Forgotten Franchise

  • SOCOM U.S. Navy Seals

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    I feel like so much was working against the series being relevant in any way after 2005's SOCOM 3. SOCOM II was so good that it was the 'main game' for most people that played it. They didn't need SOCOM 3 because they had SOCOM II. They didn't need an Xbox 360 or PS3 because they had SOCOM II. This community was healthy up until 2006-2007 right smack dab into next gen.

    It was all about the military and being accurate to the real weapons, uniforms, and types of missions a US Navy Seal does. That gave it an edge in the early 2000s as there weren't many modern military games. Almost everybody I played with online were American or Canadian, they were into sports, and many many many people I played with had a military background. Aka, the types of people to 'main' a military game, not your average gamer per se.

    In 2007 Call of Duty 4 went modern, Battlefield 3 went back to modern military in 2011 and there was a good handful of crappy modern military games sprinkled in-between in this era. There was no way whatsoever a SOCOM game last gen could have stood out from the crowd.

    • SOCOM Confrontation (2008, PS3): A game that launched absolutely broken and unplayable. They went for realistic colours and had pretty hardcore gameplay compared to the rest of the market. It became a great game with updates, but again, nothing to make it stand out. It looks bland.
    • SOCOM 4 (2011, PS3): A trend chasing piece of garbage. They essentially converted MAG into a third-person shooter and added in a bunch of casual trends entirely alienating series vets. Sony put the nail in the coffin of the series with this one.

    I feel like hardcore fans like myself remember the PS2 and PSP games very fondly, but everybody else maybe just remembers SOCOM as some popular online game they didn't play. In the case of the PS3 titles, people might only remember SOCOM as the online game that released right in the middle of the infamous PSN hack of 2011 deeming the game unplayable at launch.

    It's not that everybody has forgotten this franchise, but Sony definitely has. I feel like there is potential for this to come back strong in the current battle royal climate, but I doubt this IP holds much weight if a new one were announced for PS5.

  • @shoulderguy Hell, if you just take the gameplay of the first game and give it a good story, you've got a solid 8 in your hands.

  • Max Payne. Max payne 4 need to happened. MP3 was last good third person game.

    Max payne series is masterpiece and i hate rockstar abondon it in a favor of thier stale open world formula (GTA/RDR).

  • I love to see Shadows Hearts return. Them first 2 games have such a unique vibe & the judgement ring adds so much to the turn based combat. The soundtracks are also super underrated. Think the IP is lost in the ether though. I'd even like to see a spiritual successor by the original creator. Not sure what he's at now. I think I might replay Covenant now it's in my head.

  • @dipset I'm secretly hoping that the reason they acquired that Rainbow Six dev was to revive SOCOM.

  • Can we get Lizard Cube and DOTEMU to do a Comix Zone reboot? Because they nailed it with Streets of Rage 4. Put your IPs to good use Sega, if you're going to do nothing with them.

  • @el-shmiablo

    Go onnnnnnn...

    I didn't know about this. There was a ton of talent overlap between R6 and SOCOM back then (I think some of the directors worked at Ubisoft before Sony), but I didn't know about this new development of acquiring Rainbow Six devs.

  • @brawlman
    I'll second a new Comix Zone.

  • @dipset Just looked it up and turns out it was Guerrilla that hired them on specifically.

  • Tail of The Sun. It's an open world game so I'm thinking maybe CD Projekt Red or Rockstar. But seriously, this is a fun game.

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  • @shoulderguy Give it to Yoko Taro!

  • Sonic R
    Technically not forgotten as there have been multiple Sonic racing games, but there is something about Sonic R that I wish Sega would revisit.

    That and it's soundtrack is awesome.

  • I want a remaster of Echochrome. Just shadow drop it for 5-10$ or something and I'll immediately buy it.

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