So, there's this Kyle Bosman guy on Twitch...

  • @oscillator It's going to sound easy to say in hindsight, but since Kyle announced he wanted to try something new I couldn't help but think he'd be a great game designer. He's shown time and time again a deep understanding of what makes games click, he's able to find the fun even in "dumb games", and honestly, he already IS a game designer, he has made a game!

    Of course there are big differences between judging a game and making one, but he absolutely has the mindset and skillset for the job.

    I would also say he's going to learn a ton more working on this project than he would doing a degree, so if that first gig goes well for him, he could easily bypass going to uni altogether.

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  • Sometimes when you become a fan of something, you get attached to the people and think everything they say and do is great or funny. If I showed a friend Easy Allies they may or may not find one of their Group streams worthwhile, or they might think Fiasconauts isn't that funny.

    But give anybody "Don't Call Me Mama" and they'll have a good time. We don't like Kyle only because we've watched him make videos for years. He just has this contagious sense of humour that he can translate into different avenues (i.e. Box Peak, Dumb Game Monday, Don't Call Me Mama).

    I definitely think the general public will be down with what he has to offer.

  • "I'm canceling this week's streams, really just don't want to be another distraction right now."

  • Kyle's PS5 Do's and Dont's on Geoff Keighley's PS5 presentation pre-show:

    Youtube Video – [38:25..]

    Also, Kyle's formal Twitch channel launch with subs, emotes, etc. is this Saturday.

  • First thing he's posted on his main YouTube channel in 3 years.

    Youtube Video

  • It was excellent, funny AND insightful. Glad to see he's got renewed motivation to create!

  • "Tonight at 6pm PT I’ll be playing Smash against chat, carrot sticks for every loss and candy for wins. Tetris 99 and a bonus stupid game too"

  • Xbox Games Showcase - Quick Thoughts

    Youtube Video

  • @oscillator

    I'd love to see a long rant but this is nice also. Bonus bit was very smart.