What is Smart Delivery?

  • By now, I'm sure we have all learned about Smart Delivery, but who knew before the XBox Series X Third Party event?

    I came in knowing nothing. I saw the term at the bottom of the screen and thought I had missed something, because I had no idea what it meant until later in the event, when it was being talked about in regards to AC.

    So, I'm curious, did you know what Smart Delivery was before the event? Did you know by the end? Or did someone else have to explain it for you to understand? Because I was totally confused.


  • I still don't know what it is

  • They talked about it previously. I think during the "Reveal Event" or whatever.

    It's just a fancy way of saying "compatibility across devices". If you buy a copy of Game A for the Xbox One X, and it's a Smart Delivery game, if you later upgrade your hardware to a Xbox Series X, you don't have to re-buy the game. It will just automatically upgrade to the compatible version.

    Not all games/publishers are Smart Delivery partners, so it's something to pay attention to if you're thinking of upgrading in the future, I guess.

    Here's an article from back in Feb about it. I feel like that's probably from right after it was announced.

  • Was pretty big news when Cyberpunk 2077 tweeted that it was going to be a Smart Delivery game in Feb.

  • @tokyoslim I remember that tweet, but I don't remember seeing "Smart Delivery" in it at all. I would think it's because of how far it's buried, within the re-tweeted tweet, rather than in the first couple sentences of the CPG tweet.

    As for the Tech Radar article, first I've seen it, and I follow a fair amount or tech based RSS feeds. I don't think I ever saw it mentioned.

    I don't doubt MS is out there talking about it, which is why I ask the question. If I somehow missed it, either I'm way out of touch (I think to think I'm pretty well up to speed on a lot of these things), or they're not doing a great job or promoting it. It's a great feature! They should be yelling this stuff from the rooftops, given the massive value it is to gamers.

  • @sazime I honestly think that it's mostly because Xbox is kind of just bad at promotion. See: Any marketing they've done in the past... 15 years?

  • https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2020/02/24/what-you-can-expect-next-generation-gaming/

    It was the like 4th to last paragraph in the "reveal" blog post. Obviously 12 Teraflops was the big news. Nobody really read further than that.

    And if you did, the confusingly similar "Intelligent Delivery" is basically streamlined game installs. lol

    Intelligent Delivery – Microsoft’s developer facing technology to reduce the size of game installs. Intelligent Delivery empowers developers to only install the pieces of the game you need, thereby minimizing the amount of content that needs to be installed or downloaded to the SSD.

  • @tokyoslim So weird. That should be a key point. Maybe they're only worried about the hardcore (who paid better attention that I did), and will push it to mom and dad in the fall (highlight it better in their messaging)?

  • @sazime I honestly think that THEY think that's what they are already doing.
    Every partner who showed a game during that last direct mentioned if their game was Smart Delivery. They have everybody from Cnet to Gamespot talking about Smart Delivery games, what it means, who's participating, and etc.

    We are in the middle of a marketing blitz as we speak. I mean, you're asking about it now and It doesn't exist yet. So... there's that, I guess.

  • Banned

    It's literally just a fancy new marketing word for Cross Buy, which has existed since last gen.
    Buy the PS4/Xbox One version? Get the PS5/Series X version too.

  • I thought it was cross buy but after having a badge that says optimized for Series X. I think it's just a patch. Why else would you have that dumb sign on your cover.