Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 (PS4/Xbox One/PC)

  • Got around to finishing the THPS2 Tour, it's certainly a step up from the THPS1 tour. The levels got more difficult as it goes on, I really had a hard time landing combos in Philadelphia. Also, I really like that a lot of the levels have their own hidden areas. Even if finding them isn't that hard, it feels satisfying to see a new part of the level after messing around in the main area for a bit. It's really hard to pick favorites since it's so consistently good, but I might pick NY City just because of the night time vibes.

    I'm definitely satisfied with what this game had to offer. I don't even care about the create a park and the multiplayer, I just want the singleplayer to be good and I got more than what I wanted. If this game doesn't bring back the skateboarding/extreme sports genre, then I don't know what will. (8.5/10)

  • Am I crazy in liking the THPS1 tour more?

  • The THPS1 levels really did well with the updates VV added but THPS2 will always have my heart.

    Just finished the Create a Skater Challenges to unlock the unlockable. Think I’ll try and fill out the Veteran Challenge Collection next.

  • As I said elsewhere I would try and do a video for Tony Hawk, and admittedly I did this one kind of quick only adding in the quick snippet of Resident Evil and the Simpsons because i felt like it. I also mostly recorded all of my VO in one take without any sort of script, only editing out me going on tangents
    Youtube Video

  • @dmcmaster thps5 did come out

  • @bigdude1
    Except it didn't

  • As far as loose thoughts go, you hit the nail on the head. I want more and I don't think it's too much to ask tbh. Activision just pulled off Crash 4. I'll gladly take THPS3 + 4, but I think VV has a good sequel in them.

    I just hope they don't call it "NEW Tony Hawk's Pro Skater U"

  • @bigdude1
    Leave it to IGN to post a black empty video with no audio.

    Dude I know it exists, I was just having some fun.

  • @dmcmaster i get that. in your video you didn't contextualize it as a joke

  • Vicarious Visions got merged with Blizzard. What the hell are Activision doing?? VV revived Crash and THPS, and they're getting treated like this? This suuuucks.

  • Fuck, off to the Overwatch skin mines.

    Honestly this feels like a massive dick move by Kotick or whoever thought this was a good decision

  • @bam541 Damn, that really sucks. VV did the impossible with THPS 1+2 and made me care about skateboarding games again.

  • WOW - that's pretty bad news in my eyes. I know VV spent their entirety providing support across Activision titles, but they were at their best when they got full control over their own games (i.e. GB Advanced THPS games, and this newest Remaster). I'd be less concerned if it wasn't for this statement from Activision: [VV will be] "fully dedicated to existing Blizzard games and initiatives"

    To me, that reads as support staff for Blizzard and only Blizzard. Diablo 4 must need the help. Especially because the name Vicarious Visions was holding so much weight this past generation. Damn shame because Activision will probably just not make a THPS 3 + 4 or if they do, they'll pay some joke of a company like Robomoto to do it again.

  • @dipset
    If we're lucky Toy's for Bob will handle a new THPS title. And wasn't Robomodo shut down?

  • Yeah at first I thought this was a shitty move considering how INCREDIBLE their remaster work has been, but with the knowledge that they'll be remaking Diablo 2, I'm cool with the merge now.

  • But do they really need to be borged into Blizzard to work on Diablo 2?