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  • Been waiting a while for this:

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    (Don't forget the bonus bit!)

  • ^ Bonus bonus bit:

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  • GTA Remastered Trilogy gameplay. 😉

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  • I Attempted Impossible Mario
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    I learned a few things from this. I've been watching GT / EZA cover Mario Maker since 2015 and I never realized that the terminology for these kinds of difficult Mario levels is "Kaizo". I also never realized that there was a small group of people starting around 2007 who made these types of difficult Mario overhaul ROMs.

    I never really realized that despite how great it is, Mario Maker is almost like Big Corporate coming in and co-opting a grassroots thing for profit. I mean, it's within their right and all that, but I never knew it wasn't really Nintendo's idea to make these crazy Mario games.

    Upon further research, it seems like Nintendo sort of slowly but sternly purged Kaizo romhacks and videos pertaining to them off the internet. It seems like Mario Maker replaced Kaizo ROMs in the public consciousness.

    Learn something new every day.

  • @dipset said in Random video thread:

    It seems like Mario Maker replaced Kaizo ROMs in the public consciousness.

    I knew about the existence of Kaizo Mario for years but hadn't thought about Mario Maker that way... huh.
    I don't know if that was Nintendo's intention though.

  • @demonpirate

    I might be overthinking it, but there were always hacks for graphics and such, but the Kaizo ROMs seem to be defined as entire game overhauls. Modifying the arrangement of the levels, mixing and matching the "tools" of Mario to make new things is the spirit of Kaizo. Which is essentially the spirit of Mario Maker. So in terms of originality, it seems like MM kinda too the idea of Kaizo and turned it into a product / tool / game. Even some specifics like "checkpoints" and mission types are possible in both MM and Kaizo.

    When my co-worker sent me this video, I thought when Jaiden Animations refers to Kaizo, she meant "very hard Mario Maker levels". My co-worker clarified that this isn't even referring to MM but actual overhauls to the existing game (i.e. Mario Bros 3). So without knowing what Kaizo was, I assumed it was Mario Maker; that's how similar this looks (to me).

    Again, I might be overthinking it, but it seems like Nintendo did a good job of purging a lot of this stuff away. Apparently there were tutorials on how to do this and a lot of it has been stripped offline.

  • They're not using the right kind of skates, and it's not real life graffiti, but still neato:

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  • THIS is more like it. Some of the same tricks from the game are performed in it. :)

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