Paper Mario: The Origami King (Switch)

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    That came out of nowhere!

    Out July 17th. Same as Ghost of Tsushima, a day after my birthday, this is gonna get messy.

    Looks gorgeous and epic, hopefully the gameplay won't be compromised like for the last couple entries. At least there's more than just a bunch of Toads as NPCs, so that's progress already.

    From the press release:

    One of Mario’s new abilities, called 1000-Fold Arms, allows you to interact with the landscape by stretching out and pulling, peeling and revealing new locations, helping you to solve puzzles and uncover unexpected surprises.

    Along the way, you’ll enlist the help of characters old and new, such as King Olly’s good-natured sister, Olivia, along with a range of unlikely allies, including Bowser himself!

    Paper Mario: The Origami King also introduces a new ring-based battle system that lets you flex your puzzle-solving skills to line up scattered enemies and maximize damage. While the enemies may be crafted from paper, these dynamic, turn-based battles are far from stationary.

    And that tease at the very end, what are you doing to me Nintendo?


    And coming out so soon!!!!!

    I want to believe so please please let this be as good as it looks, because that trailer absolutely makes me believe.

  • After Sticker Stare and Colour Splash, i am cautiously optimistic about this...

  • you god damn tease Nintendo!!!!

    0_1589466711137_metroid prime tease.png

  • Seems to mostly take after the newer Paper Mario games. Kind of gimmicky combat system and broken ass economy clearly inherited from the newer games, but then it also has the beautiful Color Splash style and probably the amazing writing of that game to match it again. Hell, it seems like a direct continuation of Color Splash given Luigi is in his kart again in one of the screenshots and the desert Toad area has wall art pretty much straight lifted from either Color Splash or maybe Sticker Star even? I just remember that art.

    Right now I'm just hoping the partners, first one we're introduced to looks to be a Bob-omb who's also been struggling with 2020, hoping they turn out to used for the actual combat system and not just overworld puzzle gimmicks like Super Paper Mario's partners. I do also wish they had a bit more visual identity to them, Bowser Jr. excluded of course, but crotchety old Miyamoto probably getting in the way again there. I really don't get why it matters. Goombas can still be iconic even with a Goombella in the mix you old, stupid, dummy butt!!

    Hype trailer though, and I'm sure it'll be a great time even if it doesn't scratch the veteran itch. As much as I want new, ORIGINAL character partners to meet, I'm never going to say no to rolling around with Bowser's gang in a feel good uneasy alliance. Really hoping it means we get to spend a large portion of the game with Bowser Jr. in particular.

  • This is definitely a nod to Heavy Rain...

    I haven't played any Paper Mario's so I think this looks pretty great not having any context of the latest versions that people seem to be critical of. I'll wait for reviews but this looks like a fun adventure to me.

  • So, ummmmmm, was this not part of the rumour pack that included the 3D remakes? 1 down!!

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    A video showing the gameplay, so it does seem to be the traditional style mixed with a 360 degrees battlefield.

  • @mbun hadn't really heard that Color Splash had good writing, I haven't played anything after TYD, did it at least keep consistent quality in that side?

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    Not a remake or sequel to Legend of the Seven Stars. Yawn.

  • @yoshi They wouldn't do it for nothing, right?! Please tell me this means something (ANYTHING) Metroid is coming down the pipe soon!!...wait, anything GOOD.

  • It's definitely not 64 or TTYD, but it feels like something more than Sticker Star and Color Splash. And the battle system looks far superior to Super Paper Mario's pure platforming, which was a huge drag for me.

    The trailer still felt somewhat on the "Color Splash 1.5" side to me, though. I needed something more to be sold...

    ...and here's the screenshot that did it. :)

    alt text

    ^ From the official website.

  • This screenshot also has something to it. :)

    alt text

    Additional screenshots in this post.

  • @bard91 Other than Sticker Star, I'd say yes. Super Paper Mario has very unique characters and scenarios way, way outside the Mario norm, but the gameplay was lacking compared to TTYD, such as partners only being shapes used for puzzles in the overworld, so it isn't as beloved. Sticker Star was of course when everyone agrees the series dipped hard. That game is offensively bad and outright antagonistic against the player having a good time. Avoid it. After that though, they still wanted to maintain the principles of Sticker Star, but they knew they had to fix some things because people outright hated a Nintendo game, something kind of rare. So they basically carried Color Splash by developing the really pretty engine we see them reusing for this game to make it a visual feast and they really went absolutely ham on the writing side to carry all the bland characters Miyamoto wants them to stick to. It is like 95% Toads, but the writing makes it work, and I got the impression from this trailer that's not going to dip for this game, although the vibes of this game so far remind me more of Super Paper Mario than anything, minus all the unique and interesting characters.

  • Looks neat but I don't know man, I don't trust like that. Not after Sticker Star.

  • Looks neat but probably won't have time to play.

  • I knew that trailer would make for a lengthy analysis video. Like their Breath of the Wild one, there's a crazy amount to learn from it apparently.
    Youtube Video

  • Youtube Video

    New trailer with some new details.

    Looks like a lot of fun, tons of diverse gameplay situations. The combat system has a strong puzzle vibe to it, and even though they confirm companions, it looks like most of the time you'll fight alone.

    Boss fights look very original, I almost wish they didn't show them that much!

  • Meta Critic 80~81 rn Open Critic

    Listening to some reviews. Sounds like critics are desperate to "be fair" to the game despite very obvious shortcomings that effect almost all of the gameplay.