corps, although for me it is a forgotten game that I truly enjoy. I'm not sure how ripe it is for a sequel/franchise, but it would be cool to get an iteration.

  • F-Zero. F-Zero GX was amazing and then then Miyamot used the crap excuse of "we just can't think of what to do with the series that would actually be "new" for player and different to the last games." as to why a new one hasn't been made just pissed me off.

    they're happy to keep pumping out Mario and Pokemon games despite alot of them not being very "new" or different to the last entry. that was just a BS excuse because Nintendo didn't want to admit they weren't happy with the sales numbers of F-Zero GX.

  • To be honest I feel that Miyamoto just can't let "good enough " be a concept to him.

    Like sure we could get a new F-Zero that plays like the others, but would that be good enough to warrant making it?

    We could get a new Star Fox that plays like 64 or Assault, but would that be good enough to warrant making it?

    Like I get where he is thinking from a design perspective, but I just don't feel he's in the right.

    Also if I recall F-Zero GX sold kinda poorly, that said I find it insane to look and see peoples cries and demands for a new game and not at the very least make a HD Online enabled port of GX/AX for Switch as just an attempt to see if the franchise still has a pulse.

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    @dmcmaster If "good enough" isn't a concept for Miyamoto, what the fuck is Pokemon doing?

  • @el-shmiablo The Guardian Heroes GBA sequel was shit. It's got nothing on the original, and is one of the worse GBA brawlers on a portable system. Gunstar Super Heroes is great, but one stage does suck on Hard mode. The helicopter section can go fuck itself.

    Viewtiful Joe 3 should have been a thing. The DS version does not count!

    Dead to Rights should have gotten a proper sequel, instead of an inconsequential prequel-sequel, and a "dark", Gears of War style reboot.

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    @brawlman Hey man, you don't need to tell me. The godawful framerate made it almost impossible to play, especially at later levels when your character moved faster and there were more enemies and effects on screen.
    Personally I would be fine if they just ported the 360 version to modern consoles.

  • @el-shmiablo I know, right. You can play the 360 version on Xbox One, and later the X Series X when it comes out. But honestly, why Sega can't bother Treasure to port it to all consoles and PC is beyond me.