Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 (PS4/Xbox One/PC)

  • Watching Kyle try to make a park last night, there are some odd discrepancies in the park creator. You have the power to copy, scale, and twist non-decorative objects, but you can't vertically rotate. Along with the lack of a proper fullpipe piece, this makes it hard to create nice tunnels. You also can't sink parts into the ground, and there aren't any hazard pieces (both classic features). The snapping also isn't very strong, the camera jumps all over the place, and the scale/twist icons aren't clearly labeled, making the whole process quite fiddly. No goals as well.

    There are tons of material/colour choices though, so parks can at least look super nice.

    The mixed bag of a park editor seems to represent the whole title. While some things have very high attention to detail, just as many things feel slightly off.

  • Got to play this for a bit, and I have to say they really nailed the controls! I went into the tutorial thinking I would need to relearn some stuff again, but man, controlling this game feels so immediately natural. My hands just started doing tricks of it's own and it all connected. It does bring a tear to my eye, this is a Tony Hawk game alright.

    I only finished the Warehouse and School level, and the park goals so far feel right at home with this game (are the COMBO goals in the other levels? Feels weird not having them). The challenges thing that they added seems like a good modern addition that serves it's dopamine-inducing purpose quite well. Also, the soundtrack is pretty solid, I only 2-3 meh songs so far and all of it fits the THPS vibe so well.

    I only played the first THPS up until the School level (on the goddamn N-Gage!) and never played THPS2, so everything after this will be new to me. Can't wait to spend all weekend with this game. I haven't touched the create a park thing yet, it's next on the menu.

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    I'm sure you're right that the Create-A-Park is lacking a bit, Kyle frustratingly missed so much stuff when he played THUG so it wouldn't surprise me that he's confused here too. FYI, I wasn't one of those backseat gamers spamming his chat when he played THUG, I'd never do that.

    SPOILER - Jablinski Games

    Youtube Video

    At the end, Jack Black is tearing apart the School level. He can barely walk straight in RDR2 but is absolutely ripping this up. I almost don't believe it.

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    He didn't tear it up, he fucking destroyed it. Like God damn I wasn't expecting him to be that good

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    Kinda forgot how hard this actually is! Only played a couple hours but really enjoyed it. I fall over way too much though, but I guess its a grind (heuheuheu).

  • I forgot how annoying Ollie the Magic Bum is.

    I seriously hope this causes a resurgence in Extreme Sports titles, like I want more THPS remasters or new games, more SSX, Burnout, Razer Freestyle Scooter etc.

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    Just out of curiosity. Do people finish the levels all goals before they move onto next or do they just jump to the next level as soon as they can?

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    I do as many as I can before hopping to the next one. That said I believe Downhill Jam has the most goals for me to finish.

  • @lotias I personally finish all the goals first before moving on, I like exploring these levels anyway so I just do it all before being satisfied and moving on.

  • So I just went through the tutorial with my girlfriend who has very limited video game experience.

    It was adorable, frustrating, and triumphant. I have to say, we as gamers take the most simple tasks for granted. She was having stress trying not to fall or just properly lining up a grind in the same way we get stress when you have no Estus and are one hit away from killing Orienstein & Smough.

  • Is it possible the VV Logo is glitched? I can 100% confirm I have them all in every map across both games including secret maps. I don’t see any kind of reward.

    I was hoping to get the ‘VV Team’ unlockable Movie. The only movie I have is the one for Tyshawn Jones getting full stats. It’s decent enough but these clearly we’re edited by skate editors haha.

  • Just finished the THPS1 Tour, that was a whole lot of fun (can I count this as completing a game? lol). Downhill Jam might be my favorite level, although Streets is way more fun to explore. The size of these levels makes me miss the openness from the later Tony Hawk games. Also, I noticed that some levels like Warehouse and Mall is so decayed, it's almost creepy since the original levels were in pretty nice condition.

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    Same I was sorta hoping they would open some of the stages a bit, but at the same time I'm glad everything is a 1 to 1 recreation of everything.

    Do wish some of later challenges made the transition though like COMBO.

  • Yeah I'm feeling two ways about it.

    On one hand, they remade THPS 1 + 2 through and through and I think I just have to take that at face value. I wish they brought in some of the subjective improvements from later games but at the same time, I really truly enjoyed going back and playing through this blast to the past. I forgot how dramatically level design changed up after the original 2 games. At first I was kinda burned out on exploring for secrets and hidden objects, but then I thought about how the PS2 era TH games were more about massive combo lines and this is a nice change of pace.

    I also forgot how good some of these levels are. Again, the approach to design was different back then so it's really interesting figuring out how to combo a level like Venice Beach when it clearly wasn't designed with a 1M point combo in mind. I really like how these original games are more about doing the gaps and challenges rather than absolutely ripping it apart.

    Decided I'm gonna go for a Platinum run. I have gotten an 800k point combo after one weekend so I'm pretty sure I can get the trophy for the 1M point combo. Not sure how I'll do the 10M high score in 2 mins but I like to imagine I can get good at this series again. I definitely want to play it again with a Created Skater so I can unlock Officer Dick.

    I've barely touched multiplayer but I love how it rotates through the game modes. Also the game has a 30 sec overtime countdown so people can't just infinitely combo for 8 years like they used to when I played THUG online back in the PS2 days. I swear I played Trick Attack once and this dude combo'd Moscow for like 9 minutes.

  • PlayStation's doing a combo contest for you US and Canada folks

    Youtube Video

  • I finally got the 1M point combo trophy with a little gap abuse on Warehouse. Barely cracked the 1M mark but it still counts. It was like 30-40 sec of my 2 mins so I have absolutely no clue how to pull off a 10M combo to get the 10M high score on a classic map trophy.

    I see people on the internet pulling off amazing combo lines but I don’t even know how to work up the dexterity to copy them. It’d be nice if someone made a trainer series for intermediate comboing. There must be something I don’t know about that I need to learn to bring this higher level of skill outta me.

  • The hardest things I've done in a Tony Hawk game are some of the "Spot Challenges" (trick-specific lines) in Project 8. The whole game is hard, but some of these, especially the manuals, are beyond Sick.

    But there's one thing in P8 that's even harder. To clear each of the "Classic Modes" (each section of the open world has one) on Sick, every goal has to be completed in a single run. It's like THPS 1&2's speedrun mode, but with a fixed time limit. I didn't even bother trying these.

  • THP8 is underrated and has an awesome but generally unspoken of sound track.

    It was a bit bland in the art department but I really like those Spot Challenges you talked about.

    The sky is the limit with this series, I hope they take a calculated approach with the next one and don’t go annual.

  • @dipset said in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 (PS4/Xbox One/PC):

    THP8 is underrated and has an awesome but generally unspoken of sound track.

    The Dead Milkmen - Punk Rock Girl
    Youtube Video

    Slayer - Angel Of Death
    Youtube Video

    Ugly Duckling - Smack
    Youtube Video